Arquivo para July 1st, 2013

News of manifestations today

01 Jul

Brazil won the World Confederation Cup, but the demonstrations outside and even within the field were carefully “edited” by the free channels, but the intervals were all flooded with advertisements government.

The reason was to give an anesthetic in the demonstrations, since they are confirmed over 4 million protesters as site.

This d’ont encounter en great midia,  only in social netwoks.

MaracassoManifestation in final Play of Cup.


The hashtags coming to Facebook

01 Jul

The statistics from the beginning of the demonstrationsCalorBrasil shows a growth of Facebook, which at first did not reach 8% while 90% had Twiiter now indexes indicate that 70.4% of the messages are on Twitter and 29.6% on Facebook between 19 to June 21, made ​​by the group Maquina/ Brandviewer.

The group mantaining the “temperature map” about manifestations.

For these numbers, you can understand the proportion social networks have already taken in the dissemination of street protests throughout Brazil, rportadas by volunteers who use these technological tools.
The main reason is advancing since the demand for more information and opinions, as Twitter messages are made short and direct, with “hashtags” that indicate a focus, as vemprarua #, # ogiganteacordou, # acordabh (on this Facebook page) and others; posting on Facebook can be mayores.