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Ricardo Pereira or José Simão

03 Apr

Reading Ricardo Araújo Pereira, despite the common name that in Portugal is almost names commons here, I discovered that he is José Simão (brazilian comics of Politics) from Portugal, but rarely appeals, there is only one “post”, I explained that what he writes could be a blog, but he would not make money, only one speaks of the word “f.” but then he ironically clarifies: “we are before someone who wants to say a bad word and can not – which proves that it is necessary to have training to be malformed”, then doing galhofa culpa the Ministry of Education and the portuguese the spell Checker of Computer.

But in the rest of the book he appeals little, although the whole book is a criticism of the grumblings of the new puritans and agelastas, subtitle of the book, I use to explain that “agelastas”, is that serious type that never laughs.

I remembered the title and the Ministry of Education when traveling with a very educated teacher, retired to 20 years and teacher of Portuguese and French, our equal to Brazil was chic to teach French here, when I asked of the use of two ces (they continue using ), she soon disversed and said she was concerned about education and people who read less and less.

He clarifies in one of the texts that what he writes is intended to make the readers read, although in a footnote says that this may be an irony, it is a kind of “mise en abyme” that in footnote says that can be found in the Wikipedia, of course another irony but it is there, used by André Gide to say of narratives that may have other inside them, at the foot of the letter “narrative in abyss”.

Ricardo Pereira, throughout the book goes quoting authors from Shakespeare to Lewis Carrol (his text Against political mariquice, where he speaks of the book Sylvie and Bruno where the crowd shouted: less bread plus taxes), passing by Cervantes, George Minois who wrote the “story of laughter and derision,” where Ricardo says it is written: “Laughter is too serious a matter to be left to the comics alone.”

But I was thinking almost at the end of this book, I need a bit of laughter, but maybe not the mockery, maybe this is the evil of Brazilian comedy, a lot of mockery, humorlessness, a lot of appeal, and what’s worse, we can only laugh at a certain party, the politically correct, so much for Dilma, she did have “celebrated” phrases.

Better than Trump quoted by Ricardo Pereira, who on being found an American drone in the sea of ​​China wrote on twitter that it was a “fact without president”, to then correct for “unprecedented”, but I will not fail to mention José Simão who clarified that the big difference between the President of North Korea and Trump is “who has the most beautiful tuft”.

It is not alienation to laugh a little relaxes the tense environment not only national but worldwide, laughs the hills with a colleague of Portugal when saying that I have problems with their “paternity”.

But reading is important, I quote here another passage from Ricardo Pereira in which he ironizes Angola where citizens were arrested for reading books in English, I learned that there is this kind of reaction also in Cameroon and Ivory Coas, Shakespeare is dangerous writer, Oh my God.



The Oscar goes to …

03 Mar

United States of America without a doubt, but we hope the indications of The post, aoTheSHAPEofWATERthe film that revealed the backstage of The Washington Post in 1971, about the Vietnam War, with indications, among them, of the laureate Meryl Streep , the hottest speech at this year’s Golden Globe, which was famous for black dresses and suits, perhaps the allusion to the white Golden Globe of years ago, but which was actually more about women than about black people.

I commented on the disappointment of 13 nominations for “The Shape of Water” (photo), but the good surprise of the actress Mary J. Blige with two nominations best supporting actress and best original song in “Mudbound”.

Blade Runner 2049 only consolation prizes, if they came out: art, photography, special effects and editing and sound mixing, I expected more, but I saw that even the public does not welcome what is for me, and many scholars of modern fiction, the matrix of current fiction films.

Surprisingly, I went to watch and I do not think it’s all this, “Dunkirk” by British Christopher Nolan (eight nominations), and the independent production “Three Billboard Outside Ebbing” (trailer), and “The Destiny of a Nation” Winston Churchill, with six nominations, the same number as the drama “Ghost Plot,” are not all that.
For us Brazilians two consolations, the presence of director Carlos Saldanha of “The bull Ferdinando” indication of better animation and the producer Rodrigo Teixeira is involved in the co-production: Brazil-Italy-France in the nomination of the film: Call Me by Your Name.

h almost forgot, I went to watch and liked the movie: The Greatest of Showman, surprised and thrilled.

To paraphrase Bauman, I hope that the Oscars are not liquid, the awards take place in night hours of Sunday


The bas-fonds and the Carnival

13 Feb

Walking through the central streets of my hometown, Bauru of São Paulo (Brazil), I passaoCarnavalMedieval by a girl already with a bean and a lady’s body, with a sandal with moorings and silver pieces of leather, wearing shorts that barely closes at the thick waist, a dark T-shirt with the Eiffel tower and the word Paris printed in his t-shirt in Golden color, I remembered the book by Dominique Kalifa: Bas-Fonds: History of an Imaginary (edUsp, 2017).
The book I mistakenly bought at the end of the year thought to be the origin of the Happy Holidays, the traditional end-of-year greetings, but when I opened the book I understood the “cities in crisis”, the dirty, the greasy and the deformed one, the Kingdom of the Destitute, Sodom, Rome and Babylon, finally some of the chapters of the book of Dominique Kalifa.
In fact the center of the cities became peripheral, at least in the medium cities, and the centers went to the malls in some condominium closed to the condominiums, where there are clubs, bars, shops and even chapels, privatizing the jogging.
The author says, “the bas-fonds … understand each other instantly” (Dominique, 2017, p.11), perhaps in French but in Portuguese english it took me a long time to connect the periphery (which nowadays frequent central commerce) and Carnival fantasies (at least the Brazilian, made by people from the periphery)..
I find in the beginning of the book the connection with the carnival: “the bas-fonds extend through a mobile, vague terrain in which reality, the worst of realities, is in collusion with the imaginary, a terrain in which the social ‘Is constantly redefined by the’ moral ‘, in which the flesh-and-blood beings mingle with characters of fiction “(ibid, p. 11).
He clarifies that from the “positive” figure of the Greek philosopher Diogenes “the poor of God, the” poor of Christ “,” the poor with Peter “of the Middle Ages, XIII “in France and England, the terms of vagond and vagrant” (page 69), which the author calls “the invention of the poor poor.”.
Dominique goes on to cite a number of authors: “The comparison of the threatening proletarians with the Indians of America is a recurrent motive, which explains in part the immense success [of the Fenimore Cooper novels]” (page 109) , also quotes: Balzac, Sainte-Beuve, Dumas, George Sand, Maxime du Camp, Eugène Sue, Bérange and others mentioned in previous pages, fall in love with “Walter Scott of the wilds” (of book of the Henri Couvain).
Just to tell you how universal it is, I also remember “Bola de Sebo” tale by Guy de Maupasanti, and the film Rale (Donzoko, 1957) whose translation into French exactly by The Bas-fonds, little known film of this great  diretor.

The origin of the carnival however is more controversial, the Carnival of Venice or perhaps the party of the crazy, described in 1445 like “party of the crazy ones” made in the faculty of Theology of Paris (modern engraving picture above).
The transformation of the joy of the imaginary of the poor has become almost everywhere, a private party in which the parade of the imagination of the bas-fonds is watched.
Kalifa, Dominique.Os bas-fonds: história de um imaginario (The bas-fonds: History of an imaginary), trad. Márcia Aguiar, São Paulo: Edusp, 2017.


The liquid Policy

12 Feb

Unable to make a correct reading of the current process of globalization, politics across the AveryConfuseglobe develops in a false right-left dichotomy, since it is only de facto right (defense of the market, return to the concept of wealth of the nations, defense of manual labor without the machines, etc.) in a comic style of Trump, and it is only de facto left (defense of the sacred intervention of the state in any economic and all human areas, such as art, religion and schooling), as the childishness of the dictator of North Korea: Kim-Jong Un.

Brazil is no different, the picture that moved in the axis of Lulopetismo (ex-presidente Lula is chief of PT partity) and militarism the Bolsonaro fashion is nothing more than a repetition of the history, in fact, the corruption and the blows were nothing else but the repetition of the history, from the proclamation of the republic , getulism, tenentism and military coup are antecedents of a ruling class that has taken over the Brazilian State since the Proclamation of the Republic in an institutional form of statism, and, perhaps before the monarchist period, but without forgetting the Pombaline reforms.
In Brazil the Pombaline reforms (Iluminist reforms in colonial Brazil) are important because they are the presence of the deepest and perhaps most radical Illuminist State in Latin America, but historians and politicians forget about it, in fact a clear demonstration is the positivist motto “Order and Progress” (and Love, positivismo lemma) printed on the flag and government motto Michel Temer.
Bauman’s liquid modernity, in his later writings, practically abandoned it, it is convenient to Brazilian political religiosity that remains in dualism, without the possibility of finding an answer in the third way, we hope it appears, and not the Hulk.
Without realizing that the process of a new globalization is already necessary, without it there will be no end to corruption, income redistribution, religious tolerance, racial and mainly political, to respond to the modernist mausoleum, which is no longer liquid because life continues to pulsate on the planet.
The net policy does not have the strength to push this change, it is trapped in a false dualistic dichotomy, it has no humanitarian foundation, it appeals to the welfare state because the state is its belief, not the concrete man, the one who suffers from this net policy.
Perhaps from where we least expect an answer, the Portuguese contraption (Portuguese government collision), meanwhile we are packing a false joy in the middle of the carnival, but Wednesday is coming finish in Brazil. 

It is necessary to leave, body and soul

02 Feb

The idea that idleness comes from the Greeks, and there is even literature extolling it aFadigafor false wisdom, does not correspond to truth, see what Aristotle says on the subject: “to exalt inertia more than action does not correspond to truth, because happiness is activity, “on the other hand activism prevents reflection and rest for a profitable activity.
Byung-Chul Han warns that our current culture is of a “Society of fatigue” (edited in Brazil by Vozes 2017): “The society of tiredness and performance today has traces of a coactive society, each carrying a field , a field of work. The specific characteristic of this field of work is that each one is both a prisoner and guardian, victim and tormentor, master and slave. We explore ourselves. “(Han, 2017, 115)
We give no respite to our body (of course others give too much), “work out” and other forms of exercise (Sloterdijk will call it “unsprayed ascesis”), fill with medicines and vitamins (the principle of immunology in both authors) , and it is not a quest, but only to be filled with nonsense until self-exhaustion.
Also the excess of courses (I’m referring to courses without content and profit), motivational lectures that cost 100 to 1 thousand reais, are part of a new wave.
It is a human search, understandable, everyone wants to find the new one, but if you look closely this set of things are just old ideas and attitudes made up, to “sell.”
Reeducating thought, relationships and even what we think of spirituality, which means giving meaning to subjective things (I have already said that there is no detachment or criticism of objectivities that would be a dualism), it means structuring the human soul and clear in a body.
It is necessary to get out of the routine, from the bureaucracy of daily life, without taking into account the mediatic appeals only.
In the Gospel of Mark, which recounts the healing of the mother-in-law, exalted in many preaching because she is server, but there is a more precious detail that says that Jesus left at night to pray and in him when the apostles say (Mk 1,37,38) Jesus replied: “Let us go to other places, to the surrounding villages! I must also preach there, for this is what I came for. ”
Self-indulgence and inertia need healing, it is necessary to move those who have a new spirit should quit the quest, should go out to listen to others, to live a healthy life


Golden Globe: this is theirs

09 Jan

It’s a joke with two awards: Best Actor in a Drama Series: Sterling K. AKirkDogulasBrown(“This Is Us“) and Best Film Song: “This Is Me” by “The King of Show”, a consolation award for one Great movie about the owner of a circus that was successful in the US, I expected more for this movie.
Unknown to many of us, despite the fact that the best actress for the miniseries is Nicole Kidman (Batman Forever, The Others, Molin Rouge and others), “Big Little Lies” will remain in a restricted Brazilian cult elite, few will watch or be interested, for the American critic was the great winner of the day 07 last of the “Golden Globe”.
Big Little Lies, also won best supporting actor, for Alexander Skarsgård, and supporting actress, for Laura Dern.
The growth of pay-TV series dominates the film industry, I can understand young people’s interest in youtubers and independent productions.
In the movies the award for best comedy or musical movie (it’s the same thing?) Went to “Lady Bird: it’s time to fly”, won among others my favorite “The King of Show”.
Best director went to Guillermo del Toro’s film “The Shape of Water,” best supporting actor for Sam Rockwell in “Three ads for a crime”, which also won best drama film.
The film “Three ads for a crime” also won the award for best actress for Frances McDormand, and who won an even better screenplay for the film with Martin McDonagh, one can say the second highest winner of the night.
Best actor film drama went to Gary Oldman’s “The Fate of a Nation,” while best actor or musical comedy went to James Franco in “Artita’s Disaster” defeating Hugh Jackman’s impeccable performance in “The King of the Show,” the Oscar may correct this.
No news at Disney’s “Live: Life’s a Party!” Animation award that bought the Pixar studios a few years ago.
as a tribute to the career Kirk Douglas came in with daughter-in-law Catherine Zeta-Jones and was applauded standing up, it’s a picture of the 2018 Golden Globe.


Path of salvation and the advent

12 Dec

The book written by brazilian writer Jorge de Andrade between the years aVeredaDaSalvação1957 and 1963 was taken to the cinema in 1965 in an adaptation of the text for the theater of Jorge de Andrade, tells the story of the oppression in the field, and as it has a mystical exit, a montage made in 1964 under the direction of Antunes Filho was questioned by both the right and the left parties and at the time it was a failure, an assembly later in 2003 led by professor-director Marcelo Bones, with graduates of the Palace of the Arts (Palácio das Artes), all beginners.
The film directed by Anselmo Duarte (photo) tells of poor rural producers in the Northeast who join a messianic group led by Joaquim (made by actor Raul Cortez) who believes he is the reincarnation and Jesus Christ and promises his followers the road to paradise, which is the “path of salvation”, but as every false messiah slowly complicates himself.
Exercising power over the peasants, Joaquim pursues Artuliana (Ester Mellinger), who is pregnant, and asks his followers to take her son away, accusing her of being persecuted by the devil.
The film follows poor rural farmers in the Brazilian Northeast who join a messianic group, led by Joaquim (Raul Cortez), who believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Joaquim promises to his followers that he will show them the way to paradise, the “path of salvation” of the title of the film.
With power over the peasants, the character of Raul Cortez begins to persecute those who do not pay him obedience, especially Artuliana (Esther Mellinger). Joaquim orders his followers to take the son of Artuliana, who is pregnant, accusing her of being possessed by the devil.
The film besides Raul Cortez has the participation of Lélia Abramo, José Parisi and Maria Isabel de Lizandra, and the history of messianism is nothing other than the history of Brazil, in pre-election times it is not difficult to pay attention to miracle workers and false prophets who vow to “defend the people” and promise false paths.
Roland Barthes, in his book Critique and Truth notes that the French term fait divers is structured from a search for a general news, something like a meeting.
The paths are hidden paths, what paths can be thought for the country in the coming years, what to expect for an brazilians elections in next year?.


Administrative problems in Brazil

14 Nov

The already-stated incompetence of the State to fulfill its duties inaoEstadoBrasil the field of guaranteeing fundamental rights, with alternations of model proposals for good administration in situations of fair legal regimes, seems to be a new idea, but it is not.
The problem of our new millennium is the speed of rescuing solutions, which are not allowed to the ideas of the benefits gained over time, both for the correct application of ideas and for the fair evaluation of what was done.
The state does not admit a manual of “good practices” because it changes with time and according to the social context, and in this aspect can not deny the influence of new media that drive social networks for good and evil, for this reason the Electoral Tribunal and also the systems of governance must admit new “practices”.
The Era Vargas, for example, proposed to consolidate a new configuration of the State apparatus, to create new institutions as the manifestation of the bases of the formation of the Brazilian society, is Lustosa da Costa (2008, page 843)
It is García de Enterría’s (1998) indication of the importance of the post-Revolution period of 1930, in order to consolidate a new configuration to the State apparatus, by creating new institutions as a manifestation of the foundations of modern society formation, where legal regulation would be a instrument of containment of power and the establishment of an active, strong and universal governmental power capable of carrying out the project of restructuring society.
Indeed, the drive to industrial capitalism, coupled with the prestige of rationalism, resulted in an environment that demanded of the new bureaucracy “… an essential economic function: the coordination of large enterprises producing goods and services, whether state or private. “As Bresser Pereira (2001) affirms, but that would only materialize with the American support in the period of” allied “war effort with the Companhia Siderurgia Nacional, created in support of the Americans in World War II.
Developmentalism, however, would come at the beginning of the administration of Juscelino Kubitschek finds the proposal of administrative reform, still originating from the Vargas period, which later created in this government the Committee of Studies and Administrative Projects (CEPA), which was “parallel.”
The name “parallel” was given by Lima Junior (1998) for the project “50 years in 5”, where the municipalities, society of mixed economies and other structures in conflict with Congress.
The administrative actions of his Juscelino “50-year-in-5” project, make in 5 years that is need 50 (in Brail in 60´s years).

GARCÍA DE ENTERRÍA, Eduardo.  Revolución Francesa Y administración contemporânea. 4ª ed., Madrid: Civitas, 1998.

LIMA JUNIOR, Olavo Brasil de.  As reformas administrativas no Brasil: modelos, sucessos, fracassos.  in  Revista do Serviço Público, Ano 49, Número 2, abr-jun 1998, p. 5-32.

LUSTOSA DA COSTA, Frederico.  Brasil: 200 anos de Estado; 200 anos de administração pública; 200 anos de reformas. Revista de Administração Pública,  Rio de Janeiro 42(5):829-74, set/out. 2008,Disp em: <> Acesso: nov 2017



In addition to the disciplinary and control society

07 Sep

The analysis of the Society of Fatigue Chyul Han points out the paradigm shift “from theAnSocietyControl disciplinary society to the society of performance points to the continuation of a level. It already inhabits, of course (I would put between quotation marks), the social unconscious, the desire to maximize production “(HAN, 2015, p.25).
Understand the disciplinary society as a society of negativity, which is not-having-the-right, “The society of performance is increasingly dissociating itself from negativity. In the style of the collective plurality of the affirmation Yes, we can express precisely the positivity character of the society of performance. “(HAN, 2015, 24)
The concept of Foucault (and others as Deleuze), of the “control society”, explains the author, does not give more account of explaining this change, much less the use of digital technologies, because this fact is much earlier to them, what if given now is the use in the “active life” with the technologies.
While the disciplinary society of the did not have this its “negativity generates crazy and delinquent,” the society of performance produces “depressives and failures” (page 25)
The computer accepts the challenge of performance and calculates “more quickly than the human brain, and without disgust it welcomes an immensity of data, because it is free from all otherness.” (HAN, 2015, p 56)
Not to invent a narrative, I quote the last three facts of the country and ask questions.
We found bags with money worth R $ 51 million (about U$ 16 million), in an apartment in Bahia, which was already proven to be used by former minister Geddel Vieira Lima, first question: This money was his alone ?, the second news are recordings of Joesley Batista is quick to say on the tape: Let’s do it all, but we’re not going to be arrested, “and about the godfather of his deportations and the agreement that gave Joesley exile:” Janot knows everything … the gang has already spoken to Janot, “asks: Which gang?
A third episode, yes a series that seems to be very long, is related to Rio de Janeiro businessman named Arthur Soares, nicknamed King Arthur for million dollar contracts with the governor Sérgio Cabral now arrested, he had an account called Matlock in the Caribbean which was where France began earlier this year to investigate, but this purchase would have involved the Brazilian Olympic Committee, would the government and the Sports Ministry know nothing? It’s just questions. There is still the Palocci case (minister of Lula), did you say everything pressed by the judges?
There were machines that did all this, its make by brazilian politicians humans.

HAN, B.C. A Sociedade do cansaço (The society of fatigue). BR: Petrópolis: Vozes, 2015.


An inimy of the people

01 May

The Brazilian Justice Minister of the STF Edson Fachin quoted Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906)AnEnemyOfPeople last week, after being defeated against the release of cattle rancher Bumlai and the former treasurer of PP Genu, said he thought about re-reading An enemy of the people, where the Norwegian writer narrates A certain Dr. Stockmann who, being a doctor, claims that the city’s water was contaminated, but that water was the main source of income for that community.

Thus he narrates the contradictions between the conscience of work in favor of the common good and the desire to achieve unanimity, a fact that made Dr. Stockmann come in shock with the petty interests of the city.

Ibsen, whose anarchist ideas had a great influence on intellectuals and politicians of the society of his time, is perhaps one of the reasons that these Nordic countries enjoy a good reputation in relation to corruption, the distribution of income and politicians who do not use politics, but Make it a service.

Anarchist ideals are present when Dr. Stockmann states: ” only free thinking, new ideas, the ability to think differently from the other, the contradictory, can contribute to progress Material and moral of the population, “anarchism aside, is the difficulty for a true dialogue.

She had not read, I read her most famous book is House of Dolls, completed in 1979, and staged for the first time in Copenhagen in Denmark at the theater Det Kongelige Teater, which provoked controversy for denouncing the exclusion of women in modern society, and which gave prominence to Ibsen’s thinking not only in Scandinavia but throughout the world.

What Fachin wanted to point out in citing “An enemy of the people” is the real danger that the Lava-jet operation will probably release all those implicated in the corruption scandals in Brazil, failing to make an important adjustment in our history and we will never be a Sweden or A Norway because there are no leaders capable of pointing out a path of “clean-up” and an end to illicit enrichment from the abuse of the public purse.

On the day of work it would be important not only to make an average with the working class, but to show which polluted waters actually undermine the health of their wages and the public services offered to them.