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Facebook and relevance of news

26 Aug

Facebook and relevance of news Facebook announced on its blog post thatNewFeed had your News Feed´s algorithm modified to highlight the “quality” of the news, your News Feed.

Earlier this month, the “Face” had announced the change in the news feed algorithm, which decides which system should prioritize the publications page of social network users, was promised to improve the way that old posts will reappear in the feed Facebook.

The grade of the post says: “The system uses thousands of different factors such as the frequency with which the content of a particular page is reported as low quality (for example, hiding a publication), how complete the profile page and as the fan base of a page overlaps the base of a page known as a high quality, “says the post explaining the novelty.

The change was made based on users questions, ask where the relevance of content, reliability of supply, the desire to share om friends and complain if he saw that content in your feed.
The login is also undergoing change where the user can decide on its contents and determine whether to publish them.