Arquivo para December 30th, 2013

Do not forget the streets of 2013

30 Dec

We should be positive for 2014, but mainly by the cry of conscious people in the streets, the 2013 ano2014that the mainstream media and politicians seem to forget in Brasil.

While the demonstrations were held, corrupt politicians were judged, looked like they were going to finally wake up to the desires of people , but all it took was spending a few months for everything to return to the same bad habits and specially Negligence.

Despite this the country is indeed growing, by persistence and stubbornness of the Brazilian people. despite the bureaucracy, the deviations of public funds and lack of interest on health and education .

The country should grow somewhere around 2 % might grow a bit more in 2014, an election year in public money is spent more correctly, but it could always be.

The problems with health, where expensive health plans prevail , the conditions of hospitals and doctors Brazilians are not discussed , the number of beds decreases and if you want to be well attended need a health plan, expensive and truculent .

In education, the number of vacancies increases, however the quality of many schools is dubious, and basic education is often a police case.

Are the emergency plans that give popularity, however you need to give professional and decent living conditions and housing.

We expect a lot of governments and judgment on our part we are always fighting.