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Fake news with few days

12 Feb

False, malicious or biased news are old, we have already mentioned the allegations made by Karl Kraus, also news that actress Rita Hayworth (the stage name of Margarita Carmen Cansino, famous in the 50´s and 60´s), who would have lived another two years , or the misleading advertisement that Nike would be giving shirts of the Brazilian national team.
Now there is software developed by the research company Fraunhoffer-Gesellschaft, in Germany that has developed a system that automatically analyzes post of social media and filters false news and misinformation, we can predict a promising future.
It is worth mentioning that this was thanks to the new technologies, the tool does a machine learning that filters the news and through learning (in the sense of algorithms per machine) analyzes contents and metadata, verifying user interaction and optimizes results in real time.
The tool also checks the amount of data (viralization processes), with sending data graphs, frequency and follower networks.
Ulrich Schade, according to the Fraunhofer website, said: “Our software can be customized and trained to meet the needs of any customer. Our software can be customized and trained to meet the needs of any customer. For public agencies, it can be a useful early warning system.”
Metadata are used as markers, thus allowing fake postmarking, that is, it plays a crucial role in differentiating between authentic sources of information and false news.
So if a site with a certain frequency of posts is made, how often and how a tweet is scheduled and at what time? The time of a post can be very revealing, as well as the frequency of the tweet and the followers.
It should also reveal the country and the time zone of the originator of the news for its correct identification and location, therefore the hours are essential.
A high frequency of sending suggests bots, which increases the probability of a false news, can be easily detected and can signal a fake.
Social bots generally send their links to a large number of users, and this is an example of how to spread the uncertainty among the public, so never give in.
Connections and account followers can also be fertile ground for analysts, although well-intentioned people use it, the chance to be a fake is great, and now a tool can detect it, fake days are counted.


Nonsense notion and half truths

28 Jan

The fact that everything can be mere “opinion” is that it creates and develops the no-notion (nonsense em portuguese), popular term to speak of the doxa, which was mere opinion without an organized knowledge that bases and makes serious opinion on subjects, what is called episteme in classical antiquity.
The fact that the truth almost always remains hidden is that we are in search of re-enlightenment, although we use it also, if we look at the term means to veil again, and not disguise, to take away the veil, classical antiquity also had a name for this: a-letheia (lethe, “oblivion”), a as denial means: do not forget.
Revelation is closer than Aristotle called the endoxa (ἔνδοξα), unlike Plato who considered the doxa mere opinion, Aristotle revalues it understanding that many of the beliefs and popular opinions can come from consensus of old wisdoms, as it says in the popular means, our parents “knew things”.
One can find in the Threads translated from the Greek by Jacques Brunschwig (1967), a direct definition of Aristotle: “Endoxa, on the other hand, are those [opinions] which are based on what everyone thinks, the majority or the wise, that is, the totality of the sages, or most of them, or the most renowned and illustrious among them.” (Aristotle, 1967, 100b20-22).
The fact that a set of opinions have seen the so-called “urban legends,” for which I am referring to the popular term “no-notion,” is that certain truths spoken in a very incisive and persuasive manner become public half-truths, and thus need an unveiling, but the root of it is in thought and not in the media, which serve only as propaganda vehicles, which newspapers, radios and TVs already do a long time.
In the 1920s Karl Kraus, a playwright who wrote against bad journalism, at the service of half-truths and in favor of well-defined interests, shows that the fact is ancient, but what is the origin? I see two very clear.
First an episteme, the knowledges constructed even in academies and books with very little historicity, are used aphorisms (Karl Kraus has a book with this name, but said that they were half-truths), the own organization of the knowledge with vices of logicism and unilateral view of issues, due to the low transdisciplinarity of discourses.
But there is a public reason, besides the epistemic that is deeper, we like to omit opinion about everything and think little, to delve into a certain theme has become “out of fashion”, that is, mental laziness leads us to this (new media are after the phenomenon of superficiality), there is no way to be profound without doubting one’s own thinking, to be listening to the other, without opening oneself to new knowledge that happens every day.
I already know what you are going to do, I already know what you think or do not worth studying, reading and deepening, led to a culture without notion, little depth, immediacy and this has nothing liquid, is a solid ignorance, sometimes militant and reluctant to open or dis-veal, is in the re-veal.

Aristóteles. (1967) Topiques. Tome I: Livres I-IV. Texte établiet traduit par Jacques Brunschwig. Paris, Les Belles Lettres.


Golden Globe Winners 2019

07 Jan

It was surprising, but not so much, we had already pointed out Bohemian Rhapsody, which tells the story of Fred Mercury and Queen as a possible winner, and part of the surprise is for the other big winner “Green Book: The Guide”, with more number of three awards: Best Picture – Musical or Comedy, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor in Movies, for actor Mahershala Ali.
Bohemian Rhapsody was the best actor for Rami Malek and best drama film, but the film “Roma” also featured as the best foreign language film and Alfonso Cuarón with director who seems to follow a new school of good Mexican directors, Guillermo del Toro of the water, remember?) and Alejandro González Iñárritu (directed Birdman and The Revenant).
We said in a previous post that the forgotten “The First Man” about the first man to step on the Moon Neil Amstrong, gave Justin Hurwitz a better soundtrack.
Mary Poppins was left with nothing, but the millionaire box office of the film should make the Academy give some figurine to the film, can wait.
Best animation expected for “Ralph wifi” was for “Spider-man into the spider-verse”, I need to see and try to understand this award, for sure there is something not visible at first sight, is happening in theaters here in Brazil so I’ll see.
Now best actor for Richard Madden in “Bodyguard” film series, only by John David Washingotn’s non-competition from “BlacKkKlansman” who competed in the best drama category, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, actor in “The Return of Mary Poppins ” in other actor category.
Two injustices, the fact that “Infiltrate in Klan” was without any prize, should be remembered in the Oscar and best actress Olivia Colman in “The favorite” perhaps an influence of being very awarded in Europe, as in the Venice Film Festival where the film stole the scene.
The series “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” that gave best actor for Darren Kiss (appearances in Harry Porter) seems to open a tendency for morbid films about violence of last year’s award winning “Three posters by the side of the road” personally do not like.


Obedience or disobedience?

28 Dec

A confusing picture will begin in 2019, of course we should always believe and hope for the best, but the reasons for mistrust are many: disrespect for differences, lack of clear and purposeful dialogue, we ended the year with the stubbornness of building a wall in the USA, and now the yellow vests in France.
But arrogance and resentment should not lead the way towards a more egalitarian, more supportive future, respecting diversity and different cultures. We must go beyond the Yes and the No, imagine anything the portuguese as the Geringonça (Gambarra), who knows a Gambiarra of brazilian serious opposition, who supports what is good and rejects the negative, this includes seriously discussing the Brazilian economic crisis, even begin the environment a political reform and the moralization of the public service, including the judiciary, are unfavorable.
Not always obeying and accepting what is imposed is the best, disagreeing and even denounce when appropriate, but doing so always demoralizes the very concept and validity of the denunciations.
The biblical appeal grows, until now radical deputy Gleisi Hoffman appealed to the sacred text, so I remember the passage in which Jesus stays in the temple to dialogue with the “doctors of the law,” and the parents not finding him in the caravan return to the temple and inquire Jesus Lk 2:48: “My son, why did you do this to us? Look, your father and I were in anguish, looking for you. ”
They received an inconsistent response Lk 2:49: “Why did you search me? Do you not know that I should be in my Father’s house? “, But later on reading the sacred text says Lc 2,51:” Jesus went down with his parents to Nazareth and was obedient to them. ”
That is, curiously despite a contestation in essential points, the Master was obedient to the parents, and says the text that “grew in wisdom, stature and grace.” Thus it takes wisdom and much discernment to disagree, to be opposed only because the being will end up in disrepute and giving more arguments to authoritarianism, caution is needed.


Aporia, hope and practice

06 Dec

What can we have beyond aporia, a paralysis in the face of the unthinkable?
We have already posed here on pronesis, practical wisdom, which together with techné and praxis forms a more elaborate form of understanding the dualistic and idealistic relation of theory and practice, but it was Martha Nussbaum who put this in new heights, despite the distrust of critical
Martha Nussbaum was the first to parade in her book The Monarchy of Fear (Nussbaum, 2018), the work that was a clear vision of fear in the USA, is now also applied to Brazil and to the growth of fundamentalisms in the world today.

The name may seem strange, but Rousseau’s line is the most lucid and less authoritarian “contractualist” democrat, where the author argues that in a monarchy the child was born to “enslave” people, but it evolves and becomes a mature human being when can see his parents as an extension of himself and come to respect them and to return the life that he received.
Starting from political theory, psychoanalysis, psychological and classical studies, the philosopher argues that some emotions are sabotaging democracy: fear, repulsion and envy, if they have not taken it seriously before, now is the time to take it at least.
It contrasts with this theory the choice of hope as a practical habit, which means putting ourselves in touch with what we a priori repel: religion, the arts, education and what seems most fundamental: the study in detail of the theories of Justice .
It is one of the paths of transdisciplinarity, but rather we must consider what is beyond common sense, because also in these areas a certain level of deepening is necessary, in addition to the authoritarian and liberal, fair and unjust social, art and fine arts, there is something beyond and it is neither inter nor multi, but trans, that is, beyond and therein is something metaphysical.
Practical hope is also a good recipe because in addition to putting some light in the current crisis of thought, culture and even religion, it puts us in motion not in the active life, but in activities that can be inserted day-to-day and change the life and the results (they incorporate pronesis and techné, although the author does not call it that), she brings to the conversation the theme of emotions, she says about herself: “she had not gone deep enough,” she said in an
interview in Fronteiras do Pensamento (the Frontiers of Thought).
Martha Nussbaum, in addition to being a recognized scholar of classical culture, received in Kyoto in 2016 the Kyoto prize, the Japanese equivalent to the Nobel, which also received Karl Popper and Jürgen Habermas.
I did not read the book, but I’m writing my reading list for


Civilization crisis and technology

23 Aug

Discourses of appeal to the strong state, messianic leaders and political techniques already outdated are not uncommon, because there are social media in which a discourse can be dissected quickly, although these media themselves may be the cause of truths other than those that central powers want, coming to fake and political hatred.

The old manuals of political management are being reopened by the owners of power, from Lockes, Hobbes to Machiavelli, there is no shortage of speeches appealing to the prudent and skillful “sovereign”, but the important question is: where are they, or rather who are they?

These recipes are having efficacy, right or left, precisely because of the use or misuse of social media mechanisms, again as a “mass control” model, which has been done with Trump and attempts in France, but what attention is the hate speech.

Also in this field there is no shortage of speeches saying that it was the networks that potentiated this, but they did not exist in the time of Hitler, Mussolini and in the versions of Americana Latina: Perón, Getúlio Vargas and others, one could say the radio potentiated this, perhaps, but the essential was the appeal to nationalism and racism that ignited the masses, and he is there again.

By neglecting or misusing new media by making the same discourse as these groups of chains of hatred and emotional appeals do, we are doing nothing but give credence to a vision of hatred, intolerance and xenophobia present also in conventional media : radio, TV and cinema are boosting verbal and material violence.

The reversal of this depends on discourses that undress the truth, we enter the field we explore that it is a time of concealment of the truth, as Sloterdijk says, and to put light, to go to the clearing means to dismantle this culture of cover-ups.

There is corruption, sexism and psychologism in abundance. To disagree with this is not “politically correct,” I am not speaking of intolerance, of course, which we also unveiled when speaking this week of Locke, Voltaire and now also Machiavelli, whose speech affirms that it can not being: “fickle, superficial, effeminate, pusillanimous, indecisive” (MAQUIAVEL, 1996, p.109, brazilian edition).

There is counsel in the Principle how to flee from hatred, to stand firm in adversity, and so on. which makes it good for reading, but communication and media have evolved, you need to at least update it.



Whatsapp will monetize

02 Aug

According to Facebook information Whatsapp since 2014, the most popular chat in the world will monetize and sell ads, there are curious things about it, like buying ads within Facebook and they circulate in WhatsApp.

To buy ads within Facebook itself will be put a built-in button in WhatsApp embedded, when users click on this element, they will immediately start a conversation by the messenger of the company making the announcement, it is not known if there will be intelligence detecting the conversation, be talking about travel and at the same time arise offers of flight, on Facebook this already happens.

Curiously, if the person is answered within 24 hours, there will be no charge for the deal made when talking to WhatsApp users, if the response is over 24 hours, the “messages due” dialogs will be charged.

A new feature that can greatly explore users will be able to receive company information directly from WhatsApp.

The example again is that of an area company, which may send you boarding passes a few hours before your flight, and Netflix already sends warnings about new seasons and episodes of the series that you have watched in the streaming service.

Strictly speaking WhatsApp Business has existed since January of this year, but did not generate a penny for the company, the company launched on Wednesday a service API.

It remains to be seen what will be the reaction of the users, since this will put a “noise” in conversations that should be private, and the use of personal information is somewhat questionable.


Education is the way out?

18 Apr

Despite major improvements in recent years, progress toward education for all has stagnated globally, few initiatives exist to make leaps higher, Open Education for All in Massive Online Courses can be the solution?
In total, 263 million children, adolescents and young people so out of school for the school year that ended in 2016, statistics for 2017 were not at all optimistic. 

This means that more equitable progress will become increasingly difficult if huge barriers are built already in youth education will be doomed to emergency resources rather than to an equitable and sustainable improvement of the distribution of assets across the globe. The reason why this process is not equitable has some evidence: children face the most severe barriers to education that have a lower chance of professional and personal development, this becomes dramatic when they are associated with gender, poverty, displacement, nomadism, disability and / or ethnicity, and even when they are left behind in displacements due to wars.
There is a disproportionate number of out-of-school children living in countries characterized by instability and conflict and / or extreme poverty, little is said about Africa, but every day there is a new conflict. Many of the countries with the greatest number of out-of-school children do not have adequate outside funding or funding to meet their needs, and the NGOs and actions of some countries are localized and loss-making.
Beyond the obvious question of a global policy of income distribution is a massive attack on the issue of education, if armaments money were invested in this, we would have great solutions in the medium term, the short would be a strong intervention to the UN.


Ricardo Pereira or José Simão

03 Apr

Reading Ricardo Araújo Pereira, despite the common name that in Portugal is almost names commons here, I discovered that he is José Simão (brazilian comics of Politics) from Portugal, but rarely appeals, there is only one “post”, I explained that what he writes could be a blog, but he would not make money, only one speaks of the word “f.” but then he ironically clarifies: “we are before someone who wants to say a bad word and can not – which proves that it is necessary to have training to be malformed”, then doing galhofa culpa the Ministry of Education and the portuguese the spell Checker of Computer.

But in the rest of the book he appeals little, although the whole book is a criticism of the grumblings of the new puritans and agelastas, subtitle of the book, I use to explain that “agelastas”, is that serious type that never laughs.

I remembered the title and the Ministry of Education when traveling with a very educated teacher, retired to 20 years and teacher of Portuguese and French, our equal to Brazil was chic to teach French here, when I asked of the use of two ces (they continue using ), she soon disversed and said she was concerned about education and people who read less and less.

He clarifies in one of the texts that what he writes is intended to make the readers read, although in a footnote says that this may be an irony, it is a kind of “mise en abyme” that in footnote says that can be found in the Wikipedia, of course another irony but it is there, used by André Gide to say of narratives that may have other inside them, at the foot of the letter “narrative in abyss”.

Ricardo Pereira, throughout the book goes quoting authors from Shakespeare to Lewis Carrol (his text Against political mariquice, where he speaks of the book Sylvie and Bruno where the crowd shouted: less bread plus taxes), passing by Cervantes, George Minois who wrote the “story of laughter and derision,” where Ricardo says it is written: “Laughter is too serious a matter to be left to the comics alone.”

But I was thinking almost at the end of this book, I need a bit of laughter, but maybe not the mockery, maybe this is the evil of Brazilian comedy, a lot of mockery, humorlessness, a lot of appeal, and what’s worse, we can only laugh at a certain party, the politically correct, so much for Dilma, she did have “celebrated” phrases.

Better than Trump quoted by Ricardo Pereira, who on being found an American drone in the sea of ​​China wrote on twitter that it was a “fact without president”, to then correct for “unprecedented”, but I will not fail to mention José Simão who clarified that the big difference between the President of North Korea and Trump is “who has the most beautiful tuft”.

It is not alienation to laugh a little relaxes the tense environment not only national but worldwide, laughs the hills with a colleague of Portugal when saying that I have problems with their “paternity”.

But reading is important, I quote here another passage from Ricardo Pereira in which he ironizes Angola where citizens were arrested for reading books in English, I learned that there is this kind of reaction also in Cameroon and Ivory Coas, Shakespeare is dangerous writer, Oh my God.



The Oscar goes to …

03 Mar

United States of America without a doubt, but we hope the indications of The post, aoTheSHAPEofWATERthe film that revealed the backstage of The Washington Post in 1971, about the Vietnam War, with indications, among them, of the laureate Meryl Streep , the hottest speech at this year’s Golden Globe, which was famous for black dresses and suits, perhaps the allusion to the white Golden Globe of years ago, but which was actually more about women than about black people.

I commented on the disappointment of 13 nominations for “The Shape of Water” (photo), but the good surprise of the actress Mary J. Blige with two nominations best supporting actress and best original song in “Mudbound”.

Blade Runner 2049 only consolation prizes, if they came out: art, photography, special effects and editing and sound mixing, I expected more, but I saw that even the public does not welcome what is for me, and many scholars of modern fiction, the matrix of current fiction films.

Surprisingly, I went to watch and I do not think it’s all this, “Dunkirk” by British Christopher Nolan (eight nominations), and the independent production “Three Billboard Outside Ebbing” (trailer), and “The Destiny of a Nation” Winston Churchill, with six nominations, the same number as the drama “Ghost Plot,” are not all that.
For us Brazilians two consolations, the presence of director Carlos Saldanha of “The bull Ferdinando” indication of better animation and the producer Rodrigo Teixeira is involved in the co-production: Brazil-Italy-France in the nomination of the film: Call Me by Your Name.

h almost forgot, I went to watch and liked the movie: The Greatest of Showman, surprised and thrilled.

To paraphrase Bauman, I hope that the Oscars are not liquid, the awards take place in night hours of Sunday