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Authoritarian government is overthrown in Egypt

03 Jul

President Mohamed Mosy although democraticallyMorsyDeposto elected, was having authoritarian attitudes in Egypt and was ousted on Wednesday after an evolution of events in the country, fo installed the head of the highest court of the country as interim leader, announce various news agencies .

General Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said it was fulfilling its “historical responsibility” to protect the country expelling Mohamed Morsy, the Islamic leader educated in the West and was elected a year ago.

Morsy failed to meet demands to share power with the people and with opponents who crowded the streets of Cairo, and the crowd exploded when the announcement when the announcement was made of the deposition.Prior to the statement, the troops took key positions around the city and surrounded a manifestation of followers of Morsy in a Cairo suburb.


Altavista search engine pioneer is disabled

03 Jul

Next Monday (08/07) the Altavista search engineAltavistaUS pioneer with 18 years of existence is turned off, it has  mainpage in USA and has been very popular.

They were popular in the 90s also Lycos, Infoseek and Yahoo.

It was created when the Web was born and the Internet had in twenty in 1995, but changed owners several times, the creator Digital (DEC, Digital Equipment Corporation) was purchased by Compaq in 1998, when it was bought by HP changed hands.

HP sold vovo search for Oberture, which in the same year was bought by Yahoo in 2003.
With this the search giant’s empire grows stronger, though not lacking critical and semantics, relevance and volume of Google searches.