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Spring in Egypt and new start-ups

29 Jun

The Arab Spring in Egypt that overthrew the Mubarak, in power 30 years, and the impact EgyptRevof communication has also led to inspire young Egyptians creative initiatives in business, which is called start-up, as the BBC News.

Even the idea of ​​brick by brick, as was common in the palestinian uprisings using stones, was now changed bit-by-bit by the use of social networks to defend themselves.

But Mubarak came to cut the communications of protesters, then came to the fore ideas of collaboration and the power of crowd (crowdsourcing) to support the protests.

An example was the use of Bluetooth, which must be done within 20 feet, but the demonstrations in Cairo Tahrir Square used the known and then were all close, but still remained one last problem: the information must be decoded.

A young man named Mohammad Omara, designer of semiconductor chips, made ​​an application which used no decoding, and then communication within a radius of 300 meters (Bluetooth better than normal) was possible, was created XoneBee.
Many other ideas have emerged as the platform Nafham, which in Arabic means “we understand” who developed a teaching model mass, which is new education platform.

The people’s back streets, the government elected by popular vote became authoritarian and manipulative.