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Last Testament: In His Own Words

04 May

Pope Benedict XVI’s most recent book is on the pews, unappreciated evenTheLastTestament within the church and scarcely read and understood by the narrow circle of “exegetes” and Vaticanists, he breaks the silence for truth, which he loves as much as Gospel.
It was announced on the
Bloomsbury Publishing website, which people who enjoy reading should see, far better than ideological gospel or unprepared homilies, the site says that the publication has 224 pages, and will be widely read by the people the church swears to love, but Is far
Bentinho, as I call him, will speak of things that no one imagines he would speak, but as a lover of Truth, I imagine that one day I would speak, of course to write. he turned 90 years in Easter.
The case that became known as “Vatileaks”, which the butler called Gorgeous George, because gorgeous means beautiful, a mysterious secretary who leaked the letters people of Bento, who claimed corruption and scandals within the Vatican.
He speaks of his supposed formation in the Nazi party, his attempts to solve the “subject of the church” (sexual abuse, pedophilia, gays, etc.) and how he actually sees all this, I will read.
Benedict tried to undo pressure groups inside the Vatican, and although he was surprised by Francisco, personally I think he prepared for the path of a successor with a new proposal, more open and really linked to the “people.”
According to comments, he speaks with joy of the successor, and speaks of both the man and the pope, but confesses that he did not imagine him as a successor, God always surprises.


An inimy of the people

01 May

The Brazilian Justice Minister of the STF Edson Fachin quoted Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906)AnEnemyOfPeople last week, after being defeated against the release of cattle rancher Bumlai and the former treasurer of PP Genu, said he thought about re-reading An enemy of the people, where the Norwegian writer narrates A certain Dr. Stockmann who, being a doctor, claims that the city’s water was contaminated, but that water was the main source of income for that community.

Thus he narrates the contradictions between the conscience of work in favor of the common good and the desire to achieve unanimity, a fact that made Dr. Stockmann come in shock with the petty interests of the city.

Ibsen, whose anarchist ideas had a great influence on intellectuals and politicians of the society of his time, is perhaps one of the reasons that these Nordic countries enjoy a good reputation in relation to corruption, the distribution of income and politicians who do not use politics, but Make it a service.

Anarchist ideals are present when Dr. Stockmann states: ” only free thinking, new ideas, the ability to think differently from the other, the contradictory, can contribute to progress Material and moral of the population, “anarchism aside, is the difficulty for a true dialogue.

She had not read, I read her most famous book is House of Dolls, completed in 1979, and staged for the first time in Copenhagen in Denmark at the theater Det Kongelige Teater, which provoked controversy for denouncing the exclusion of women in modern society, and which gave prominence to Ibsen’s thinking not only in Scandinavia but throughout the world.

What Fachin wanted to point out in citing “An enemy of the people” is the real danger that the Lava-jet operation will probably release all those implicated in the corruption scandals in Brazil, failing to make an important adjustment in our history and we will never be a Sweden or A Norway because there are no leaders capable of pointing out a path of “clean-up” and an end to illicit enrichment from the abuse of the public purse.

On the day of work it would be important not only to make an average with the working class, but to show which polluted waters actually undermine the health of their wages and the public services offered to them.


Librarian’s Day and a Guard

11 Mar

Tomorrow, the 12 of March is the day of the librarian in honor of the birth date of the LibraryDaylibrarian, writer and poet Manuel Bastos Tigre, day created by Decree 84.631 of 09/04/1980, signed by the then president of the Republic João Figueiredo.
The writer and engineer Manuel Bastos Tigre was born on March 12, 1882, being an engineer, went to do an improvement in electricity in the United States. There he met the librarian Melvil Dewey, who left him interested in the profession. At age 33, Manuel went to work with librarianship.
He was first in the contest for librarian of the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, and from 1945 to 1947 worked at the National Library, then took over the direction of the Central Library of the University of Brazil.
Librarians have a protector, for Catholics, Saint Isidore (or Izidro in Castilian, country of their origin, was in fact Visigoth converted to Christianity).
Isidoro was the first Christian writer to attempt to compile a summa of universal knowledge in his masterpiece, Etymologiae, also known by the classicists as “Origines” (abbreviated as “Orig.”).
This encyclopedia – the first epitome of the Christian type – consisted of a huge compilation in 448 chapters divided into twenty volumes.
In it, Isidorus, in a concise manner, summarized manuals, “miscellanea” and Roman compendiums, continuing a tradition of abstracts and summaries that characterized Roman literature of Late Antiquity.
Because of this, many fragments of classical teaching that would otherwise have been lost were preserved; “In fact, in most of his works, including the” Origines “, he contributed little more than the cement role linking fragments of other authors, as if he knew of his own shortcomings and relying more on the ‘stilus maiorum’ of That on its own, “recalls Katherine Nell MacFarlane, who translated her work into English.
Isidore was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1598 by Pope Clement VIII and declared Doctor of the Church in 1722 by Innocent XIII.
In Dante’s Paradise (X.130), Isidore is mentioned among other theologians and Doctors of the Church, and is also considered patron of Librarians.

Machado and the literary canon

21 Dec

I have always found insufficient the analysis of Machado de Assis, it was necessary to look machadoat an educated Machado and like any good intellectual capable of influencing, without losing his Brazilian, mulatto and great brazilian author.
The author Sonia Netto Salomão, wrote the book released this year Machado and the literary canon (Eduerj, 434 pp.,2016), she is Brazilian, but is a professor at the University of Rome La Sapienza, and deepened her studies in the Italian context Of Rio de Janeiro in the second half of the nineteenth century, with a strong influence of Dante, Machiavel, Leopardi and emphasized his condition of frequent spectator of operas and dramatic theater in Rio de Janeiro, and the strong Italian influence in the book Dom Casmurro.
This analysis is going to go unnoticed for some time, because we oscillate in a good part of the national mentality, or by a European xenophobia (the American is worse), without realizing our strong European influences, or by an uncritical adherence of foreign readings being unable to see the nuances Of adherence in the national culture of Western thought.
The book costs around $ 60.00 (U$ 16)  and was published by editor Eduerj in 2016.


(Português) Scholar Semantic é uma novidade ?

26 Oct

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Significant technologies for Big Data

20 Sep

Big Data is still an emerging technology, the cycle from emergence of a technology until their maturity,sxsw if we look at the hypo cycle Gartner curve, we see in it the Big Data on seed from the appearance, to the disappointment, but then comes the maturity cycle.


To answer the questions posed in the TechRadar: Big Data, Q1 2017, a new report was produced saying the 22 possible technologies maturities in the next life cycle, including 10 steps to “mature” the Big Data technologies.


In view of this research, the ten points that can, to increase the Big Data are:


  1. Predictive analytics: software solutions and / or hardware that enable companies to discover, evaluate, optimize and deploy predictive models through the analysis of large data sources to improve business performance and risk mitigation.
  2. It will take NoSQL databases: key-value, documents and graphic databases.
  3. Research and knowledge discovery: tools and technologies to support the extraction of information and new perspectives of self-service large data repositories unstructured and structured that reside in multiple sources, such as file systems, databases, streams , APIs and other platforms and applications.
  4. analysis Flows (analytics Stream): software that can filter, aggregate, enrich and analyze a high data transfer rate from multiple sources online disparate data and any data format (semi-structured).
  5. Persistent analysis (in-memory) “fabric”: allowing access to low latency and processing large amounts of data by distributing data over the dynamic random access memory (DRAM), Flash or SSD a distributed computer system.
  6. Distributed stores files: a network of computers where the data are stored in more than one node often replicated way, both redundancy and performance.
  7. Data virtualization: a technology that provides information from various data sources, including large data sources such as Hadoop tool and distributed data stores in real-time or near-real time (small delays).

This will require the last 3 steps that research suggests: 8. data integration: tools for data orchestration (Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, MapReduce, Couchbase, Hadoop, MongoDB) data preparation (modeling, cleaning and sharing) and data quality (enrichment and data cleansing at high speed) will be needed and that is done, you can make big productive Date “providing values ​​something of growth through a balance Phase “


(Português) Verizon compra Yahoo

27 Jul

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TDM in Digital Humanities

12 Jul


Digital Humanities is an emerging field that seeks to explore social and MoleculeResinhuman consequences in digital environments, so consider the more correct name Humanity in Digital Environments, and TDM (Text and Data Mining) is one of these trends.
A London School blog has just published interesting article that points to a trend that libraries and librarians operate and assist in the use of TDM for research and searches.
The blog explains that in particular the amendment of the Hargreaves review of copyright in the UK, remove legal barriers to explore texts and make data mining (TDM) on the corpus of the research literature, then the article explores how libraries and librarians can facilitate the work of researchers who want to apply TDM methods in library resources to either print or electronic sources.
The article also states that in the case of resource libraries, librarians can advise researchers and encourage them to use the new rules of copyright exceptions, which means that they can overcome certain copyright barriers.
The blog explains that this can mean valuable resources, for example, in research on molecular chemistry (photo), crystallography and other very confidential areas.
The article points out that as an example of Digital Humanities, a major newspaper body of the Victorian era can be mined to extract jokes this time, and can also analyze other aspects of time and UK social history.
It’s not just the electronic corpus that can be extracted, although it article provides a copy of scanning for example TDM purposes to aid the reader.


Software textbooks

27 Jun

Resources for production and teaching materials in public education can betextbooks reduced, that is proven in 38 faculties there called “Community” in 13 states, covering a universe of 76,000 students in 13 states.


The cases analyzed and quoted in the Washington Post, is the Maryland and six other Viginia, where prices of textbooks rose 82% between 2003 and 2013, that there is three times the inflation rate and so it is a real increase price.


The OpenStax software, an organization and non-profit free software introduced open-source textbooks with peer review, it is estimated that saved more than $ 66 million to about 700,000 students, more than half of these last year.
Although some students who frequent these community colleges  in a maximum of four years, programs focused in two years, are reaching the dream of going to college, not only in paid schools, but others can take courses with a high level, in less time, where the teaching material is essential.




Libraries and reading is the basis of education

18 Jun

The methods and the reading means may change, but we must ensure the future of education by encouragingEnsinoFundamental the practice of reading and libraries are still the institution that guarantees access to most of the population and especially people who do not have purchasing power to have access to books and culture.
The country is lagging behind in this aspect if we are to ensure that the law targets required for reading Brazilian Law No. 12 244 of the 24 May 2010 is reached, we have a deficit of 64,300 libraries in public and private schools in the country.
The legislation seeks to ensure that by the year 2020 we have a collection of at least one book for every student enrolled both in public and in private.

The data were collected by Qedu portal, the Lemann Foundation at the request of Brazil Agency itself from the Brazilian School Census 2014 and the data also show the deficit of the very existence of libraries in public schools that show that even in the South 77.6% of public schools have library in the North just 26.7% 30.4% while in the Northeast, the Southeast ratios are 71.1% and 63.6% Midwest.

Indexes are also negative as it sees the data that 86.9% are public libraries in high school while in grade school the index drops to 45%.
The digital readout is not contradictory with reading books, the data show that on the contrary, the digital reading is immediate and often short and fast in the digital environment can lead to greater interest to complete works, but this should be educated since elementary school.