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Interactive map shows deforestation

18 Nov

The map developed by researchers at the University of Maryland, USA, shows the evolution of global deforestation dataAFloresta since 2000, the Global Forest Change.

The application is available online for free, and the data on the map of Brazil clearly show that deforestation advances in the Midwest, Amazon, Pará and northeastern.

Data were collected from 350,000 images collected by the Landsat 7 and the data of the largest deforestation include Malaysia, Indonesia, Paraguay and Angola.

According to Matthew Hansen, Maryland professor who heads the project: “This is the first map of forest change that is consistent globally, and also under the relevant local aspect”, and hopefully an awareness overall.

The world can be seen as a whole in many ways, is a society-world.


Rise of smartphone and WiFi

16 Nov

The rise of smartphone adoption has been rapid device market millstone stable in five years reached 1Smartphones million, now two years has reached 2 million, report of Ericson says.

The growth will continue as inexpensive models become more available in emerging markets , this market is that Motorola / Google is eyeing the Moto G, already launched in Brazil and another on price and user who did not migrate .

The data networks of the world also come to expand to keep up the demand for data that is already big plus is expanding, the problem is the connection.

But current analysis , such as the EcommerceTimes  says 90 % of the world population will be covered by WCDMA / HSPA in 2019 , i.e. WiFi network , and even more , 65 percent will be covered by 4G/LTE networks , will the Brazil too?

LTE connections in North America will surpass all other parts of the world , according to a forecast from the site , will reach 85 % coverage by 2019 .


Realities and fantasies of Web 3.0

14 Nov

In November 2006 , John Markoff wrote in the New York Times , using the term Web 3.0 , saying that she would find Web3.0new ways of mining human intelligence : ” From the billions of documents that form the World Wide Web (WWW) and the links that bind them, computer scientists and a growing group of new businesses … ” (see New York Times).

Definitions vary enough from those who think the customization features to the Semantic Web and barrel , from costumes like Conrad Wolfram thinks that Web 3.0 will be the place where ” the computer will generate new information ” , even pessimistic as Andrew Keen ( the Cult of the Amateur) you see in Web 3.0 a return to experts and authorities , calling it ” unrealisable abstraction ” , the idea of ​​connecting and organizing information on the Web

Consider a text actually founding text of James Handler , published in IEEE Computer January 2009 : ” Web 3.0 emerging ” on to explain that after countless laps around the Semantic Web technology has finally found that can help her accomplish – themselves.

The article explains the technology integrated into the emerging Semantic Web are already starting to produce results, from basic applications using RDF description ( in the description of resources, link data from multiple Web sites using a standard language SQL , the SPARQL query that RDF to connections that are ready in XML or OWL ontologies .

Far from being utopian , so the scenario of the Semantic Web is now real and results .


Crystal Superman´memories is created

13 Nov

A team of researchers from the University of Southamptom , UK , created a crystal capable of storing digitalCristalSuperHomem information in five dimensions , beyond the three conventional space , plus two extras using nanostructures ( structures at the level of the atom in the order of 10-9 meter) .

These devices can reach the capacity of 360TB of data stored , equivalent to one million times larger than a CD , for example , 360 GB , assuming it has a display device and projection, one childhood memory of Superman, would practically possible now .

Because of the similarity with the film , the device is already called “crystal memory of Superman ” because the crystals resembles memory movie Superman .

According to Professor project supervisor , Pete Kazansky : it is ” exciting to think that was created the first ‘ document ‘ able to survive the human race ” as this ” this technology can store the latest evidence of civilization : what has been learned will not be forgotten ” , and under normal conditions will keep the information for 1 million years .

The paper ‘5D Data Storage by Ultrafast Laser Nanostructuring in Glass’ was presented in Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO’13) in San Jose.


Launch of Moto G, Motorola in São Paulo

12 Nov

The worldwide launch of Moto G, Motorola, Google will be in Sao Paulo next 13 days, and both the specificationMotoG as the face of the device has leaked on the internet, showing a concern for the Brazilian market.

The device is a cheaper version and less potent Moto X, are the first two models launched by Google from the purchase of Motorola Mobile.

The appliance will specification with quad-core S4 Pro 1.5 GHz, 8 GB versions or 216 GB and 8 megapixel camera and 4-inch screen, 720p resolution, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Android 4.3 1950 mAh battery.

The photo on twitter @ evleaks empty, also appeared on the website TechTudo, and expected a price under $ 1000 (U$ 250), since the more sophisticated model MotoX was released to R $ 1,700, but that soon fell to R $ 1,400 (U$ 220).

The event will take place in a large mal in São Paulo, starting at 11 am from Brazil (9 hours in USA-lest) and will be broadcast on Google website.


10,000 people died in the typhoon

11 Nov

A typhoon that hit the entire coast of the Philippines killed more than 10,000 people, andoTifon now the country may have problem water and food .
Amid the rubble of the city airport Tocloban , the hardest hit , it set up a makeshift hospital where patients are treated without anesthesia and to a lot of people are desperate to leave the region .

The Hurricane Haiyan , accompanied by winds of up to 315 km / h , recalled the destruction caused by the 2004 tsunami in Asia .

According to Sebastian Rhodes Stampa , head of the UN team in charge of disaster management ” presented great destruction ( … ) The last time I saw something like that was during the Indian Ocean tsunami ” that left 220,000 dead in 2004 .

In Samar , the gateway to the typhoon in the country on Friday , confirmed the death of at least 300 people in the small town of Basey , and other 2000 are missing across the island , the typhoon will now toward Vietnam although lost strength.


Towards privacity in internet

09 Nov

aQuanticEnvelopeApparently , the big problem of the networks , preserving data privacy is becoming a possibility, something like putting in an “envelope ” and ensure that it is not open is being researched .

The work using quantum cryptography is being done by researchers from Cambridge University say they have achieved a breakthrough in quantum cryptography , using a system that can be encoded and then decoded safely , according to ” This is the first time that the commitment bit perfectly safe, using only the laws of physics and nothing else , has been demonstrated ” .

The tests were done using encrypted data between Geneva and Singapore , with data being kept ” perfectly safe ” around 15 milliseconds , using a protocol called ” bit – commitment.”

Such a system can be a first step towards information networks controlled by totally safe where ” the power of Einstein’s relativity combined gift quantum theory ” , according to the researchers would be a mathematical version of a securely sealed envelope .

The news came out in the online journal of Cambridge and was published in Physical Reviews Letters.


Marco Civil or corporate ?

08 Nov

As we discuss security and privacy in not new Brazilian law , the right of citizens to preserve and MarcoCivilmaintain their data , disseminate their opinions and have a free internet, the corporation struggle to have privileges on the internet and priority access ( this means no internet neutral ) .

It was a great disappointment to see that corporate interests are prevailing , and that the few are powerful interests that will expand your interests : bankers , agro – business and the media owners , who abhor the growing power of social networks .

Ms Erundina was one of the few voices to defend the interests of ordinary citizens who have the right to have some voice from social networks , which leaves owners and media centering desire eager to return to a time that opinion was worth only to them, and also want to centralize media that is quintessential decentralized .

Laws in the U.S. were : ACTA , PIPA and SOPA, who tried to hide aspects and contradictions between technology and politics, democracy and freedom of opinion , now the internet .

Protesters from several states were to Brasilia to try to dialogue with MPs , including Bia Barbosa , who argues in the field of media , and said : ” Several civil society organizations across the country are in Brasilia to dialogue with parliamentarians to ensure that there is freedom of expression , privacy and net neutrality in Marco Civil “, three key issues on the Internet .


Panel digital art

07 Nov

Equipment with a 6 meter possible for panels and public illuminations, Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan, designersaoPainel developed the Pixelstick BitBanger Labs, an outfit consisting de198 colored LEDs within an aluminum box.

The Pixelstick can read digital pictures developed in Photoshop (or other editing program) and creates several different visual effects, allowing even with use of a DSLR camera, draw paintings of light (light paintings) from long exposure times.

Each LED corresponds to a pixel, then the visual effects like animations, paintings and abstract designs in various sizes. Have images that can be 1-198 pixels tall and thousands of pixels wide, with a nice visual effect.

According to information from The Verge, the first equipment will be available in early 2014, but says nothing about costs.


Netflix tests 4K

06 Nov

According to the website TechRunch, the company’s video service online Netflix promises for 2014Resolução and is already testing services resolution videos and movies Ultra HD broadcasts videos of 3840 by 2160 pixels , or 4K .

The service is already being tested this last week with seven videos called ” assessments format ” and are published in the catalog of videos online , but the adoption of this final standard is expected in the year 2014 .

But models of TVs are still expensive in Brazil , the cheapest is the Sony XBR55X905A of 55 inches that costs R$ 13,000 , while the LG LM9600 costs R$ 50,000 .

In the U.S. market there are more models from Sony , Samsung , LG and Toshiba , 39-85 inches and prices range from U$ 699 ( R $ 1.6 ) to U$ 40 000 .

The Netflix site is well organized, has a catalog and you can search for programs by genre , by keywords and save your favorite, is accessible to the Playstation and XBox .