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Technology in the kitchen

02 Dec

The cut is the main feature of a good cook , and the cutting board is usually your fetish, alreadyChopSyc invented many kinds: board , plastic and glass , but now Siobhan Andrews revolutionized with a board with touch (touchscreen), named Chop Syc , and has won some design competitions , as Engadget site .

Chop-Syc uses a WiFi ( wireless transmission ) system , weigh the ingredients , recipes and suggests measures the exact amount of each item used , who will cook by eyemeter ( measured at the eye) , but knows that certain weight can make a difference in taste .

As is scalable, ie it can multiply as the number of persons,

And beyond the economy according to Siobhan also own the main idea is to simplify the cattail healthy food , getting to be able to add an ingredient to his request for market and may even make a query in online shopping site .

The material is resistant glass , allowing the cut food without any damage to its structure and is also easy to clean.

Well , do not say if you can save recipes , if not , here I leave the suggestion .
Bon appetit ..