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Scientists research slow aging

26 Dec

In research published last Wednesday in the journal Nature , researchers from the Mayo ClinicRatos in Rochester, Minnesot , says that it is possible to “clean” the body of senescent cells that promote the aging of tissues, the team is led by Daren J. Backer and Jan M. Van Deusen , paving the way to control age-related diseases.

In an experiment done on mice , scientists have identified the brain region that regulates the growth, reproduction and metabolism , and identified form of regular physical deterioration of cells , which give the physical appearance of aging.

The staff can speed up or slow aging in mice , controlling the region of the brain called NF -kB regulates the levels of hormones called GnRH , which are also linked to the production of neurons , and these neurons controlling neurogenesis .

The expectation is that related therapies are created for the aging of cells, which do not eliminate new medicines to increase the longevity of life, but not exaggerated missing who think the immortality of man .