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Apps provoke controversy

03 Dec

Officially launched in Brazil for more than two weeks, the Lula application has had over 5 million downloads, but had a great Sheakesparecontroversy, since it allows them to evaluate men in anonymity , and there are already a number of court cases .
Last week, as if in answer to Lulu , another application was announced , now with reviews made ​​by men, Tubby .

The questions are about Lulu humor, manners, ambition, commitment , appearance and can also point out strengths and weaknesses and in the end it gives a score for reviews.

The comments made in the common form of hashtags make references to intimate aspects of reviews and this is one of the most clearly points invasion of privacy.

There is also offensive hashtags like #moreCheaperthanbreadwithegg and other unworthy even to be mentioned, some are pre-set by the application  the users can choose only what they deem most appropriate.

According to the president of the Lawyers Order of Brazil (OAB) of State of Amazonas , Alberto Simonetti, the Constitution preserves the privacy of the individual , and “that kind of anonymity makes it impossible to identify any libel or slander that may happen , it may not subsist “but the unfortunate is the application remain there.

There are already a lot of joke on the web, such as Shakespeare, as a #NerdofTheatre, which has lost many points , but the matter is serious .