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My darks of the 2018 Oscar

29 Dec

Mudbound, Tears on the Mississippi is one of my favorites, of course aoBladeRunnernot yet released in Brazil (scheduled for February 22), but the theme attracts me and perhaps also get ahead by addressing the unprecedented theme of racism and feminism during 2nd World War, has in the cast: Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell and Carey Mulligan.

Annihilation is a film in the line of Ex-Machina, which impressed critics a lot (it only will be won special effects), now after the great success of Ex-Machina: Artificial Instinct (Oscar winner for best special effects), director Alex Garland prepares another science fiction, about a biologist participating in an experience in which the laws of nature do not exist, in the cast are Natalie Portman in the lead role, alongside Oscar Isaac, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez and Jennifer Jason Leigh.
One of the good old films forgotten last year was The Lobster from the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos, perhaps being one of the writers and directors of the most creative contemporary filmmakers, now with a family drama may have some chance, with a partnership with Colin Farrell in this new mix of drama and suspense, about a surgeon and his wife (Nicole Kidman), transforming the life of a troubled family, the Sacrifice of the Sacred Deer is scheduled to launch in Brazil on February 8.
A film that may surprise, is The King of the Show, by unknown director Michael Gracey, a digital effects expert, but the film is about a circus that charmed the US Barnum & Bailey, just the story of PT Barnum with good actors Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Williams, with the special effects and the visual of the time is a good promise.
He was expecting something for Blade Runner 2049 (from director Ridley Scott), Harrison Ford repeating the role 35 years later, K (Ryan Goslind) and Joi (Ana de Armas) (photo), but the cult movie plus and box office less, has few chances, perhaps a tribute to the whole of the work for Harrison Ford, I continue to cheer, is an epic of fictions.
I am out of the Glamour of the best actors and actresses, directors and co-stars since the “white” Oscar of 2016, I consider the indications more politically correct and not artistically correct.

Almost La la Land wins

27 Feb

Almost because actresses Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway erroneously Moonlightannounced that La La Land: Singing Seasons but the winner with merits was Moonlight: Under the Light of the Moon, The critics darlings had the best actress Emma Stone – La La Land: Singing Seasons And Best Actor Best Actor Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea


Best Supporting Actress awards went to Viola Davis – A Boundary Among Us and Best Actor for Mahershala Ali – Moonlight: Under the Moonlight Light, the film also won best screenplay adapted with Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney -.

Best Director, the now highly-rated (winner of two Golden Globes) director Damien Chazelle – La La Land: Singing Seasons, who also won best picture with Linus Sandgren.

Best animated film went to Zootopia and best foreign film for The Apartment, from Iran.

Without much news, with better soundtrack of Justin Hurwitz – La La Land: Singing Seasons stayed with the hours of the night, but Moonlight, excuse the pun took a little the brightness.

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Unveiling of the film academy 2017

25 Jan

There are likely to be Trump’s remarks, some reference to last year’s white Oscar, 4filmesbut nothing more patriotic and American than the festivals, La Land is interesting, but 14 nominations tell you what in fact Hollywood is very American, as not to remember the famous Hollywood musicals? It’s good, yes, but not so much.
Like this La Land equaled Titanic in 1997, and Evil in 1950, in central nominations as Best Picture, Best Director (Damien Chazelle who has won two Golden Globes), Best Actor (Ryan Gosling) and Best Actress with Emma Stone .
Behind the musical, there are 8 nominations and the drama Moonlight: Under the Moonlight, Science Fiction “The Arrival”, and then Manchester by the sea with 6 nominations and we have already said that it is not all this.
Still in the Hollywood style could not miss a war film, Mel Gibson’s “Until the Last Man” and a modern Western like “At Any Cost”; As for the dramas, are: “Stars beyond Time”, “Lion: A Journey Home” and “Fences”, which is one of my favorites along with “The Arrival”.
Meryl Streep, who in the Golden Globe where she was honored in honor of Donald Trump, hits a record with 20 Oscar nominations (only won 3) as best actress for her role in “Florence: Who’s That Woman?”.
Also noteworthy is the Englishwoman Isabelle Huppert (“Elle”) (first photo above), who should not take, but I am in her fans, along with “The arrival” (right photo),
Viola Davis has already won the Golden Globe Award for best supporting actress, could win again, but is likely to go to Naomi Harris (“Moonlight: Under the Moonlight”) (pictured below), the other nominations being: Nicole Kidman (“Lion: A Journey Home”) and Octavia Spencer (“Stars beyond Time”) do not deserve it.
Perhaps Star Wars (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) (pictured below) has a special effects consolation prize or sound mix, fans were expecting some more indication.
In animation Trolls had no indication, maybe Moana: an evil adventure might win, I went to watch with children who found the language a bit difficult, the others except Zootopia, who has something different, “My life of zucchini”, “The red turtle “And even the funky” Kubo and the magic ropes “is nothing special.
The award will be here a month, February 26 and will be presented by Jimmmy Kimmel.


Golden Globe 2017

09 Jan

The awards began with smaller prizes, one of the curiosities was later camejustinharwitz the award for best supporting actor: Aaron Taylor Johnson of the film Night Animals, then better series actor and TV dramas, Billy Bob Thornton for the Gollath series, best actress of series or musical for TV: Tracee Ellis Ross of the series Blackish and for best TV series Atlanta, best actress of the series that counts the trial of O.J. Simpson, Sarah Paulson.

After little series or film for TV, the series People x OJ Simpson, Trace unexpectedly received the prize of, composers of soundtracks Moonlight and La la Land were expected and La Land won, it was a barbada, since Justin Harwitz (first picture) did a good job, and best original song again La La Land, by Justin as well, but which was received by the ensemble, having received better actor in comedy or musical film: Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle (second picture at center) received the award for best director and best scrip /photography.

Gradually the best actress award and best director was revealed, and the best supporting actress already seemed to indicate a different path in this award, the deserved Viola Davis, since best director for Denzel Washington and best film for Fences were not in the nominations, And justice was made received the award for best actor.

Best animation was Zootopia, with a message about diversity, and although the criticism indicated this personally, Moana and Trolls (which was not indicated) seem better to me.

Best Foreign Film Elle by the director of the Netherlands: Paul Verhoven.

Best actor in the miniseries went to English: Tom Hindleston, who starred in The Night Manager and Clarie Floy for The Crown, which won best drama series in the sequel.

La la Land was the big winner leading the 7 nominations, while Moonlight (Picture above) who won only best drama movie was the deception, in the Hollywood glamour and the ironies and jokes with Donald Trump, who already reacted saying that she would be Hillary’s mistress.


The Golden Globe 2017

05 Jan

We left some of Sloterdijk’s I Spheres to talk about the Golden Globe, themerylstreepdenzelwhashigton Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) award to be held on January 8.
The Golden Globe precedes the Oscar and often avoids surprises, a major award this year, according to Globo’s website, is the critically acclaimed musical “La la land: Singing Seasons,” which rescues the genre that made history in Hollywood, (Carrie Fisher), his mother Debbie Reynolds, a day after, who made the historic Sing in the Rain.
La la land as best comedy or musical film, also contends best director (Damien Chazelle), best actor in comedy or musical (Ryan Gosling) and best actress of comedy or musical (Emma Stone), as well as direction and original script (Damien Chazelle), song and soundtrack.
It will compete with the “traditional” film, the social networking film “Deadpool,” with other nominations also for best actor in comedy or musical with Ryan Reynolds.
With many indications also appear the dramas “Moonlight” with six nominations, and “Manchester seafront” with five.
Best director, along with Damien Chazelle (“Land Wing”), Tom Ford (“Night Animals”), Mel Gibson (“Till the Last Man”), Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight”) and Kenneth Lonergan -sea”).
Best Movies: “Up to the Last Man”, “At Any Cost”, “Lion”, “Manchester by the Sea” and “Moonlight”.
Meryl Streep, who is the best actress in comedy or musical for her participation in “Florence: Who’s That Woman?”, Will receive a prize for the work as a whole.
Among the best animations: “Moana”, “Ma vie de courgette”, “Kubo and the magic strings”, “Sing” and “Zootopia”, I missed the “Trolls” hopefully it will appear on the oscar list.
There are many other indications, with the little remembered, but interesting (I only saw the trailer, but the story strikes me as genius) “Fences”, which appears in the list of best supporting actress Viola Davis and best actor in drama Denzel Washington The director), should appear at least as best director and best film.
There is no indication for Star Wars and some pointers for “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” as the best actor for John Travolta, a bit forced.


Fake news detector

05 Dec

The recent US elections, but also many others, have revealed a terrible way to cbreakingnewsenampaign politically, “planting” false news on fragile points of a certain politician.

Unfortunately social media, not to confuse with the networks of people, but only media, there are a large number of false news, there are already specialized websites denouncing them not only by the evil that do the particular person, but mainly to badly unmask a bad intentional..

They have come to the point of worrying companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter that try to create measures that combat these intentional lies, that is, they are only meant to confuse.

Now technologist Daniel Sieradski has developed a plug-in known as a BS Detector that indicates “questionable” sites that are used on Facebook and Twitter.

In Brazil, the site reveals, for example, rumors such as “video inside the airplane of the Chapecoense”, “clandestine cocaine factory in Bangu”, “NASA confirms land will have 6 days of darkness in December 2016” , etc. etc.

But we can take 3 simple steps to prevent us from propagating this false news: 1) even if it favors our position to investigate whether what we are reading is true and NEVER disclose it on impulse; 2) bombastic news will usually be confirmed in the press and wait for public agencies to confirm them, CONSULT PUBLIC SITES, and, 3) even if the news is true never divulge it in a way to cause PANIC.

The device created by Sieradski, as reported by the BBC News, puts a red stripe that reads: “This site is considered a questionable source,” and denies Mark Zuckerberg Facebook that it “would be unable to substantively address the proliferation of false news On its platform, “the plug-in already has more than 25,000 installations since launch.

BS Detector Sieradski says it will evolve: “I and other open source developers spend many more hours improving their functionality,” he told the BBC.


Dialogues with the Z generation

28 Nov

As the conversation with Generation Z is difficult, because they have millions geracaozof possibilities, facilities to access information and reject all kind of intolerance, inequality and closure, it is said in a very wrong way, that they do not dialogue, would it be true?

First of all, we have talked about these stigmata of the lost generation, baby boom generation, etc. Is very misleading, but I use this to tell the generation that is now in adolescence, that is, they were born post-millenium, that was born until the year 2000.

It has a multiplicity of information, when watching TV transiting through various channels, but it is as if searching for something that interests you and do not find, browse the Web, live connected, and through this participate in the media social networks, low content on the computer or in the Cell phone, play electronic games like they were real sports to date with the help of keyboard and mouse.

The enormous power of choice that has contrasts with adults we closed a universe monkey or b-choices, they are binary, and not the Web generation, and for this need not only cables and icons, but most important of all Need thinking, adults do not want to think because it is easier to impose.

For those who like sociological analysis, it is not the fort of this generation because they know enough, that is, we are in crisis, we can however delineate looking at some experts, suggest that because they are going through a Great Recession, our first great crisis

After the economic crisis of the Great Depression – but no greater, the Z-generation becomes dominated by a feeling of dissatisfaction and insecurity about the reality and future of the economy and politics, this generation is faced with a difference in income each time The world, and strong family stress for collections.

Cyberpolitics attracts a minority share, it is adults who harden in social networks, because in fact this is a “blocked generation” as the Portuguese sociologist João Teixeira Lopes calls it, according to several sociologists also.

The more we talk, the more we block them, they feel penniless, those who do not dialogue are adults who are so full of convictions and ideas that have already been overcome, this has led, even with the best of intentions, to adopt extremist attitudes, These are critical and without prejudice.

A simple recipe: true hear, real dialogue, lose their “certainties” and discovered wonderful young people full of creativity, however much I hear these words in the mouths of adults, they sound to me most of the time, something “of the mouth out”.



And the iPhone 7?

26 Sep

According to the site Tech Times, the number of iPhone 7:07 Plus wereiphone7 sold between 16 and 18 September was only three-quarters of sales of previous models iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in the previous corresponding period, this can mean two things: just the novelty effect or sales of Apple even collapsed for several reasons.

In another survey conducted by the consulting Morning Consult only 25% of consumers are actually willing to buy the new smartphone of the 33% that they were willing to buy the iPhone 6S, a year earlier.
Overall the iPhone 7 is more simple and minimalist, a more clean interface, with less exaggerated icons working the strong Apple has always been the design.There is no more power or battery life, claims the headset for music are already large, there is also criticism of the malfunction after the airplane mode is activated, and a noise that would be bad fitting processor in the device.

For customers in Portuguese, says the translator Siri is smarter and more vocabulary, with fast processing for searches on Google, Twitter and other media networks, it is good to check.

The specification is is resistant to water splashes and dust (model Plus) and comes with the new 12MP cameras with wide angle lens and telephoto lens, A10 Fusion chip, new Retina HD display with wide tonal colors, and 32GB options, 128GB and 256GB (only this is new).

The precinho suggested US $ 649 (about R $ 2,080 in direct conversion without charges), a popular network “offer” is R $ 4,800.00 (U$ 1560), just to even some Brazilian´s peoples.


Social media and say nothing !

24 Aug

The media show that many people still use it improperly, to finish theWillStephen chef master program, which did not watch because cooking is a pleasure and an art, the chef Paola Corosella a judge yesterday finalized program, calls craft, but she also complained of insults, profanity, etc. who suffered for their options in the program.


What most surprises me is people who say nothing and saw celebrities, there are a lot of good is good to say, but I get at least three times many slogans of self-help, pocket spirituality and the like, do not tell me anything and it’s nice not complain, then more people come to send you the same messages.


Will Stephen was invited to participate in the famous TED programs to talk about anything, that first taste for the duration of maximum 20 minutes and then because they choose people who have what to say, I do not even like it, but I recognize someone who has something to say. He produced a fun program, and then says that guy because we are “attentive and eager to know everything about NOTHING or how to do, an uninteresting subject, subject to six minutes of pleasant thing,” here are six tips that he gave:


First I KNOW !!! No matter you are unsure, speak with absolute certainty what you are saying, many will watch and to become his followers. According gesture! His body language may appear to have convincing ability, emphasize information with gestures or changing the tone of speech, especially when talking about something that judges relevant.


After EI YOU !!! Interact with your audience, giving examples of personal or things of everyday life, it creates a relaxed mood and people can be Understanding NOTHING.


If it is difficult to assign a third NOT I AM I AM SAYING, say that the person is important and then repeat if necessary.

USE IMAGES, illustrious, create pictures, decorate the way of his speech, abusing of audiovisual resources, and last has RHYTHM, do your talks follow the ideas to completion.


But you can still be talking about ANYTHING, one will listen.


Pass the box to pay now is fast

07 Jul

Near to fiction until recently, watches with sensors NFC (Near Field Communication) reachedBellamy the Brazilian market through Bellamy model, with it you approach the product of the clock and the payment is made in seconds.

The battery it lasts for years, only different from the traditional cards on the clock there is nothing to show that it is being used for purchases making discreet and secure payment, and the partnership was made with Visa and Brazil Pré-pago.

It has an NFC antenna with a chip “contactless” Visa that communicates with contactless payment terminals, so are expensed credits are previously made by a bank payment function and the company ensures that credit is safe .
Like any technology market the initial change is slow, this type of NFC device already existing in some pieces of clothing and luxury goods should then be present in the simplest grocery product, coexisting with the current bar codes, but with the time the bar code itself may disappear.