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(Português) A bolha brasileira e otimismo

29 Jul

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Self-righteousness and corruption

08 Jul

I forgive the Jews use this name of the biblical story, but it is the best metaphorPirataria to explain what happens in the country, and it include religious of all shades that combine the forces institutionalized that created the worship of God “State” to earn profits, its is brazilian politicians.

Metaphor is important because in addition to the written law, they generally know well how such a sr. Cunha also believe in the oral law, that passed down from generation to generation among the flattery of power and betrayal of the voters who voted believing in their “promises”, is the case in  Brazil.

While police operations combat ferinha the morning, remove street, remove street beggars and announce combating piracy saying that there are huge tax evasion in this illicit trade, one Holy Spirit judge released offenders, corrupt are upheld even in public demonstrations and want convince us that WE ARE CORRUPT (IS NOT TRUE)
There is a difference between a parent who needs to go to illegality to defend the minimum for his family, and who also want to be on the legality of people who live shenanigans, contracts combined in bids (not coincidentally the same root illicit) and operations endless fighting the real bandits who robbed us to the dignity of being a citizen.

The speech are all corrupt, that is natural, I forgive this sea of ​​mud was even necessary (oddly enough I’ve heard it) is nothing but a choir with impunity these gentlemen who were not trained or in Cuba, nor in the United States, they were trained in coffees and expensive dinners of palace life.

The Pharisees who say we are all corrupt, say that the complicity is also crime, and in the case of these Pharisees is prevarication in intransitive, harming the state or others.


Alvin Toffler and the absence of utopia

01 Jul

He died last June 27 to 87, the writer and futurist Alvin Toffler,CasalTofler married with also also futurist writer Heide Toffler in 2003 wrote “Creating a New Civilization” (*) showing beyond the economic and structural aspects of the need a civilization prepared for this future.

The first major book of successful Alvin Toffler, I read in my youth and put a review on my blog the Future Shock was the first great publishing success.

But the biggest book influences which envisaged the internet and the intensive use of technology in business is the Third Wave, published in 1980 by Bantam Books, the book brought not only a utopia, a typical feature of all the work of Alvin Toffler, but one entered the rhetoric of great world leaders of the time who now quote him as a visionary.

The absence of utopia today, is due to trapping the decaying social structures, fear of the changes needed and already envisioned in the production process, both in urban and rural agribusiness industry and care for nature.

We are great critics of any change is proposed, but unable to leave the old ideological rancid, the concentrators structures of income and power, pointed the technology almost universally as responsible for what is there, and not the men who use them.

The book of Toffler’s wife, Heide is almost a historical overview of the various husband’s books, especially The third wave and War and Anti-War, and Powershift, the new where civilizing they say will change the relationship between employer and employee consumers and businesses, family models, government and within the current model where it remains private property, so little chance of a critical reading of socialists and no chance of reading between capitalists should the current ratio of income concentration.

* Toffler, Heidi. Creating a new civilization.  Turner Pub, 1995.


(Português) Democracia, transparência e a crise

30 May

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(Português) Lixo eletrônico em Gana e Paquistão

26 Jan

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Starts in Davos the World Economic Forum

20 Jan

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos evolved from discussionsDavos a small number of economists and politicians in the 1970s, for academic initiative Klaus Schwab, and which now hosts over 2,500 participants and more than 40 world leaders including people from the Brazilian government, thousands of managers or CEOs, as well as a number of Nobel laureates, the vast majority of Economy.


As we have said on the blog theme is the recommended Fourth Industrial Revolution, the robots entry and ciberizadas structures in production, daily and family life, some speak in the loss of 5 million jobs, but at the same time would generate about 3 million the that still gives a 2 million deficit, an economy at idle, the estimate is a global growth of 2.6% this year, which is still little.


Davos is a small and rather high city in Switzerland, with good infrastructure of tourism, because it is a traditional ski, and very cold this time of year.


Beyond the fourth industrial revolution, increasing immigration issue in Europe, the global security issues, ecology with the recent agreement of cop21, wars beyond the economy itself must be present at this meeting, the general mood is not very optimistic.


The Brazilian delegation will there headed by Finance Minister Nelson Barbosa, with a mission to recover the reliability of investors in Brazil, between the heads of state have confirmed the prime minister of France Manuel Valls, President of Germany Joachim Gauch, the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven and the head of government of Greece Alexis Tsipras.


The US, wrapped with the primary elections, choices of which candidates are running for parties, send Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and the Defense Ashton Cartes, Israel will have Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


We did our analysis in previous posts, is now trying to understand what they will say.


(Português) Retrospectiva mundial em 5 fotos

30 Dec

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


A sea of mud crosses Brazil

17 Nov

Government refutes criticisms of negligence, but the dam Samarco RioDoce(mineral enterprise) that poured into the center of the country a “sea of mud” may happen again in the region itself or in 138 other dams in the country that still use primitive methods of dams.

Second report of the ANA (National Water Agency), dated September 30, 2014, only in Bahia State has 33 dams in the high risk category.

When passing helicopter the area hit by the “sea of mud”, made a week after the rupture of dams, the president said he had sent the Minister of National Integration and the National Secretary of Civil Defense in the region on the first day, but nothing was done.

The sea of mud has reached the populous regions of Governador Valadares and Colatina (ES), and the water supply is compromised, the region is too large to be supplied only by water kites trucks.

In a report of a television program on Sunday (15/10) cracks were shown in another dam Samarco mining company, and has been shown as they are poorly monitored another 700 dams that exist in the country.

In São Paulo State, there is a similar risk to the Mariana in the city of Aluminio, near Sorocaba, the municipality of aluminum, has a dam located behind a massive rock wall, near the village FEPASA, the tailings dam Mining Companhia Brasileira de Aluminio (CBA), part of the Votorantim Group.

The dam Palmital Votorantim Metals stores the generated red mud from bauxite residue conversion aluminum oxide (alumina), can break due to the intensive use of caustic soda in the separation of components.


COP21 and G7

30 Oct

The cop21 and G7 Warm weather (at least in Brazil), heats up the race cop21Parisfor COP21, the Paris Conference on Climate Change, but the G7 wants to cool all, the club of the 7 richest nations in the world.

According to a study, which involved the Brazilian rooted in Switzerland, Marcia Rocha, which the G7 is proposing will not serve to stop the 2 degrees Celsius that greenhouse gas emissions will lead to the planet by 2030, the target will have accomplished something around 30 % of needed as inform the Centre’s Climate brazilian blog.

Analyses of Climate Analitics show that following the combined current policies, only achieve 5% of the “ambition gap” Canada a member of G & said with the target for 2020 would be increased by 35% the so-called INDC (Contributions Nationally Certain Intended) compared to 1990.

The report proposes three recommendations to the G7: significantly increase the ambition of their INDCs here to the Paris conference in December; to strengthen the current targets, the shear stress becomes smaller after 2020; arguing that review cycles of the new agreement targets are five years, not ten, to prevent unambitious goals end up running for a long time.

While the big mobilize, social networks too, around the world there will be demonstrations, in Brazil there is already a call by the networks in a demonstration for the 29th of November.


Technologies that can change our lives

27 Oct

Many things can impact our lives and change the way the market and evenMoleculaCO2 people behave, it is the case with many technologies, but there is still something to happen.

3D printers, grew 35% since 2011, the figures were moved around US $ 1.7 billion is over $ 3 billion this year and could reach 6.5 billion by 2019, according to assessment of Alliance Bernstein, and this may affect up to production mode.

Already posted here that Skype will be doing translations online in an attempt to compete in a space filled increasingly by WhatsApp, the sense of citizenship world will increase with this and the global village will becoming a homeland-world, as predicted Edgar Morin .

The company Joule Biotechnologies instead of using organic matter, we must stop the organic production for fuels unfortunately is the case of sugarcane and corn, are trying to accomplish genetic modification to photosynthetic organisms that use solar energy to convert carbon dioxide into ethanol and diesel which is carbon, and oxygen (C02). This may change the supply chain that depends on fossil fuels.

A changing world depends on the technology and they can and should affect human life, but of course, all decisions are taken by men (and women).