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Professionals and the common person

01 Nov

Jeff Howe to write ” The power of the crowd ” showed the development of Apple and Microsoft showingVovo in chapter 1 that ” in the beginning was all very simple ,” but forgot to Dennis Ritchie , without which there would be neither Apple nor Microsoft , deceased shortly after Stevie Jobs , he had created a language that enabled the development of hobbyists , and later Linux , doing something that could be ” shared ” with the common people , and so someone could develop a microcomputer and software in your home .

Thus , the criticism in ” The Cult of the Amateur ” by Andrew Keen , who also wrote Digital Vertigo , yes it is possible , but not generalize , raging with amateurs clarifies that anyone can publish a blog , post a video on youtube or change a entry in Wikipedia , and yes there is … the years I read newspapers with opinions directed and TVs with canned culture , he protested ?

But listen to others , and try to establish a “consensus ” are not simple things , just the will ” staff person ” , these people reading more and hearing more become more ” professional ” , that many professionals with ” own opinion ” geniuses whose sole reason for being popular is saying what others want to hear , rather, it is easy and unprofessional .

Listen many people , trying to understand the trends of the ” crowd ” and move towards ” consensus ” means listening to many real , loving and giving to many people , not just the powerful, the owners of editorial groups , hearing only the elitism and what what is ” cult ” means an interest in the destination and the dignity of the common person .

Networks can do this , as they are more horizontal , but by no means always do this, after all we have a culture of contempt for the ” common man ” , but I have seen artistic photos on Instagram (see the photo here), interesting videos on youtube and I’m not ashamed to consult Wikipedia , but everything I try to formulate my own idea and concept.