For an ethics without oppression

21 Sep

We replace the theocentrism of the state by the theocentric state, authority AEticaEoutrountil recently could not be questioned, now the king is naked, or the politicians are naked.

As a substitute for “command and control of the state” and to produce free and responsible citizens, this is the problem of the philosopher Lévinas in his essay “Libertá et commandement” (Original Spanish: Revue de metaphysique et de morale, LVIII, 1953, p. (1993), pp. 264-272, Italian translation Libertá  e comando (Freedom and Command), In: E. Levinas, A. Peperzak, Ethics Prima e Philosophy (Ethics as First Philosophy), organized by F. Ciaramelli, Milan: Guerini and Associates, p. 15-19.

Levinas takes back from Plato the idea in which we can be free only if what is commanded presents itself as ethical evidence for who must fulfill the order, or as Kant wanted in his law of reason: it is the latter that is obeyed, and not to the exteriority of the command, we would say in current terms the warning of the Authority.

Although autonomous means among other things not to follow the irrational command, and there can be a risk even of death, if that is the price of freedom.9 Socrates’ death is beautiful, though unjust, it may be even more beautiful precisely because it is unjust : she attests the possibility of rejecting it, says Lévinas in the essay.

The tyrant can kill, but cannot subject the will, while remaining free the inner reserve, the opposition of thought, for there is a private dimension of discordant consciousness, and this means that there is no denying the interiority.

“But things are not as simple as that,” Lévinas says, because the fact that there is an interior space, the “achievement” of autonomy, a concept dear to Kant and many idealists, is not to be well examined, since, in addition to the intimidation that can torture, we now have television advertising on radio, network media and also on pressure groups, ranging from economic lobbies to editorial groups of newspapers, TVs and websites.

Man, whose liberty is by nature “non-heroic,” for man is made of “fear and love,” and both may at times not act with indignation, thinking that silence is more prudent.

What is mined or obstructed in authoritarian groups is the very capacity for divergence, reserved for free spirits, not recognized in the dark times of inner slavery, says the Bible the righteous lives of their faith, but one can add their values and of his conviction, but how to allow an ethic of dialogue and otherness?

The experience of totalitarianism should have left us a legacy.


What they say of the iPhone 8 and plus

20 Sep

I do not know if they have said anything before, but I was able to read theaImagemIphone8 first comments yesterday from Hi Phone 8 and the plus model, Mathew Panzarino from TechCrunch highlights the camera “with augmented reality and computer vision emerging as competitors in the next big wave of development platforms, the camera system will be an [important] input mechanism, a communication system and a declaration of intent. ”

Another important technology site is Engadget, Chris Velazco wondered how ARKit-like apps would work and enjoyed the augmented reality experience and said that rendering virtual objects on physical planes made them “stick to surfaces better than similar Tango apps “.

Another strong site in the area is The Verge, Nilay Patel’s comment was: “Just like on Samsung, the iPhone’s images are now more saturated by default, although Apple says it’s still aiming for realism instead of saturated colors and smoothing the S8 “and said later that taking pictures with an iPhone 8, a Pixel XL, an S8 and an iPhone 7” in the automatic, and the iPhone 8 produced the most consistent and rich images of the group.

The novelty in the software was due to the feature Portrait Lighting, which allows light effects with the front camera, the battery lasts about 11 hours warns another review,

Lastly, but the most important tech site David Pierce of Wired said that “the phones are very good and impressive, and yet they are not the best Apple devices. The iPhone X represents the vision of the future of Apple, as well as Samsung, Essential, Huawei and many others. ”

It is expected much more and more from cameras and graphics treatment Apps, performance and memory seem to be important, but are getting in the background, TechCrunch site for example notes that “the A11 chip from Apple has a performance that is compatible with the Core i5 of MacBook Pro. ”

With the importance of graphics and image processing OLED screens of higher definition will be importante.


Philosophy and ascesis today

19 Sep

The civilizational crisis that led to two wars were direct consequences ofACulturePhisicsEn thoughts, philosophy, and social structures that even starting from seemingly reasonable principles, such as the concepts of nation, state and moral, led to barbarities and atrocities that is the result of a naive awareness of the role philosophy, thought and knowledge.

Nietszche characterized this, especially referring to German culture as “herd” culture, Peter Sloterdijk more current speaks of immunology, the fact that we want to eliminate all viruses and diseases, but also leads to an idea that starting from the true civilizational crisis, we must defend ourselves from the Other, from other cultures and worldviews.

Nietszche asserts that this has its origins in Greek culture, which would never have abandoned the idea: “in their instinct of popular law, the Greeks denounced, and even at the height of their civilization and humanity, they never failed to utter words such as: belongs to the conqueror, with wife and child, with goods and blood. It is the violence that gives the first right, and there is no right that is not in its foundation arrogance, usurpation, act of violence “, in” “The Greek state” (Brazilian edition of 1996).

What man after modernity wants, this is Sloterdijk’s thesis is no longer a spiritual, but physical ascesis from exercises and immunology (perfect nutrition, athletic rigor, etc.), what Nietzsche at the end of Genealogy wrote about values that would be able to guide the lives of men in the twilight of the gods: “vitality, understood somatically and spiritually, is the medium that contains a gap between the more and the less. It has within itself the vertical movement that guides the ascents, it does not need additionally external and metaphysical attractors. That God should be dead in this context does not matter. With or without God each one arrives only as far as his (physical) form allows, “which is written in You have to change your life, (Du musst Dein Leben ändern. Über Antropotechnik, Frankfurt, Suhrkamp, 2009, still without translation to Portuguese).

The fact that we call football coaches, coaches of masters is not mere chance, soon also personal training, nutritionists and various other types of immunologists will also be masters of our lives, they direct our being.

The rebirth of being, the noosphere of spirit and mind, are forms of return to true life, the Lebenswelt and Lebensphilosophie, logic and philosophy of LIFE


The quantum internet is coming

18 Sep

While 5G connections promise to be a reality in the year 2019, researchers aQuantumInternetfrom Australia are moving towards building an internet based on the foundations of quantum laws. Researchers at the National University of Australia (ANU) published last Monday in Science Daily, a type of crystal structure reinforced with erbium material that can take advantage of quantum mechanical properties to make the entire World Network.

The group’s coordinator, Professor Matthew Sellars, said: “Efforts to build a quantum computer have often been described as the ’21st century space race’, but today’s computers were not aware of their potential until we internet, “and that this could unleash the” potential of future quantum computers. ” The result that was discredited a decade ago, now: “Seeing this result, it’s great to know that our focus was the right one,” Sellars said.

The bottleneck of computing is not so much the processing speed that continues to grow as slower storage time and growing linearly, as an old law called Moore’s law states, since a quantum memory is compatible with telecommunications, which is the challenge of researchers today. Researcher Rose Ahlefeld (photo with Sellars), who participates in the project, noted: “A telecommunications-compatible quantum memory is a vital component of a practical quantum internet,” and this possibility will be the quantum leap in the digital world.

The material built as the erbium is compatible with current optical fibers and in addition will be able to connect with many types of quantum computers, including silicon qubits in various prototypes and also at the Australian university



Resentments in Social Forgiveness

15 Sep

The essence of ethics in times of relativism is an instrumental ethic that aoPerdoarserves specific interests and does not contemplate society as a whole, maintaining principles and not distancing oneself from what is just, it is necessary to have clear principles and not get rid of resentments . What prevents us from meeting the other, and overcoming the barriers of an increasingly individualized social logic, or closed in groups, is listening, but also forgiveness.

We do not allow the other to overcome their own problems and mistakes and start their life from forgiveness, and even from reconciliation if possible, opening up when they start over. Also about this Shakespeare said: “Holding resentment is like taking a poison and waiting for the other person to die ?”, so the first one interested in forgiveness is the one who keeps grudges and lifelong bonuses, poisoning themselves.

It is significant the passage in Matthew 28: 21-22, when responding to Peter how often they should be forgiven, Jesus answered him I do not tell you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven. ”

But from the social point of view, the issue is broader, it is necessary to overcome the past, especially in the sense of change, social revenge is the most serious impediment to change and allows historical setbacks.

Sloterdijk wrote in The same boat, essay on hyperpolitics, alluding to the last man of Nietzsche, the last man in the individualism of the industrial age is not only the sociable positivist who invented happiness, with his little daytime desire and his little nocturnal desire … They live the feeling of no return; the individual individuated to the limit wants a self-rewarding experience … ” (Sloterdijk, 1993, p. 88-89).


Resentiment in post-modernity

14 Sep

We speak of fatigue, one of the symptoms of the human condition in postmodernity, AFrançaRevolucionáriawhit for us is not a movement, but in end of an era, with several aspects.
Another common of our time is resentment, accentuated by war and ideological political struggle, which gives areas of return almost as violent as it was at the beginning of the last century, but there would be new contours, yes, resentment.
In the philosophical literature, Nietzsche is almost always remembered, but he was not the first one to approach the subject in the German literature, Eugen Düring for example already had used in the value of the Life, what it did was to extend the analysis of the subject elevating it to the psychic problem and also the social, would almost say a prediction of the future of Europe, since the fissures between nations in the old continent were visible in its time.
For Nietszche, resentment is tied to another category of his which is the will to power operating over the Other, states in Why am I so wise: “Aggressive pathos is as necessary connected with force as the feelings of revenge and rancor at weakness.”
Psychically the term is linked to reliving a feeling or feeling previously experienced, even if positive, can be considered good or pleasant, as a rule has a negative accent, while the “persistence of a feeling aroused by an injury, an injustice, accompanied of a desire for revenge, “as the Quillet dictionary states in its 1970 version.
The social media media are a reflection of this, a set of unreflective feelings, unique and almost exclusively are triggered to a first impulse, almost always with a known script (therefore thoughtless), try to sell their rancor and not just the indignation , because the unworthy one puts us all in the same boat, in the same utopia.
In revolutionary Republican France, it was necessary to prevent the bloodbath from ceasing so that democracy could advance and the new society to be built (engraving above unknown author).
We will not embark on a new time, as Peter Sloterdijk’s work “all in the same boat” emphasizes, if we do not overcome the social grudges, characteristic of an end of the season.
Did Nietzsche address the issue of forgiveness? with absolute certainty, in the work of Miguel Barrenechea: The folds of memory, he speaks of forgiveness as a sign of strength and health – speculations on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, published in 2009




Razões para ser um cientista

13 Sep






Smartphone recognizing surface

12 Sep

Researchers at this university have created a type of camera called SpeCam that can EmReuniaoEnrecognize the surface that the smartphone is and set different tasks for it.
For example, if the phone rings and you put it upside down on the laptop, it could send a message to the caller saying “sorry, I’m in a meeting” or put it in your pocket could suggest to another colleague.
SpeCam is actually a program that allows existing phones to use the camera’s function to recognize different materials to which the smartphones are exposed, linked to a database that recognizes the fabric and links it to a message.
The work was presented in the recent 19th. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction by Mobile Devices and Services, ACM SIGHI MOBILEHCI 2017, Vienna Austria, on Wednesday, September 6 by researchers led by Aaron Quigley.
“This is an example of what we call Discrete Computing or discrete interaction, where subtle and subtle user actions can result in entirely new forms of interaction. , recognize materials, all surfaces around us become a screen for our imagination. ”
SpeCam cleverly uses the display / display on a smartphone as a multi-spectral light source and the front camera to capture the reflection of the material that has been placed face up.
SpeCam: Sensing Surface Color and Material with Front-Facing Camera of a Mobile Device” received an honorable mention award at MobileHCI, one of five such articles throughout the the program.


Active Vita and tiredness

11 Sep
Still Chyul-Han, the Korean-German of “The society of fatigue”, part of VitaActive Activa’s analysis of Hanna Arendt (we translate Vita from Latin, for life up to here), explaining that it starts from the prevalence in the Christian life of the contemplative life , clarifies in a note that she seeks “a mediation between active life and contemplative life … as described by St. Gregory: ‘we must know: when we demand a good program of life, from the active vita to the contemplative life, it is often useful if the soul returns from the contemplative life to the active life, so that it is called the contemplation which has been kindled in the heart to transmit all its perfection to the activity “(HAN, 2017, 39)
The author points out that she [Arendt]: “a new connection between her new definition of active vita and the primacy of action” (page 40), she goes on to heroic activism, but unlike her master Heidegger who ” was a decisive action on the subject of death “(ibid.), it is guided by the possibility of the” birth of man himself, and in the new beginning, by virtue of his nascent character, men should perform this new beginning by action. ”
The author explains that this action as birth contains a quasi-religious dimension: “the miracle consists in the fact that human beings are born purely, and together with them, they give the new beginning that they can carry out by action by virtue of his being-born … “(pp. 40 and 41), quoting Hanna Arendt.
But he concerted a possible modern interpretation, for Arendt, who saw in the unheard of heroic action of all human capacities a “cessation in mortal passivity” (p. 42).
Thus he clarifies that Arendt’s descriptions of the modern animal laborans are not those of the performance society, the “postmodern animal” is provided with the ego to the point of nearly tearing itself apart. He can be anything but passive. “(Page 41)
He adds that the “modern loss of faith, which concerns not only God and beyond, but reality itself, becomes radically transient human life” (page 42).
He claims the homo sacer of Agamben, “are like undead. Here, the word sacer does not mean ‘damn’, but ‘sacred’. Now, naked life itself, which has become radically transient, naked is sacred, and must be preserved at all costs “(HAN, 2017, 46).
HAN, B. C. A sociedade do cansaço. (The society of fatigue). BR, Petrópolis: Vozes, 2017.

When to see is something else to contemplate

08 Sep

There is a malaise in what it is always to say YES, children should not beDizerNo reprimanded, but the State has the right to direct their education, the students can not be contradicted in the classroom, the existence of a “positivity” has reached the absurd to institutionalize it.
This discomfort contrary to what seems to lead the individual in particular, and society as a whole facing a gap between what is really true and what is false, is no longer relativism, but the positivity of “active life” , the absence of any contemplative life.
Even in terms of the Bible, those who gather in a group seem to have achieved this positivity in a higher way, yet it is contrary to what the Bible teaches, Matthew 18: 15-16:
“If your brother sins against you, he will correct you,
but in particular, alone with you!
If he hears you, you have earned your brother.
If he does not hear you,
take with you another one or two people,
for the whole matter to be decided
under the word of two or three witnesses. ”
It must be understood that this refers to justice, since witnesses must be called to say what is in fact being corrected, it is not Manichaean morality and still less those matters, which are important, but which remain within the scope of religiosity .
It is necessary, above all, to separate what is positive from the negative outside Manichaeism, had already clarified it in our VER post, where the philosopher Chyul Han had stated that: “enabling the eye to a deep and contemplative attention, a slow and slow look “(HAN, 2015, p. 51), being subject to always” positive “stimuli actually frustrates us and does not really push us forward, into the” active vita. “