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Making clouds secure

10 Jul

Cloud computing means outsourcing computing tasks over the Internet, which on one hand can give users home computer processing power and unprecedented that small businesses can use Web services more sophisticated, without building huge banks data servers.

But precisely this outsourcing can lead to huge security problems, since the cloud is treated as a condominium, as can happen cite the article by MIT presented in International Symposium on Computer Architecture, assuming a set of cloud servers can be running 1,000 simultaneous applications to customers, without the knowledge of the exact web hosting service that is provided, such an application has another purpose, to spy on the other 999.

In International Symposium on Computer Architecture recently happened in June, the MIT researchers described a new type of secure hardware component called Ascend, mixing patterns of memory access to a server, which makes it impossible in the case of an attacker infer the data that is stored.

But perhaps only powerful companies and governments are able to use this, what they discuss is who can control and do not control the informal is cool, see how all states treat Snowden, who made the initial complaint data: some country will receive him?


But the solution in Brazil is the Brazilian satellite launch two submarine cables and the installation of a Federal Internet Exchange (FIE) International, here are things like na expensive things.