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Forum of Free Software speak about manifestations

05 Jul

The 14th edition of the International Free Software Forum (FISL) that began on TuesdayFISL-14 (3/7) in Porto Alegre (RS-Brasil) also made references of manifestations of the streets in Brasil.

Already in the opening FISL coordinator Ricardo Fritsch, used the slogan of the demonstrations used the phrase “it is not for 20 cents” and completed it with “but by free software.”
Although it seems small compared to even thinking about the heavy use that was made of social networks, one of Marco Manzoni initial speeches said: “Social networks discuss these problems for a long time. We are now hearing because there was the role of people into the streets, “but in many networks have been circulating information in a transparent manner.

The forum is held at the Convention Center at PUC / RS (Porto Alegre), with more than 500 activities including courses, workshops, lectures and debates and ends Saturday (6/7).