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Brazilian law PEC 479: broadband is a priority

13 Aug

The PEC 479 amends Article 5 of the Brazilian Constitution, to provide broadband BandaLargato the population should be a priority of the State, since “in contemporary society, universal access to information is consolidated as a key element for economic development and social nations”, according to its author Mr Sebastião Bala Rocha (PDT-AP-Brasil).

The reasoning is simple: to provide broadband to the population should be a priority of the State, since “in contemporary society, universal access to information is consolidated as a key element for economic and social development of nations” as stated by the deputy I proposed.

The PEC was proposed in 2010 and approved by the Constitutional Commission of Justice of the chamber in May 2011 and sees the social changes taking place, since “the internet, in particular, plays a crucial role in the construction of this new reality.”

The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, 14/8/2013, 4 on the floor of the House of Representatives, and the SGP, the rapporteur Mrs Gorete Pereira (PR-EC), is approved, will be voted in two readings by the House still this month.


Resolution of Goldbach Conjecture is announced

12 Aug

The problem of logicism is important because it is still part of the current thinking in the scientificHaraldGoldbach literature of the day, sometimes even presented as a novelty, but that debate was the beginning of the last century at the University of Vienna, for this was known as the Vienna Circle also is it that left currents neopositivism, a review of positivist thinking of Auguste Comte, even then in decline.

The circle developed between 1922 to 1936, it took part names like Karnap, Kurt Gödel and W. V. Quine, but the group disbanded during World War II.

The was he related the problems of logic, and Gödel’s incompleteness theorem, which states that every system contains some denial and need a “foreign official” and Fermat’s last theorem and Goldbach’s conjecture were part of the talks due to logical problems here treated.

The Goldbach Conjecture was announced in a letter to Euler in June 1742 when he proposed:
Every even number greater than 2 can be written as the sum of three prime numbers.

Euler became interested in the problem and extended the conjecture:

Whole number greater than 2 can be written as the sum of two primes.

The tests were made ​​by calculating the number exhaustively known in mathematics as the brute force method, in 1938, N. Pipping tested all the numbers up to 105.

Now the Peruvian Harald Andrés Helfgott says he tried in Article submitted on May 13, 2013, from Cornell University, and the initial reviews indicate that the result is valid.


Obama changes spying

10 Aug

The American intelligence revealed by Edward Snowden, Obama’s popularity has dropped and now the U.S.A.USASpy president went public to say that the monitoring program will be clearer and more transparent.

In a statement yesterday (8/9) Barack Obama revealed that the Patriot Act, which permits unilateral action of spying, no more records will store the telephone and Internet access to every citizen, but says there will be “more transparency and limits on use of this authority. ”

Now the secret court that approves the actions of the National Security Agency (NSA) must have a public representative to defend the public interest, the question is whether this representative will have sufficient autonomy in cases of abuse.

This representative will defend civil liberties and privacy of citizens, is also significant that the White House will have a board of external experts can evaluate the government’s actions and post them on a bimonthly report.

Some sites like The Verge claim that no one knows for sure if these experts will be heard.


New application for videos

09 Aug

In 2005, Hurley and Chen co-founders of YouTube, the largest video site in the world, sold toMixBite Google 18 months after the development of the site, for $ 1.76B.

They were the first two employees at PayPal, a payment service online leader who is now part of eBay.

After the sale created the AVOS, and in 2011 acquired, a service leader bookmarking.

Now, according to the website TechCrunch, the creators of YouTube has released a tool for video editing, focusing on the issue of médium and short videos, ranging from seconds to 68 minutes (plus 1 hour) for the creation of videos of médium size.

There are already other apps, going doVine and Instagram, informs the site, but the differential for these platforms is that while these instantly share something that happened a few seconds, the MixBit will be able to offer a more material worked, eg that speaks of na event, to be published later, as do publishers newscasts and documentaries, for example.

The idea is to insert in the films of other pieces to create your own movie, and also use the application to create a new film, as a native mobile application, in this case, up to 16 seconds to go in the end you put the pieces together and document some thing.

Assembly may be up to 256 files to make an original production, although it apart from other productions. The sharing option will also be available and may well fall into the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even MixBit).


Common screen now is touch too

08 Aug

With the arrival of Windows 8 and html5 facilities beyond the photos,ApenTouch videos and sounds, touch interactivity also here to stay.

But what to do with the common screens that still use a pen came to turn them into touch screens too.

The device Apen Touch 8, E Fun, is secured with a small device with magnets in the corners of the screen and connected via USB to the computer, which has a pen at the other end “optics”.

So the movement of the pen on the screen makes iterative identical to a touch screen, no need for any software or any device more.

Actually the pen is not optical, but ultrasound, as it uses the technology of motion capture by infrared rays, the play on the monitor attached, it captures the movements of the pen and creating the feeling that the commands are triggered by touch on the screen.

The device is sold in the U.S. since the beginning of the year at a price of R $ 160 (U$ 89), and is present at CES 2013 as one of the news.


Marco Civil: Liberty and security

07 Aug

The project Marco Civil (PL 5403/01) which should Blogset this month to regulate the Internet in Brazil, will progress as neutrality, which means that providers can not discriminate traffic between ordinary users and businesses.

But the American paranoia that sees a world in permanent war (just close by 12 embassies terrorist threat), and among Ace disclosures Snoewden, back now the subject of dictatorship “National Security”, “National Sovereignty”, etc..

There is no excuse for the U.S. government invasion of privacy of citizens who have no criminal proceedings against them, which, however we think that the state is not national or must care for private data, just have a database in Brazil does not solve the problem which is what they do with the data.

Expounded in two previous posts the differences between security and privacy, all want security, but we must be against any invasion and privacy that is not justified by any judicial discretion fairly clear.

Unfortunately this involves a vision of “sovereign” is the term that pushes the word sovereignty, which is the liberal thought of the early modern period, we need to respond and neither Marco Civil responds, is what rights and duties of the state, not just the citizen who is the subject of “democratizing democracy”.


First smartphone open-source

06 Aug

The Mozilla enterprise of browser Firefox now no longer sells “open-source” smartphoneGeeksphone2 in Spain, Colombia and some European countries, is the first smartphone with Firefox OS, and the enterprise announced that the phone will come to Brazil this year.

The device had been released to developers and hobbyists, called Geeksphone (Geeks is another slang term for nerd), with the propaganda “one-time, limited promotional price” of € 149 / $ 196 ($ 300 without taxes here), but not reported to be sold to a “standard price” via onlin stores, which would be starting in September.

The initial model was called the Peak, with a more robust version called Peak +, double the RAM (1GB) and the latest version of Firefox OS (v1.1).
Specifications, the same for both versions include dual-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm 8225 chipset, multitouch screen 4.3 “qHD IPS, 8 megapixel rear camera (with flash), 2 megapixel front camera, and tri -band UMTS / HSPA, and a 1800 mAh battery, say have the best battery management and better graphics performance.

The company’s marketing is Movistar in Colombia, with two models Fire One Touch, Alcatel, and Open, ZTE, for a price of around 200,000 pesos (about U.S. $ 125).


More about security and privacity

05 Aug

The issue is recurrent, since the internet (the middle physical´s initial) and Web (the popular application that started in the 90´s) ComumPrivadowere expanding it became more frequent, and is now a priority issue on the destination Web.
Now with former hacker official U.S. government announced the spying on American citizens and on other countries, it has become more important on the Web.
But security and privacy should not be treated as a single topic, although it is impossible to separate one from the other, in the privacy the individual knows what information people who allow them to be collected and published, and knows how to treat this information, but this should know how control this privacy.
According to an article from AT & T this information may be collected and would be correct to look at them.
Here comes the aspect of safety, only security should include factors that include physical security and human, ie “only security information” where factors including business, physical integrity of persons and / or disaster recovery may be included these factors, there is an international standard for this to ISO 17799.
Safeguarding customer information, this means that any site or social tool (not just Facebook, but mostly he) must protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of information from a “client”.
Management and Identity and Access Management (IAM, Identity and Access Management walks), which is undoubtedly the most critical factor of privacy, but not always given due attention because of the difficulty and cost of implementation.
Users are often employees, customers, suppliers, or a simple computational access to the environment and engage in corporate services without knowing what they do. The environments themselves are becoming increasingly complex, make offers “knowing” the taste of the client, exploring their consumption capacity and interconnecting applications.
The clouds are a particular danger for this invasion of privacy, SOA (Service oriented Architecture), since his own role as a service is to use the functions or services and not just traditional applications, and this causes the control access more difficult.
Security, coding, testing and application management is another risk factor, as application attacks have a great success due to the ease of vulnerabilities in most program code, programmers are famous for, the risks of programs written in Java, but weaknesses imply how many programs and services have been implemented.
Such findings may be accidental, such systems have recently been discovered in Apple’s iOS and Androids, showing that this is not the privilege of any company, but they are important as they are detected and remedied when companies advise their customers as part of a recall, but this is not done.
The safety aspects are not few, but should also include: protection and data encryption, protection against malware (viruses), managing and monitoring operational risk.


Smartphone with face of Google

03 Aug

Motorola Mobile, which was sold to Google in the amount of $ 12, 5 million, MotoXhas two years after its first unit of this new phase: the Moto X.

It has Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 2,200 mAh battery with autonomy of 13 hours of talk time and can reach 48 hours of use, with no new charge.

The memory is 2 GB of RAM, as versions of 16 GB or 32 GB storage, 4.7-inch screen, rear camera shoots 2 megapixels and has 10 mega in front, makes shooting with 1080p resolution cameras in transeira and is activated moving the unit, admits 4G connectivity.

Among the new applications include the Motorola Connect, which allows you to use various functions of the devices through the browser Migrate Google and Motorola, which lets you move data such as photos, videos, music, contacts and aparelhe chip, and records call and SMS.

The unit can be customized by the user and its launch is scheduled for the end of August in the U.S.A., Canada and Latin America, there the price of $ 199.


Security and privacy in Social Networking

02 Aug

Security and privacy are not the same thing, actually often safe (governments and companies want)PrivacidadSegurança can work against privacy, see the case Snowden.

The security fundamentally depends on the companies that provide social networking and governments here do not exclude anyone, we should recognize the rights of citizens.

The right to privacy is some of all human life, not just social networks, ever thought of someone opening a letter from you, even if someone in the family?

The privacy in social networks is old, two years ago, the social networking users had a choice of cryptographic key called TLS (Transport Layer Security), which can be clearly seen with the appearance of “https” in the Web address, URL browsers.

TLS is the successor to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), it is a system key “public” encryption to ensure more privacy in data exchange on both ends of the connection.

All who work in the area are aware that there is much work to do, but the first users to be aware that they have to maintain your privacy, organizing publication criteria and visibility of your messages and then using appropriate techniques.