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Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence

24 Jul

Among the emerging technological innovations in the year 2018 is Mixed Reality (MR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella already pointed to one of the future solutions, HoloLens, a RM + IA solution that helps users do things that were previously impossible.

Virtual Reality are environments that shut out the real world, Augmented Reality are digital content apn top of the real world and mixed reality digital content interacts with the real world.

The ability to merge the physical and digital worlds (the analogical concept applies to devices, but not to the real world), makes mixed reality allow to build experiences of people, places, and things regardless of their physical location and can interact digitally, I call this a multi-presence.

The companies promise, among them Microsoft, to incorporate HoloLens with more AI by building a Holographic Processing Unit or HPU. The mixed reality is avenging, in addition to the software available next to Windows 10, because experiences in the experiences of RA and RV, you can have the best of both worlds, RV is charming, but has a hypnotic effect, RA lacks realism.

Future experiences should incorporate sharing in the RM environment, a disruptive application of social media, with experiences that break down the walls of isolation and who knows, give a more educational dimension to the games.

The mixed reality can connect people in a meaningful, convincing and content-filled way, the multi-party will unite us, wait for a new application.



Urgent: agreement against lethal AI

20 Jul

Newspapers and magazines around the world are giving a breakthrough for the future of the world and AI for the second time more than 150 companies and 2,400 people from 90 different countries sign an agreement not to participate in the manufacture, use and trade of autonomous weapons including Google DeepMind, XPRIZE Foundation and Elon Musk.

It is to hold the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence that ended yesterday in Stockholm, Sweden and the compromise pact was organized by Future of Life Institute.

Almost a year ago specialists in AI and robotics signed an open letter to the United Nations to suspend the use of autonomous weapons that were threatening us with a “3rd revolution in the war.”

They pointed out at the time that “autonomous robots” mean weapons that can identify, target and kill autonomously, that is, no person makes the final decision to authorize lethal force: the decision and authorization on whether or not one will die is left to a system or algorithm on a deadly machine.

Australian professor Toby Walsh of the University of New South Wales stressed that the new lethal weapons involve ethical questions: “We can not hand over the decision about who lives and how it dies for the machines.”

Professor Walsh was among a group of Australian researchers in robotics and artificial intelligence who in November 2017 asked Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to take a stand against the artificial intelligence weaponry.

All serious researchers in this area are certainly supportive and vigilante.