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The network, the internet and the Web

31 May

Were years of the Cold War, the ongoing tension between the communist world led by the Soviet Union and the capitalist world led by the U.S., and the first idea of the electronic network was not having a central command so that he could keep the links in the event of destruction of some points by a war between the two blocks in tension.

So the network should be mounted without a central command, a system in which all points (network nodes) had autonomy and where the data transmitted in any direction or order not to lose the contents, the project was outlined ARPAnet Paul Baran, designed by Agency Advanced Research Projects (Advanced Research Projects Agency) of the U.S. government.

But the network went out of military control in 1970 and crisscrossed four U.S. universities, but in the next 4 years the number grew to 40. The exchange of messages and files becomes possible, and universities launch several projects, among them, the Project Gutenberg Michael Hart with the publication of books, the University of Illinois in 1971.

That same year, it created the first commercial network in the U.S., Telenet, as an access service.
The name has been used only in Internet 1982. In 1983, Vinton Cerf and Khan create the network communication protocol, TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol), the common basis of instructions and codes used by all computers connected to the network today.

But the Web as an application protocol only arrived in 1991, with the hypertext system, prophesied by Ted Nelson years before, and now implemented by Tim Berners-Lee, came the Web, the World Wide Web

Thus the metaphor of the network becomes years later an electronic means of communication the internet, and in the 90s a mode of communication between billion person who is the Web

Social networks were only possible within this universe of hypertext with the Internet as a medium.


Communication, Noosphere y Corpus Christi

30 May

The idea that the universe has a soul or a spirit, (noon – mind or soul), bring new thinking about the meaning of our being, thinking that the current philosophy already hosts, as in Morin:

“The noosphere is not only the means driver / messenger of human knowledge. Also produces the effect of a fog screen between the cultural world, which advances surrounded by clouds, and the world of life. Thus, we find a paradox largest ever faced: what makes us communicate is at the same time, which prevents us from communicating. “(MORIN, 2001).

In etymological terms, religion is what the “reconnection”, ie, that which impels us to communicate with each other in the Christian meaning, what leads us to “Love one another” and that is exactly what we relink the Noosphere, in Teilhard Chardin who coined this word, it is precisely this communication Love (the uppercase agape) we “reconnected” to the Other and the entire cosmos, which to him, a Catholic priest, is the cosmic Christ, his whole cosmic body connecting everyone and everything.

So all Being ontic and the universe are connected to the Supreme Being who is the Being in essence, and just this Being that impels us to communicate, to express this “rewiring” the Other and the Cosmos.

Dreams and visions of Juliana of Liège of Belgium (1193-1258) expressed his Paraco and future Pope Urban IV, who created the date of Corpus Christi, maybe worth rereading for an idea of ​​world-society for which society moves current through the fog, and a cosmos increasingly known and mysterious at the same time.

“MORIN, E. O método 4: As ideias: habitat, vida, costumes, organização. RS: Sulina, 2001.


Lei de Moore tem obstáculos

29 May

Moore’s Law was first established in 1965 by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel in 1968 and in 1975 became an executive of the company.

The original article on the law, published in electronics in 1965, was focused on economic aspects related to the cost per transistor, previous technology and scale of the new technology that was the scale of the printed circuit board (SI), which grew from small-scale integration (SSI) to medium scale (MSI), then in the 70’s came to a large scale (LSI).

But now make chips smaller and smaller, keeping pace with Moore’s Law may be more difficult today than it was last year, said William Holt, executive vice president and general manager of Technology Manufacturing Group at Intel, in a speech Jeffries Global Conference on Technology, Media and Telecom in the second week of May, and reported in PC World.

“We are closer to an end than we were five years ago? Course. But are we to the point where we can actually predict the effect, we do not think so. We are confident that we will continue to provide the basic building blocks that allow improvements in electronic devices, “said Holt.

Intel still has the manufacturing technology industry’s most advanced chip today, but it was necessary to build many new factories to new process chips, using new materials such as tungsten and Germanium (Ge) to achieve the scale of 90 to 65 nanometers, and more recently the high-k metal gates, 45 nm and 32 nm.

The technologies below 22 nm (called Silvermont) already work with 3D structures but the future must be of graphene and quantum chips, to walk in walking speed that Moore’s law.


A post turns movie

28 May


The story began at lunchtime James Erwin of Rome, Sweet Rome when he took time off to write a story imagining of soldiers, but only a few centuries before, fighting against the Roman soldiers.RomeSweetRome
The text for the blog was around 13h, 17h and had over 250,000 people reading your story.
But do not stop there one week a call from a Hollywood producer, and in just seven days signed a contract with Warner Brothers to turn the story into a screenplay for the big screen.
He did not disclose the value of the contract, says only a “ridiculous amount of money” and thinks that the minimum for the script will be $ 110,000.
The story of a part of everyday American sailor who along with his battalion, is in the middle of a battle against the empire of Augustus, told Financal Times.
The question is whether a success on the Web can be successful on the big screen, but uncompensated.


Google and Facebook compete Waze

27 May

The Israeli startup Waze company already has two formidable competitors vying Web acquisition: the giants Google and Facebook.Waze

The novelty of this software that gives the map and indicates the traffic is communication between users, so if there was an accident or there is a checkpoint pathways is the user knowing.

The navigation system captures data satellite Waze, and acquired great popularity, which is generating a bidding war with the company’s Facebook and Google, the site reported Bloomberg.

The Waze developed navigation application using social networking features, and is interested in values ​​above $ 1 billion and is receiving expressions of various candidates for purchase.

Other information reported by the media claimed that Facebook held talks to buy Waze for up to $ 1 billion, then the business‘re near.


Amazon began selling Kindle HD

24 May

Amazon began selling on Thursday the tablet Kindle Fire HD in two versions of 8.9 inches and 7 inches, among 170 countries included, according to Mashable, are the U.S.A., UK, Germany, KindleFireHDFrance, Spain, Italy and Japan, but Brazil stands out.

But the device will only be delivered from June 13, according to the website the 7-inch device costs $ 214 without shipping, since the 8.9-inch costs U.S. $ 284. had a high of 22% in revenues in the first quarter, jumping to $ 16.07 billion, due primary to higher sales of digital content services in cloud computing and gains in its core retail business: books.

Here, the options continue to be the traditional Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite which costs R$ 479, being the model of e-reader most advanced in the Brazil.


Facebook: more adults fewer young

23 May

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, made ​​with 802 young Americans between 12 and 17 years, young people are bothering with the excessive number of posts and the “drama” in the social network, which in their interpretation is due to the presence of adults.FaceEyes

The study found that a liking for Facebook, youth is precisely the posts “futile” friends on the social network, and secondly there is a concern with the need to manage your reputation online, looking at comments about her.

Now most of the adolescents interviewed were more happy with the use of tools like Twitter and Instagram, reporting that they can express themselves better in those platforms, indicating some already obsolescence Facebook.

Facebook still claim that because the network is a place where there.


Yahoo buys Tumblr

22 May

The Yahoo´s CEO Marissa Mayer announce it officially the purchase of Tumblr by Yahoo for $ 1 1 billion (over R $ 2 Billion).

Mayer explained that Tumblr is experiencing a very good time, and Yahoo promisesYahooTumblr

to “not screw up”, referring to the contents of free videos and audios very accessible and Brazil is the second largest country of access to the site, after the United States.

Tumblr was launched in 2007 for the publication of texts, images, links, videos and audios in a microblog format.
Grown rapidly and now has 107 million microblogging platform with over 300 million monthly unique visitors and 120,000 registrations per day.

Tumblr has 175 employees, published in 12 languages​​, claims to have 107.9 million blogs and 50.7 billion of publications, while Yahoo founded in 1994 has 11 500 employees.

The purchase reflects concern with stiff competition from Google, the company grew 36% in the first quarter of 2013, on March 31 tallied U.S. $ 390.3 million, up from $ 286.3 million in the same period of 2012 but their ad revenue fell 11% in the quarter to $ 455 million, and gains on search engine fell 10% to $ 425 million.


Sony launches campaign for Brasil Confederations Cup

21 May

It has become common place on football fields have a white SonyCopashirt under the team´s shirt with a soundbite, Sony proposes that each launched a special model of the Xperia that works under water, your customers bolem a sentence like if it was a player and you write two sentences will win a ticket to the final.
To compete you must access this link and fill in the data, registrations will be accepted until May 3.

The results will be announced on May 6 on the Sony Mobile fanpage on Facebook.

The waterproof model called Xperia ZR can reach up to 1.5 meters and the machine takes pictures with his camera of 13 megapixels Magnus Malmberg.

The smartphone launched in Tokyo on the last Monday of water can be under 30 minutes, and you can get underwater photos of good resolution, since the device uses technology HDR (High Dynamic Range) that improves the quality of videos and photos .


New blog design and Noosphere

20 May

 This posting is celebrating the launch of the new design of the blog and websiteNoosphere (the picture above  is digital art of Tatiana Plakhova).

 Just as there are the biosphere, developed over millions of years around the terrestrial sphere, according to Teilhard de Chardin, the man emerged as a single species in the biosphere on Earth, breathing in a atmosphere, but subject to a kingdom “neither more nor less than a “sphere” – the Noosphere (or sphere thinking) about coextensively imposed-on (but the more connected and homogeneous) the Biosphere “(Chardin, 1997, p. 102).

Chardin describes the development of the Noosphere in two phases one occupation Biosphere, extension or as he calls it, where “swells in the first half of the path (to the equator [he thinks the poles to the center]) … a very similar pace, proceeds historically the establishment of the Noosphere “(Chardin, 1997, p. 103), and only lately … appearing in the World is the first symptoms folding definitive and global mass thinking inside a hemispherical top … “(Chardin, 1997, p. 104) and says that the first phase had three distinct characteristics:” Settlement, Civilization, Individualization “(idem).

This movement of contraction, which he called “planetarization” in raises “a fear reflected essential element before a whole, apparently blind, whose immense layers bend over it as if to absorb much alive … as Life, after lead us by the hand into the light, it dropped back, exhausted? “(Chardin, 1997, p. 126).
“From this point of view … no room in the eyes that our fears of ‘dehumanization by planetarization’ are exaggerated, because that planetarization that both frightens us is no more (judging by its effects) that the authentic and direct continuation of the evolutionary process that historically came out type human zoo? (Chardin, 1997, p. 127).

Chardin reaffirms his certainty that the complex “economic, technical, scientific and social” … “Behaves like a body that radiates, irradiation being formed by a free energy, the nature and transformations must be the subject of a brief study” (Chardin, 1997, p. 130).

CHARDIN, Teilhard. O lugar do homem na natureza. Lisboa: Instituto Piaget , 1997.