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Alexa: between complaints and new kit

15 Apr

In the midst of allegations of invasion of user privacy, use of data to augment Amazon’s personal assistant: Alexa, the company launches a kit that can further enhance the development of its “intellectual” ability the Alexa Skills kit ( ASK).
The claims made by Bloomberg were that employees would be listening to conversations and using private information, the company defended itself by saying that “an extremely small sample” was used and that its employees did not have access to identification.
The goal would be to help users “better understand their requests and ensure the service works well for everyone,” the machine learning and deep lerning functions are used.
The company of Jeff Bezos began to carry out tests in Portuguese, and already released the kit to reach the market of the 3rd. the most widely spoken language on the Internet, developers will be able to develop the “skills” of the voice assistant and thus expand the ecosystem of the product in Portuguese.
The idea is to anticipate the hardware products that will be released to Alexa, incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) and when they were released already have developments.
The Amazon testflight, as it is known, has versions for Apple and iOS, but free software developers non Vasile, there are development alternatives.
In addition to releasing the kit, Amazon also stated on its website that enterprises: Bose, LG and Intelbras are development products.
This is basic introduction to ASK:


Foldable smartphone, novelty?

12 Mar

The Mobile World Congress fair held last week in February in Barcelona brought the folding screens as a novelty, foldable in half only, and whose novelty is to improve the user experience, both joining the two halves, as separating the application and the set of them in two screens, creating a new, now active “window” experiencie, now in two screens.
The Huawei Mate X comes and soon Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold (April 26), both foldable but without fit in the pocket.
It cost billions of euros development, the appeal is not that great and the price may be prohibitive at least in the first instance for the descent middle class pockets.
The options that are likely to attract the markets are the Xiaomi Mi 9 Launches and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which tend to perform most of the scenarios in use, but with applications that make it easier to use games and Google Play Store faster, and has built-in artificial intelligence capabilities that help improve photos and security.
The Galaxy S10 brings a special 12 MP sensor with wide-angle lens and a 12-megapixel lens with a telephoto lens giving a 2x optical zoom, and the third with a lens of 123º of opening.
The launches bring the most modern chips on the market, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, although in Brazil for cost reasons, at least the Korean, will leave with the Exynos 8920.
The US sale price is $ 999.99 (about 4 thousand reals in Brazil), while the Xiaomi Mi 9 about 450 euros, something around 2 thousand reais, that is, half.
In Europe are available versions with memory of 6, 64 or 128 GB, the folding for now only ads at prohibitive prices: 2 thousand euros, or 8 thousand reais, I think that some manufacturers that will launch with two screens will do well, the experience is almost the same.
The video below gives a sample of Huawei’s Mate X:


CES 2019 started

09 Jan

The world electronics fair CES (Consumer Electronics Show) began yesterday in Las Vegas and goes until Friday (11/01), what can be seen there?
This year the strongest news seems to be Smart home, smart home, many news, with the advancement of artificial intelligence, the house that already has electronic vacuum cleaner, electronic control of lights and household appliances, will start to talk to you.
Smart TV is already there, and unlike imprisonment, a lot of people have stopped watching conventional TV programs and channels, use them for movies, series (replacing old soap operas) and uses to stream Youtube videos and family filming, this is already in change.
Gradually from the fun this goes to areas of health and interaction, nothing to do with the movie BlackMirrow (see the post), wearable fitness devices and medical equipment for health.
One of the companies present is Neutrogena, which works with skin-related products, covers scanning a 3D human face and creating custom masks for each face, pressure controls, glucose and others are already available in the markets.
But the wiring and gadgets for each is going to change radically, cable-free TV and WiFi-enabled connections are now available, a new type of plug already dubbed a “transformer plug” and the cameras just to watch now can make projections throughout home, including TVs and Web devices for intelligent interaction.
Robots who clean the house and bring things from the refrigerator to you, machines that fold clothes, smart sleeping masks, self-cleaning toilets, were already present last year.


Technology and bad news in 2017

27 Dec

The brazilian Minister of Technologies Gilberto Kassab announced inGoProFusion January this year that broadband would have limited data, and mobilization of users and even Anatel was immediate, also this month the good old Nokia (now global HMD) announced its membership in the Android system, which is becoming more universal.
In January South Korean Samsung admitted the problems of explosions with Galaxy Note 7.
February was marked by a series of smartphones, such as the revived design of the Nokia 3310, without the same immediate success of the first generation the Pokemon Go hit the market.
In March Nintendo released the console Switch, the ZenFone 3 Zoom is released in Brazil, as well as the Galaxys S8 and S8+.
April was the month of the alert, the play of bad taste Blue Whale began to proliferate, there was also the case of the boy from Acre who left encrypted messages and disappeared.
May was the month of the ransomware virus WannaCry, which affected Telefonica Compay and FedEx, in 3 days the virus was neutralized, but the collection of bitcoins for captured files yielded a million probably the author has not yet been identified.
In June variations of the WannaCry affected possibly the origin has been in Russia.
In July, the virtual mural application Sarahah appears, the app is controversial because different from the spinners (virtual ads), allows the anonymity that can be source of blows.
In August Andy Rubin, considered the father of Android, launches the concept of Essential Phone, but like most Big Thing projects in the digital world, still lacks evolutions.
September was the same as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as a commemorative edition of the iPhone X version ten years ago, but the Chinese Xiomi with Mi Mix 2 and ZenFone 4 appeared on the market.
September was the same as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as a commemorative edition of the iPhone X version ten years ago, but the Chinese Xiomi with Mi Mix 2 and ZenFone 4 appeared on the market.
A new attempt at a revolutionary model was the GoPro Fusion (Picture), with a 360 degree camera.
October Google launches Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL after the purchase of the HTC division.
November launched them to begin to rarify, but Razer launched the Razer Phone, and Tesla launched the semi-automatic and electric truck, but still subject to evolutions.
December brings the worst news, Trump’s idea of taking away the neutrality of the internet (companies would have more “band”) begins to thrive, would the end and total commodification be? we hope not, while technology fear is advanced, monopolies make the party.


New Nokia tablet mimics iPad

19 Nov

NokiaN1If you will buy a tablet may compensate wait a bit and not adhere to the consumerism of Christmas, a new tablet Nokia N1 is being launched in the first half of the year itself but using the Android operating system interface and very cheap.
Still no word on the launch in Brazil or the US, but it is known that cost around $ 250 (has something around 750 brazilian reais), will be distributed by Foxconn, measures 7.9 inches and weighs 318 grams.
Much like how the iPad Mini, all aluminum equipment may bring news from € 5.7 million the Finnish Nokia has done with the Microsoft agreement, getting your business network and service equipment, with this brand expected to start to recover part of the lost market and re-strengthen.
The new Nokia N1 has 2 GB of RAM, internal storage of 32 GNB, camera 8 MPixel to adjust focus (back), 5 MP front camera and uses battery of 5300 mAh.

Worth the wait, chances are this tablet register on the cost-benefit ratio.


(Português) Fornecedor da Apple e condições de trabalho

05 Sep

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


Carioca de 12 cria aplicativo de notas

16 May

O estudante carioca Natan Gorin 12 anos, que cursa o 7º. ano de uma escola particular no Rio de Janeiro criou um aplicativo que já teve 28 mil downloads no site da Apple Store.

Segundo o estudante a ideia de criar o iBoletim surgiu no final ano passado por causa da costumeira correria de final de ano para garantir a aprovação, afirmou a um noticiário: “todo mundo me perguntava quantos pontos era preciso para passar de ano. É um cálculo simples, e eu sou considerado bom em matemáticas, mas como eram muitos colegas e são 15 disciplinas, acabava dando trabalho. Para facilitar, eu resolvi criar o aplicativo”, conforme o site Notícia Rio Brasil.

Logo os amigos aprovaram a ideia e foi o incentivo final que faltava.

O aplicativo, disponível para iPad, iPod e iPhone, é um gerenciador de notas e vai inserindo na medida que vai recebendo as notas vai inserindo e qual é o número de pontos para passar.

Apaixonado por matemática e tecnologia, Natan conta que aprendeu sozinho a linguagem para programar iPads, e queria desde 2011 desenvolver algum aplicativo, e a ideia do IBoletim é simples, permite escolher notas de 0 à 10 ou 0 à 100, o tipo, o número de matérias e quantos períodos tem notas atribuídas.

No site da Apple aparece como vendedora Ana Locatelli Gorin, provavelmente a mãe de Natan, mas o software é gratuito, tem versões em inglês e português, havia na manhã de hoje 83 pessoas que avaliaram e as avaliações em média são 4,5, em notas de 0 a 5.


Android supera iPad agora em aplicativos

08 May

Em junho de 2012 o sistema operacional móvel Android se tornava o mais na consulta a sites internet tem smartphones ou tablets, superando sistema iOS do iPad, de acordo com os números divulgados por Médiamétrie-eStat da França, onde também lá era superior.

De janeiro à junho 2012, Android passou de uma parte de 40,3% dos acessos à páginas Web móveis para 57,3%, enquanto que iOS despencava de 52,5% à somente 36%.

De julho a outubro, o Android chegava a 53.6% do mercado, crescendo 1.4% de acordo com a comScore, enquanto iOS teve caia mais dois pontos chegando a 34.3%.

No geral, 121.3 milhões de pessoas nos EUA que tinham smartphones no final de 2012, ou cerca de 50% do país usavam um Android.

Os downloads de aplicativos do Android já haviam superado também o iOs.

Agora segundo o site Idgnow, os envios de tablets “explodiram” em 142% no primeiro trimestre de 2013 em comparação ao mesmo período do ano passado, porque eles incluem os aparelhos Android, incluem os modelos mais baratos, conseguiram pela primeira vez superar o iPad e dominar o mercado neste início de mês.

Mas mesmo assim a Apple supera a previsão original da consultoria para o primeiro trimestre, que seria de vender 19,5 milhões entre iPads e iPads Minis, sua expectativa inicial era 18,7 milhões de unidades.


Donos do iPad3 podem ganhar novo de graça

25 Feb

Uma ação movida contra a Apple no Brasil poderá o novo tablet da empresa da maçã de graça para os donos do iPad3, logo após o lançamento já era visível a “redução de estoque” nas lojas da Apple, conforme notícia no próprio site MacMagazine.

O motivo é simples, por “obsolência planejada” do iPad, uma vez que o aparelho iPad 4 foi lançado em 23 de outubro do ano passado, ou seja, sete meses depois do iPad 3, e segundo Instituto Brasileiro de Política e Direito da Informática (IBDI) que move a ação, o aparelho foi lançado sabendo que ficaria ultrapassado em pouco tempo.

É fácil argumentar isto porque um aparelho leva de 6 meses a um ano para ser projetado ou atualizado (neste caso seria “upgrade”), portanto a empresa, ou já sabia disto ou iniciou o projeto do “novo” logo em seguida, ou até mesmo já estava em curso.

Além de receber o novo aparelho poderá haver uma multa, que segundo a ação, dependerá do número de compradores, o IBDI não tem este valor total que a Apple pode ser obrigada a pagar.

O iPad 3 começou a ser vendido no Brasil, num preço em torno de R$ 1.700 a R$ 2,300.


Apple pode mudar planos de Jobs

22 Oct

Se Stevie Jobs estivesse vivo, os planos seriam outros, não gostava da ideia de um tablet com pouco mais de 7 polegadas e previa vida longa aos iPads, que agora pode ser descontinuado, o iPad 2 poderia ser tirado de linha.

Sim, esta é a análise de Rob Cihra do site Mashable, para quem a Apple pode tirar o iPad 2 de linha e prevê vender 7 mihões de unidades do iPad mini até o final do ano.

Tudo isto é aguardado para um evento que ocorrerá amanhã dia 23 de outubro, em São José na Califórnia, EUA.

Na visão de analistas, como Hayley Tsukuyama do Washington Post ele precisa ter três coisas para ser competitivo: preço baixo – o mais crítico pois o prestígio com os consumidores não significa que seus concorrentes não possam conquistar os consumidores, então não será que poderia haver um iPad $ 199 como Amazon e Google, em segundo lugar a usabilidade, a Apple nunca decepciona neste quesito, mas um dispositivo “na mão” pode significar mais que aplicativos, os botões e comandos laterais devem ser práticos, e, finalmente, a bateria, estes dispositivos geralmente competem com os e-readers e neste caso a Amazon e a Barnes and Noble entenderam esta necessidade e colocam a capacidade de manter sem carga o dispositivo por semanas.

Resta saber se Stevie Jobs ou sua equipe estavam certos, ou mais ainda se a tendência da Apple poderá ser aproximar-se mais dos concorrentes, nos formatos e funções dos seus gadgets.