Even waves can go to AI

20 Feb

The OpenAI project, although it is said to be “non-profit” and is really open, just enter the blog of the project to check the progress and the possibilities, in fact even pointed the experts when publishing a system that writes news / texts, theoretically fictions, but that can be classified as fake, or as they are being called: faketexts.  Also the code is open and available on the GitHub site for developers. 
Natural language processing systems can perform tasks such as answering questions, machine conversion, reading comprehension, and text summarization, which are already typically addressed with supervised learning in task-specific data sets, but text search in GPT2 is wider in quantity.
GPT2, the successor to the GPT that was just a producer of texts from basic texts, can now read up to 40 GB of existing text on the Web, and what it has produced frightens a little, for clarity, depth and worst of all, pure fiction or more clearly: fakes.
Among its syntactic characteristics, it is superior to others of the sort, writing passages that make sense with the previous text and maintains the style, without getting lost in long sentences. The problem is that it can generate fakenews that can now be longer, becoming faketexts, a report from The Guardian shows the novelty and the problems:


Line art, 3D and tesseract

19 Feb

The fact that contemporary culture is based on a science, an art and also an ethical and aesthetic dimension based on geometry has built an ideal model of nature, man and society, which is purely ideal and unrealizable to man.
It seems a post-humanism, since contemporary humanism is that of the Kantian categorical imperative: “Act as if the maxim of your action should become, through your will, a universal law”, sometimes the ” through his will, “but the imperious fact remains there, to become a model for others, narcissism and pre-humanism.
All this came from the idealism and absolutism of mathematical geometric ideas, it is not abstractionism since this current in both art and mathematics itself has in fact become much more revolutionary than it seems, the Hausdorff dimension and the fractals, as well as the mathematical and physical hypotheses about entropy prove this importance.
Physics in discovering the fourth dimension refers human thought and adventure to an unthinkable space, the intergalactic voyages, begins to draw the history of the universe itself, how supernovae form, what are black holes and black matter, finally a threshold of a new time, born of quantum physics and the fourth dimension.
What this has to do with art, with technology, absolutely everything, since the human vision and sensation widen, while many get into dogmatic holes, some even redeclarate the flat earth, the dimension of the infinite, the cosmogonies and the fourth dimension emerge
All this seems theoretical, but it was Carl Sagan in his famous Cosmos series, now available online, which explained all this in a simple and accessible way to all, follows a piece of your video in which explains this: 


An immersive digital exhibition

18 Feb

Paris is famous for the Louvre, Orsay and Grand Palais museums, it also has a digital art space, called Atelier des Lumières (photo), a fair tribute to the Lumières brothers.
His great attraction that starts now is an Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition, which has inspired so many inspirations, the film Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams, various types of animation, and a lot of art was inspired by the genius of the Netherland.
The space debuted with Gustav Klimt’s exhibition and quickly caught the eye.
Van Gogh is known, but Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) is not so curious, the connection of the two with this house of Digital Media Art, both opposed to realism (would say to realistic objectivism, but anyway …) and also the positivism that penetrated different humanities, art did not escape.
One can also link it with Art Nouveau, its movement in another direction arose from a work commissioned by a wealthy Belgian Adolphe Stoclet, who had a palace built by leaving him in charge of Wiener Wekstratt, of the Viennese Atelier, where Klimt was an exponent .
The style now appears with repetitive geometric styles, letting appear some realistic parts (that is to say …) that allow the understanding, there uses a Byzantine style cover, and mosaics where realism and abstraction are in contrast, and finally its style.
Returning to Van Gogh’s immersive exhibition that takes place at the Atelier des Lumières, the exhibition begins now in February and runs through December 2019.

The video below gives a sample of the exhibition, with presentation of the co-director of the exhibition Gianfranco Iannuzzi.




Disenchantment and hope

15 Feb

Not only a conservatism that returns in the US, Brazil, now in Europe as well, but also na impotence of change expressed in outdated speeches, without any appeal although there are fanatics, as in Venezuela or even in Russia, everything seems stagnant.
There is little hope for those who are hungry, who live in inequality or social intolerance, it is also the cry of minorities, it is worth remembering that no dictatorship gives them rights, where can come hopes and paths?
Mia Couto: “The greatest misfortune of a poor nation is that instead of producing wealth, it produces riches,” he and the French sociologist Michel Maffesoli speak and insist on re-enchantment, it is possible amid setbacks looking to the future.
Both talk about looking at what is already young again, it is disenchantment to perceive only the negative, we repeat what we did not accept in our parents: not accept the new of the young.
I remember the long hair, the faded pants, the “loud music” at the beginning of the Rolling Stones, then Black Sabbath when I was young I watched the movie The Last Waltz (picture) I thought: will I start to grow old.
The film included Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood, Muddy Waters, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Van Morrison,
Bobby Charles, Dr. John, Paul Butterfield, and others, spoke of a Canadian band, which ended in a good, no-nonsense and
no-scandal, made this last concert, in a film directed by Martin Scorcese (1978), but I was still very young, what then?
It began a disenchantment, yes, he saw that the thought he thought revolutionary was not so much, and that the changes he anticipated would not happen, in the middle of 90 begins Grasnost (transparency in Russian) and then the Perestroika, the world of fact has changed.
But there is still the concentration of income, violence against nature and a society more and more tiredness, will there be in re-enchantment?
We must have hope, says the Bible reading (Luke 6:21): “Blessed are you who are hungry now, because you will be satisfied! Blessed are you who now weep, for you shall laugh! “. 

There will be a restructuration and the forces of change will reappear, is possible a pacific changing of world. 




The Reenchantment of the World and Being

14 Feb

In modernity man has tried to overcome his sense of existence by projecting himself on a subjectivist rationality, to transcend has become to apprehend and to understand the object by the cognoscent subject, that is capable of knowing “everything”, the “sapere audi” of Kant.
Modern design dislodged the being, and disenchanted the world, making poetry or music seems too romantic, although the aesthetic design of modernity is exactly this, but the modern romantic is idealistic, the impossible, separated from the world in false objectivity.
There is talk of having, the utilitarian current that sees the world and also being according to the value of use, Marx also recalls the value of exchange, but the enchantment lies outside these two values, it is a non-value in the sense of money, but it is “as useful as the useful!” says Victor Hugo on the Art, claiming a value beyond the conventional, it would be said lacking poetry and beauty.
The French sociologist Michel Maffesoli is a scholar of the subject and also of “urban tribes”, and his first clarification on the enchantment is that “it is not the future that matters, but the present” (Frontiers of Thinking), calls it present-ism, already the chains so much idealists in general are always projected in the future, and do little in a concrete world.
When seeing and studying the urban tribes, he sees in them an emotional dimension, but on the positive side, he sees that it is possible to observe in the movements of the outraged people of Madrid as others of contestation, this emotional dimension, which may be dangerous is true, but is part of To be.
Another speaker on the subject is the Mozambican writer Mia Couto, known around the world, who talks about the importance of “not pruning the enchantment, the capacity for fascination, of ecstasy in the face of small things.
Being in Portugal produced in me a re-enchantment, fado, food, coexistence and also small things, a greater personal respect, greeting him by name, the most rhythmic rhythm of life, architecture, history, poetry and finally life


Markham in Canada: smart city

13 Feb

Ignorance of the benefits that smart and rational use can bring to many cities make many public policies inefficient and unnecessarily expensive, a serious problem is the infrastructure to monitor cities. In a partnership project, Bell Canada and IBM Canada want to make the city of Markham,
Ontario in Canada, with approximately 330,000 inhabitants, a model for using networks to make it a “smart city,” according to the Financial Post
The city government will use Bell’s broadband networks and IBM data analysis, collecting sensor data placed throughout the city to decide on investments in various aspects of infrastructure: pipeline leaks, flood-prone regions (Lake Ontario), problems that arise in storms, effective use of energy and tracking.
The projects do not fail to include social improvements and ecological aspects that also depend on the good use of technology and energy,
Many environmentalists are unaware that the results of Medellin were also achieved using Smart Cities concepts, being the first case in Latin America.
South. Similar trials and projects are being conducted in Canada and other parts of the world in view of which a number of multi-provider services may be preparing services that best cost and prevent service disruption.


Fake news with few days

12 Feb

False, malicious or biased news are old, we have already mentioned the allegations made by Karl Kraus, also news that actress Rita Hayworth (the stage name of Margarita Carmen Cansino, famous in the 50´s and 60´s), who would have lived another two years , or the misleading advertisement that Nike would be giving shirts of the Brazilian national team.
Now there is software developed by the research company Fraunhoffer-Gesellschaft, in Germany that has developed a system that automatically analyzes post of social media and filters false news and misinformation, we can predict a promising future.
It is worth mentioning that this was thanks to the new technologies, the tool does a machine learning that filters the news and through learning (in the sense of algorithms per machine) analyzes contents and metadata, verifying user interaction and optimizes results in real time.
The tool also checks the amount of data (viralization processes), with sending data graphs, frequency and follower networks.
Ulrich Schade, according to the Fraunhofer website, said: “Our software can be customized and trained to meet the needs of any customer. Our software can be customized and trained to meet the needs of any customer. For public agencies, it can be a useful early warning system.”
Metadata are used as markers, thus allowing fake postmarking, that is, it plays a crucial role in differentiating between authentic sources of information and false news.
So if a site with a certain frequency of posts is made, how often and how a tweet is scheduled and at what time? The time of a post can be very revealing, as well as the frequency of the tweet and the followers.
It should also reveal the country and the time zone of the originator of the news for its correct identification and location, therefore the hours are essential.
A high frequency of sending suggests bots, which increases the probability of a false news, can be easily detected and can signal a fake.
Social bots generally send their links to a large number of users, and this is an example of how to spread the uncertainty among the public, so never give in.
Connections and account followers can also be fertile ground for analysts, although well-intentioned people use it, the chance to be a fake is great, and now a tool can detect it, fake days are counted.


History of Literature

11 Feb

The book of Otto Maria Carpeaux (I Reading in the 2008 edition), begins with something instigating, and that I ascended to the reading of the work:
“I was in the office of Antônio Houaiss, in Rua São José, where the philologist directed the Encyclopedia Mirador Internacional. I had just arrived, had settled very timidly in a chair, afraid that it would result in an unfulfilled visit. Behold, a septuagenarian, a red silk tie, and a red-dotted list, burst forth in his office. You had a bundle of papers in your hands. He went to Houaiss with the intimacy of old friends. I do not remember if he called you by pre-name or last name. The truth is that he said:
“This is not true.” What is said here about Pharmacy is incorrect, “said to the Houaiss is not anyone.
The fact shows Carpeaux’s rigor, and reading literature is a good way of understanding history.
I thought clever way to start a book, which usually starts with self praise, the evil of the said world few cult are less than a genius, and those who in fact are think about their shortcomings and uncertainties.
Of course the above text is not from Otto Maria Carpeaux himself, but rather from him, the preface made by UnB doctor Ronaldo Costa Fernandes, which shows this relationship between Houaiss, famous for his dictionary and who gave enormous contributions to the orthographic reform.
Carpeaux was born in Vienna, with annexation of Austria fled to Belgium in 1938, and in 1939 arrived in Brazil, tells the book that already in 1955 “publishes a small bibliography of Brazilian literature. It was a daring act for those who were only a little more than a decade in Brazil and in contact with the literature of the new country in which they came to live “(page 21 of the preface), also cites his first work in Brazil: A cinza do purgatório (The ash of Purgatory), in 1942.
The collection was reissued in 1959 by O Cruzeiro editor, followed by several others by the Federal Senate (see one of the volumes I in pdf), now there is a new edition (2017), in 10 volumes, from Casa da Palavra, Brazil editor.


Navigate deeper waters

08 Feb

Is a well-known expression in the Portuguese language “navigating is necessary”, but here the connotation of navigating deep waters refers to knowledge and spirituality.I think it should lead students to curiosity, interest in culture or human growth is stagnant, now in Web browsers too.
Navigating is necessary, said Portuguese navigators, but the phrase is more ancient, it was the Roman general Pompey, who encouraged fearful sailors with the phrase: “Navigare necesse, vivere non est necesse”, Petrarca in the fourteenth century who transformed in sailing is necessary, living is not necessary.
Fernando Pessoa, to whom some credit the phrase, actually said: “I want the spirit of this phrase for me”, and now we are in time to surf the Web (the internet is only the basis of this platform), but also to look at the confines of the universe and dream of journeys in the earthworm holes, which Einstein-Rosen predicted and astrophysics discovered.
This also means going to deeper seas, in the metaphorical sense, in knowledge, in the arts and in culture, the only consistent weapon against ignorance that passes militancy, not post-truth, I would say is a post-clearing, a phase of obscurantism.
Also in the spiritual sense, the biblical reading, for example, in the gospel of Luke, when sinners already washed their nets and were discouraged from fishing, Jesus encouraged them: Lk 5:4: “Go forth into deeper waters, and cast your nets to the fishing,” Pedro believes and does.
The correct reaction in times of retreats and apparent stagnation
The best attitude is not to stand still, this can lead to laziness and complacency, is to believe and to go forward, in this case a little faith is necessary.
True spirituality goes against the current of pessimism which is not only disbelief in God, but also in humanity.

The vídeo below navegate in Lagoon Nebula.


Spirituality, faith and reason

07 Feb

The absence of a consistent spirituality that brings the human soul to greater peace and harmony does not mean and should not mean an ignorance of contemporary problems of justice, truth and also of faith.
As life is shrouded in mystery, we can not say that we are rationally in perfect consciousness of our life, of social life and of the life of the planet, in fact, we have never lacked this consciousness so much.
Thus we have never spoken so much of the appeal to faith, or to psychologism and structures of asceticism, spirituality, “a life of exercises,” says Peter Sloterdijk, but in general it adds little to the human discomfort of human life today, what is actually occurring ?
We have said and repeated in a speech sometimes a little distant for those who know little the structure of modern thought, or who think that everything happens from 20 or years to now, when the foundations of Western thought are somewhat in the beginning of modernity, with some things of the Renaissance that in turn refers to the classical philosophy of Greece.
But also faith is basically a structure of thought, sometimes thinking little and this leads to some manipulation and fundamentalism on the part of others, something like: Jesus loves you, only God is enought, etc.
God enlightens us or some appeal of the genre , see if this really solves the problems of who makes these appeals, usually not.
Thus we need to think about modernity, not just the technological advances that in our view are generally beneficial, but their use as can be the use of various objects in the sense of episteme (the systematization of knowledge or thought) it is an object, even an abstract object.
Two papal encyclicals spoke of the relation between faith and reason (not Cartesian reason, but reasoning), reportedly between Fides et Ratio of John Paul II and indirectly the encyclical Spe Salvi of Benedict XVI in which he quotes Plato, Luther, Kant, Bacon, Dostoevsky, Engels and Marx, read there.
It is understood in Fides et Ratio, article 56: “It is understood that, in a world divided in so many fields of specialization, it becomes difficult to recognize that total and ultimate meaning of life that philosophy traditionally sought”, pointing to a crisis in reason.
When we are walking in the dark, in low light we need to have faith, but reason helps us where we stand, walk in safer steps and feel the environment.