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Critics rushed Technology

23 Jul

Critics of technology always show the same thing: ratothe danger of the new look.
So with graphene, which is a novelty that has caught on and is being well with Google Glass, novelty that neither reached the market.

Not adopted 3D technology because it is still early and the latest news indicate that it did not fall in public taste, so decide in the crowd know what is new and what is just a novelty consumer.

A proof of this is that the British broadcaster BBC last week announced the suspension of all your problems in 3D, with a very simple reason: there is public.

A few weeks ago came the news that ESPN will close its 3D channel in the United States.

But these are not the only ones, we can enumerate: the Maps App Apple’s Ultrabook Vizio, Nokia Lumia 900, the payment system Google Wallet and Lytro Camera, not to mention the Microsoft Surface that have not yet spawned, all only in 2012.
The list is longer, but that is not what matters, what is important is that new developments that may fail or fail does not depend on “propaganda against” but popular taste.