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Berners – Lee supports DRM to html5

07 Oct

One of the strengths of Web formats is also becoming a standard for textual formats , the html5 , drmHTML5however to be a free format could be difficult to control the DRM ( Rights of copies ), but Tim Berners – Lee said that this can be controlled .

The news came out in Zdnet thus proposed extensions to encrypted media ( EME , Encrypted Media Extensions ) will be placed in the next HTML extensions due to criticism from various groups and activists on digital rights .
Earlier this year , 27 organizations , including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Free Software Foundation , considered the proposed specification above as “disastrous ” by claiming they would change HTML to encourage the use of DRM .

According to the CEO of the group : ” We do not walk to standardize DRM systems owners , but on the other hand we do not want it to be deleted from the Web platform .”

EME have a hook for audio , video and other content within the HTML , providing support for digital rights management within the HTML which would prevent unauthorized copies , for example, movie studios and musicians , and could even automatically remove Web content
The EME specification describes an application programming interface ( API ) that interact with a DRM-protected file as the media used , and a first version of an editor was published by the working group to draft a HTML editor , but not yet approved by the W3C consortium .

To facilitate the group is : ” a commitment to a set of open APIs that provide a standard framework to bring this content via plug -in , but does not wish to standardize the plug -in ” , so that the structure remains open to developers .

The idea is good because it gives the option to open a Web preserve the copyright, in what is most basic to the web is the new standard html5 .