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England ban porn sites

25 Jul

Announced on Monday last  week (22/07), and now it is an effective measure that all StopPornoweb transactions will create a filter that will prevent standard users access porn sites, the campaign was already taken by NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).

This was announced by Prime Minister David Cameron and aims to prevent children from accessing these sites, and the measure will cost retroactively, ie also for customers and companies that already have sites for some time and the deadline will be the end of 2014.

Observing the reaction of British newspapers and magazines so far seem to naturally accept a government measure, Cameron said in a speech that “By the end of this year, new broadband internet users will have the filter installed automatically,” Cameron said in a speech.

The Guardian finds difficult to measure but recognizes the inefficiency of the family to take care of the issue, said in the news 3rd. Wednesday (24/07): “Meanwhile, we are left with software filters, which are expensive and difficult to work on newer devices such as tablets and smartphones. Or parental intervention, it is difficult and time consuming. ”

The Daily Telegraph has fully backed the measure citing the minister “He put Google and other companies a deadline of October, when they will be called to Downing Street to make their plans to ‘obliterate this stuff disgusting the net'” using the words of the Minister .

The Independent, uses the word in an academic Prof. Dr. Paul Bernal, University College of Law in East Anglia, suggests that the measure will not be effective for images of child abuse, stating that “Plans like these, worthy as they seem, do not seem to me likely to be somewhat effective”, he said.
But newspapers understand that media is intended only protect children, allowing any pornography “light” finally expect to see in practice who want to use these sites will ask the operators to identify and tell your age.