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Looking out and looking in – the universe of information

04 Jun

Today the aberture talk of 5th QQML  (Roma, Italy) is “Looking out and looking in – the universe of information”, of Lynne Marie Rudasill.

Lynne Rudasill is Associate Professor of Library Administration QQMLand the Center for Global Studies Librarian in Illinois University.

In his sites said: “Globalization is a consequence of the increasingly rapid world-wide transmission of information. Global Studies Informatics, Media, and Communications (GTS) research explore new information technologies; dissemination of public and private information using new forms of media and social communication networks; governmental policies; and social and political and security impacts”.

GTS-LIS is the top-ranked library school in the nation, and the University Library is the largest public university research library in the United States. With her colleague, Barbara Ford, Director of the Mortenson Center for International Librarianship, Lynne currently teaches an undergraduate global studies course “The Power of Information in Development,” which provides a multidisciplinary and information-intensive approach to the study of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.