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More future shock

28 Sep

We see a world that is increasingly globalized , i.e., a world that sees itself as the world knows thatFuture the problems and conflicts in countries previously remote now the corner of a ” maps” .

Written in 1970 , Toffler seemed to foresee the problems we have in our day to day at school :

” Consider, for example , the contrast between the ways that today’s schools deal of space and time. All students in almost all schools are carefully helped to locate themselves in space . Have to study geography . Maps , atlases and globes help us to be aware of their location in space . [ … ] However, when it comes to locating the child in time you preach a match cruel and harmful. Mergulhamo it as possible in the past of their country and in the world : you have to study the ancient Greece and Rome , the advent of feudalism , the French Revolution , etc. . ; [ … ] And then time stops . The school is about the changes tomorrow . [ … ] [ P . 415 ] for short time , the student’s attention is directed backwards and not forwards . The future , now banned from the classroom, is also banished from his consciousness , like a non-existent thing , as if there were no future. ” ( Toffler , 1970 , p . 414-415 ) .

Adds the difficulties of literature to prepare the student for the front, but does not ignore the critical sense , which of course , fundamental to the demands of change :

“We have a literature of the future for use in these courses , but we have about the future of literature , literature that is not only the great utopias but also in contemporary science fiction . Science fiction is taken into account low as inferior literature , and perhaps deserves this critical disdain . However , if we consider it as a kind of sociology of the future , rather than as literature , science fiction is of very great value , as it is a force that instills in the brain the habit of anticipation ” ( Toffler , 1970 , p . 417) .

It is not only technological problems , a culture for this ” world company ” , the political, ethical and religious , the culture of collaboration and peace ( have a culture increasingly belligerent ) and especially the idea that we can see tolerance , respect for differences and commons: oceans, air ,nature and the house itself is all that the planet .

What was the future in 1970 is now present, is that education is within the reach of this ?