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Funk protests on social networks

09 Jul

The newspapers of the elite media gave little notes, after all the music Funk is not disclosed even pocahontasrespected, but the death of the young Mc Daleste (20 years, murdered in last saturday) was so protested on social networks: Facebook wrote that sugarcane Mc Buru the song “Look how we’re “, and “What nonsense, in a few days the MC will have to sing with a microphone in one hand and [weapon] in another unlocked automatically. How many evil rest in Peace”, he wrote.

Others who wrote on Facebook were Mc Dingo: “One more representative of the funk that was. Will understand what is going on in the minds of those who do these things. Life is full of surprises, good and bad unfortunately. Daleste, rest in peace. Eternal longing. For family members and closest friends I leave my condolences. miss hundred, kid singing very much! It is in faith, “and another opined that the network was MC Doug do Quarenta:” We´s is MC, but we’re also a father, son. Funk calls for Peace”, and added:” The funk is eternal mourning. ”

Júlio César Ferreira, or MC Neguinho da Caxeta, was targeted by four shots in june last year,  wrote on Twitter: “Mourning Mc Daleste! The Funk asks Peace “, contradicting the official voice of the media who say preach violence and Mc Guine explains the revolt:” How many MCs are gone and how many more will die need to take an interim, our only weapon is the microphone. Justice “he wrote on his Twitter profile.

A great tribute came from Mc Pocahontas (in Instagran image with Mc Daleste), codenamed the singer Viviane Queiroz, wrote on Twitter: “Very shaken. A person with a huge heart and super sweetheart left us. Go with God, Dani! God comfort our hearts, but forget there’s no way. My friend, rest in peace … I love you. ” MC Rodolfinho made ​​a proposal, after mentioning the expression “the giant awoke” (last song of Mc Daleste): “Let’s make the move ‘Funk woke up.’ ” (words used in brazilian manifestations – giant woke up (the brazilian people).