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The citizenry and the crowd

16 Jul

The essential concept of citizen, went to Hobbes, in thepeopleCrowd design of the citizenry (which expresses an opinion or an ideology nowadays) was simplified as a unit, as if it were a single body with one will, so most sociologists will use binary settings (although it is intended to analog), as with the people or against either left or right, but the crowd has multiple nature, although it may converge.

Crowd with a political concept was first used by Machiavelli, but the really important concept was promoted by the philosopher Spinoza, Leibniz and somehow that differed from the notion of people of Hobbes, a notion used by sociology and politics to the present day.

The very concept of multitude is multiple, is the definition of socialist Crowd Hardt and Negri printed in contemporary book of that name, is a conservative view PEE century, Gustave Le Bon, quoted by James Surowiecki in “The Wisdom of Crowds “Editora Record, 2006 or crowdsourcing by Jeff Howe (Wired).

But the crowd practice, which is on the streets and using the various social networking tools (facebook, youtube, twitter and Instagram) which appears to refer to the definitions technological Jeff Howe (“The Power of the crowd, Campus, 2nd. Ed. 2008) or Manuel Castells’ Network Society “(Paz e Terra, brazilian edition, 1999) actually  the streets to escape all these concepts because what emerges is a new anthropology, where every citizen expresses himself freely and rejects all munipulação and new media are a tool for this.

The closest thing that can be thought is an brazilian intellectual and geologist “Milton Santos” with a concept he called “trans-individuality” and which has a real answer to globalization that produces only “verticality” states: “The current trend is that the places unite vertically and all is done to it, everywhere. International credits are made available to the poorest countries to allow networks to be established in the service of big capital. But everywhere [and people] also can be joined horizontally rebuilding that base of common life may create local standards, regional standards. “(p. 260) The return of the territory. In Territorio e movimentos. Osal Ano VI # 16 January-April, 2005.

But while the logic of power, we has two options side A or B, both away from the crowd.