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Facebook is a monster surveillance

08 Jul

Even taking attitude of privacy, users should take care that we are still subject to security issues

in the tool, the use of states and companies.nsaVigilance

Who said this was Richard Stallman, founder and supporter of Free Software in the International Free Software Forum (FISL) in Porto Alegre that ended last Saturday.

Stallman his lecture on Friday at FISL in Porto Alegre (Brasil), insisted that the Web is only useful if it is free.

What Facebook did to Stallman, by allowing the use of the data, it was an eyesore to allow monitoring of the data stores of its users, and added: “And so I strongly suggest you do not use.”

“But as a surveillance system, the web is very dangerous,” said Stallman, and stands against almost every kind of delivery of personal data to institutions, and mentioned the recent scandal of mass surveillance of NSA american agency.

Creator of the vicious circle of free software to create the GPL (GNU Public License), which all use free software to free software maner.
He was the creator of GNU, Unix like operating system that gave rise to Linux, and stated that digital surveillance is a strategy of the government to the citizens stop watching public institutions. “We learn what the government does when someone complains. If the government can track digitally anyone who will (have courage) report?” he concluded.
The enemies of free software claim that it is detrimental to the economic system, but it is actually harmful to private and public companies who want to control public opinion and the economy more broadly.

Brazil is one of the most watched, the data indicate.