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Historic agreement in Bali

09 Dec

The meeting of the WTO (World Trade Organization) in Bali , Indonesia , in four days this firstBali2013 week of December, managed to unlock the Doha Round , a series of meetings initiated in 2001 , aimed to build rules to make more agile commerce between countries and that were stalled since 2008.

Brazilian Roberto Azevedo , took over the reins of the organization in September , oteve also a personal victory , the ambition to improve the performance of its predecessor, Pascal Lamy, who was to make the Doha Round forward .

The Brazilian. director general of the organization , said: “For the first time in its history , the WTO fulfill their promises” and added “We again introduce the word ‘ world ‘ in the World Trade Organization I am very proud .”.

The impasse of Doha were: negotiation among its 159 countries of a package of new rules on liberalization and facilitation of trade – refused the U.S. and Europe to discuss subsidies to their agricultural sectors , which basically is disadvantage for countries in agricultural development.

But Europeans and Americans criticize the resistance from other countries to cede on issues such as liberalization of services sectors , intellectual property protection and the granting of preference to domestic products in government procurement .

I think the agreements are still shy and has a long way to go, but the whole step taken in Bali is hopeful for all mankind.