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Learn what is “selfie”

21 Nov

It was chosen as the word of the year on the internet, and means registering itsOxford presence in a scene with someone or simply a self-portrait.

They were once common in history, self-portraits , but selfie not only became popular , was recorded in the Oxford English dictionary , but within seconds the editors of the dictionary , the term routinely used by people worldwide , has evolved out of one narrow niche of social media for professional use , according to the dictionary , an increase of 17,000 % in 2013 .

The inclusion of the word selfie, in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary came in August , but the paper version is still being evaluated .

Records neologism word 2013, called off the controversial choreography twerk , American singer Miley Cyrus , and also the binge -watch , which means spending a lot of time watching television.

Synthetic meat produced from biological tissue is another neologism , the Schmeat .

Registration in Oxford : selfie ( n.)na photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media.