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The path and the narrow gate

07 Dec

It is common sense culture that we should seek a region of comfort or security, but it is neither in the great paths developed by current ideologies nor by the wide door of facilities, in fact the great populists of today are sellers of facilities that are expensive security and the popular economy.

[It is always easier and more popular to propose what seems obvious, to distribute benefits or to favor big companies and big banks to make the economy grow, but they are the greatest causers of havoc in the popular economy, as we developed in the last post to idea of ​​tolerating crimes as a way of destroying culture and favoring marginality, what is called impunity is actually the wide door path to social cultural re-education.

People who grow up and develop a safe and secure life, if they are not thieves and sellers of facilities, are those who have gone through deprivation and difficulties to build a stable and sustainable life, even in the midst of crises and periods of difficulties such as the pandemic is being. which is hard to complete, social health agencies are important, but without personal care what they do is palliative.

For Christians, the biblical passage that says (Mt 11k28): “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” is complemented in the following verse Mt 11,29: “ Take my yoke under you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart and you will find rest”, which is omitted by religious people who proclaim the wide door of miracles and favours.

In the numerous correspondences that the famous physicist Niels Bohr exchanged with Albert Einstein, one of them is quite revealing, in which Bohr writes to Einstein that the root of all evil lies in the idea of ​​men that someone can possess all the truth, she who was not a believer writing to Einstein that he was, brings a fundamental idea to know that all wisdom is not present in human consciousness.

Likewise, those who proclaim the pride of possessing all the truth or all the answers to human designs, even if they proclaim divine ideas, do not hold the whole truth, which is why the importance of the verse we pointed out: “learn from me that I am meek and humble in heart,” there is no haughtiness in godly wisdom and no desire for war or strife.



Where is the divine locus

10 Nov

Of course the divine locus is anti-spatial and temporal, even modern quantum physics developed the theory of the space-time dimension as the only dimension and where there are folds in time, but it is likely that physics will still make discoveries greater than wormholes. , accelerated space travel dimensions and will change our cosmic view of space.

The latest discoveries by James Webb, the telescope that looks at the origin of creation, already sees in what astronomers call the pillars of creation, the new images (10/19) show formations that look like rocks, but which are clouds of gas and dust of astronomical dimensions, where stars and celestial bodies are formed, in a kind of nursery.

The new image, using James Webb’s infrared resource [and it is possible to better observe the dust in this region of star formation (Image from NASA above), improving the image on the left of 2014 from the Hubble telescope, the image on the right being the image by James Webb.

In terms of the eschatological cosmovision, the one that studies the beginning and end of humanity, it is possible to imagine that through a “time warp”, we are still stuck in Einstein’s physics, this cloud forms and starts a development of stars, supernovae and galaxies in the universe.

The divine plan is even broader, since the time of Jesus, men wanted to know when the “kingdom of God” would be formed, an earthly dimension in which our human condition would be elevated to a level of happiness and prosperity that would reach everyone. , “where milk and honey flow”, but the master’s answer was not very pleasing to those who wanted something more tangible.

The reading in John 1:20-21 says they wanted to know the moment of this “kingdom” and Jesus replied: “the kingdom of God does not come ostensibly, nor can it be said ‘is here or ‘is there, because the kingdom of God is among you”, that is, it must take place among men, so there will still be many changes in the human and earthly dimension until this stage.

And the passage clearly says that before this the son of man (Jesus who is a presence of God among us said above), will have to be rejected and will suffer much.

Thus, it is necessary to find spaces of solidarity and fraternity among men where these seeds of full life are developed, men understand each other and look with love for their fellow man, without contempt or exclusion.

So this kingdom is near where there is love and brotherhood and far away where there is greed and exclusion.



Towards serverless computing

27 Jan

Among the trends pointed out by Nasdaq, the electronics stock exchange, is the so-called serverless computing, with the transfer of functions to cloud storage.

Clouds start to manage the functions and storage made by servers, computing is more agile and less dependent on mobile devices, which also begin to migrate to the IoT (Internet of Things) and so the general trend may be a digital transformation, not the buzzword of fashion, but in the very structure of the digital universe.

Another consequence will be the transfer and simplification and many functions for the Web, which is confused with the Internet, but it is just a thin layer on it, written through an interpreter (a computer language with high interactivity) which is HTTP.

The creation and execution of applications is thus simpler, but this is not exactly serverless computing as indicated by a superficial literature in the area, but one of the important consequences of it.

Function as a Service (FaaS) technology is different from the application definitions in Clouds (IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service, and PaaS, Platform as a Service), where codes are written without having to know on which server that application will be executed.


(Português) Computação em ultra-escala é estudada

09 Sep

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(Português) Bigdata extremo: tomada de posição

08 Apr

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Projeto aberto de Data Center

17 May

Um projeto intitulado OCP (Open Compute Project ) foi iniciado ontem num esforço de construir um centro de dados abertos para a rede, com um modelo flexível e eficiente, que evite desperdício de componentes desnecessários, com um sistema totalmente aberto a todos prestadores de serviços e desenvolvedores de hardware para DataCenters.

Entre os apoiadores iniciais do projeto já estão o Facebook, Intel e VMware, além de potências tradicionais em redes como a Netronome e Broadcom.

Em entrevista ao site v3, o presidente da OCP Frank Franovsk afirmou: “É nossa esperança que um sistema alternativo aberto permita um ritmo de inovação e desenvolvimento de hardware de rede, que ajude as definições de software continuarem evoluindo e prosperarem e, por fim, proporcionar aos consumidores destas tecnologias mais liberdades para construir estas infraestruturas mais flexíveis, escaláveis e eficientes a disposição”, conforme o site .

Confirmando que é um novo tipo de empresa, aberto e colocada numa folha em branco, conformo afirma o presidente, onde esta empresa: “Este é um novo tipo … começando um projeto com apenas uma ideia e uma folha de papel, em vez de construir em um projeto existente que seria concebido para a fundação , e estamos animados para ver como o grupo de projeto proporciona em nossa visão coletiva “.

A ideia de projetos assim, num modelo misto com uso do crowdsourcing, está evoluindo, como prova o projeto Ouia (veja nosso post).


Do processo do chip quântico ao computador inteiro

21 Mar

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Cloud Computing ajuda no combater no câncer

28 Apr

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