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Social Network and brazilian manifestations

13 Jul

With a reflection on the manifestations, although some still marked, is the time gains and losses,RedesSociaisManifestacoes you can feel that the company has won, but the fight is still long to moralize Brazilian politics, combat impunity and corruption and democratize democracy.

Social networks used in most manifestations were: that Facebook has 70 million users in Brazil, which was used to summon demonstrations, group news and facts, photos and videos. One of the important uses were the lawyers who created a page to defend protesters arrested.

Twitter is a micro-blog that allows short texts with up to 140 characters, was used in demonstrations for messages, photos and links, was used to complaints and one of the highlights was the call for first aid, such as what happened at Augusta Street in São Paulo at the beginning of the demonstrations.


For sending messages are used hash-tags (labels) with a start symbol #, the most used in number of followers (people who follow that tag and its messages) were: #vemprarua, # ogiganteacordou, # ProtestoBR, #PasseLivre , # ProtestoRJ (the Rio de Janeiro),  #ProtestoSP (São Paulo), # ProtestoCE, #ProtestoBH , # BelémLivre,  #ProtestoDF and, besides many others of course. The number of followers ranged in June, but some of these hash-tags have exceeded 100 000.
Youtube is the largest video site in the world, have been used to post videos amateurs, and there were even almost simultaneous transmissions, there was a video of a cop car breaking glass itself has reached over 1 million views.

Instragram to much used in manifestations too.