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Towards privacity in internet

09 Nov

aQuanticEnvelopeApparently , the big problem of the networks , preserving data privacy is becoming a possibility, something like putting in an “envelope ” and ensure that it is not open is being researched .

The work using quantum cryptography is being done by researchers from Cambridge University say they have achieved a breakthrough in quantum cryptography , using a system that can be encoded and then decoded safely , according to ” This is the first time that the commitment bit perfectly safe, using only the laws of physics and nothing else , has been demonstrated ” .

The tests were done using encrypted data between Geneva and Singapore , with data being kept ” perfectly safe ” around 15 milliseconds , using a protocol called ” bit – commitment.”

Such a system can be a first step towards information networks controlled by totally safe where ” the power of Einstein’s relativity combined gift quantum theory ” , according to the researchers would be a mathematical version of a securely sealed envelope .

The news came out in the online journal of Cambridge and was published in Physical Reviews Letters.