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Instagram is causing envy and depresses

29 Jul

The survey is the author Jessica Winter, and was published in Slate, in U.S.A., Instagramwhere she exhibited her arguments in a work done in collaboration Humboldt University, Berlin, in research that relates Social Networks and envy.

The conclusion is very striking, according to Jessica people get depressed to see the success of others, whether they are friends or acquaintances.

The first reason is that the photos are the envy at seeing the success or happiness in photographs of people known because most of the time the photos illustrate success, wealth or movements of some wonderful people.

Looking at pictures of other people, even if not known, feel more unhappy when they see people who have a wonderful life and compared them.

The researcher Hanna Krasnova, Humboldt University, Berlin, says that there is a “spiral of envy,” she says “There are signs more explicit than implicit to see that a person is happy, rich and successful in a picture [is more influential] than from a status update, “because” a picture can result in immediate social comparison, and it can trigger feelings of inferiority. You do not envy the news, “says Hanna.
Of course this is favored by a competitive society and whose value is the status.