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2014: gives to forget?

31 Dec

HappyNew2015Brazilian World Futbol Cup, profligacy, repression, a tumultuous election and no discussion of proposals, after all where we are going in 2015, it seems it will be a difficult year in various sectors.
In the world also growing cultural and religious wars and conflicts, and not political course.
The economic numbers do not lie: the Brazilian trade balance which had already registered a surplus (exports minus imports) of only $ 2.56 billion in 2013, as the fourth week of August 2014, the trade balance registered a deficit of US $ 214 million as a result of exports worth US $ 4.308 billion and imports of US $ 4.522 billion.
Even with high dollar (favors exports) exports totaled US $ 15.110 billion and imports, US $ 14.976 billion, with a surplus of only $ 134 million.
To worsen the current levels of public spending and inefficiency in its application (do not skimp where the need and corruption continues to raise costs) have been restrictive factors to brazilian economic growth.

The new economic team is to cut spending, will they leave, in 2014 we continue with the profligacy and the diversion of public funds, we will need much judgment in 2015 to maybe 2016 have a new growth cycle.

Hard work and Happy New Year for all.


Dystopia: discourse and corruption

30 Dec

Barry_LyndonIn the brazilian elections speeches were positive all was well, passed the elections and now goes wrong, go up gasoline, energy and of course the salary of corrupt, that is the dystopia (in Brazil).
Historically the term is connected to totalitarianism systems, authoritarianism, by a large oppressive control of society, shown corruptible easing norms created for the common good where technology is used as a control tool, is the State, whether institutions or even corporations, not by its citizens.
The term appeared the first time in a speech Stuart Mill (also attributed to Gregg Weber in the British Parliament in 1868, he said: “It is probably too flattering to call them utopian, should instead be called dis-topics [‘provisions ‘of the ancient Greek δυσ, translit dys:.’ distress, pain ‘] or shard-topics [‘ Caco ‘, the Greek κακός, translit kakos:. “. Bad, bad’] what is commonly called utopia is too good to be feasible, but what they seem to defend is too bad to be feasible. “
In cinema Stanley Krubick is an expert of dystopias: “A Clockwork Orange”, “The brave new world,” but we can also mention the epic: “Blade Runner”, “Minority Report”, later: “Matrix”, “Children of Men “(2006) and” Black Swan “(2010) and the very recent” Interstellar “(2014).
I’ll see (had read) the film Kubrick “Barry Lyndon” based on the novel of the Indo-British William Thackeray “Barry Lyndon Memories” (1884), which tells of the rise and fall of a penetrates the Irish nobility, while showing the negative face of this nobility.
Any resemblance to our reality is not mere coincidence, gives food for thought.


Hybrid cloud, the IT strategy for 2015

29 Dec

HybridCloudA survey commissioned by Avanade, enterprise business IT solutions and services, with a sample of more than a thousand executives and leaders of business units in 21 countries, found that half of the services will be deployed in hybrid clouds in 3 years.

Hybrid cloud is a service “hosting” where cloud computing uses IT resources that are provided through an internal private cloud within the company and resources provided by third party service providers in the cloud “publishes” the application type, storage and network systems.
The fact that the pace of investment in this area is accelerated in Brazil, according to Avanade, this will be a great solution focuses on the area in 2015, three caveats must be made:

– Despite the adoption of hybrid cloud be a priority, only 58% have any implementation strategy,
– The potential of hybrid cloud is poorly understood, some are able to identify the benefits provided and turn them into benefits in the workload and efficiency, and
– Most agree that organizations will have a generic benefit of improving business growth, but can not say why this happens.

So beware, not all news is beneficial to the company was not understood and implemented correctly, noted that 2015 will be a year of travel “sideways” in brazilian economy.


Five new thinkers in 2014

26 Dec

2015Next to already established Edgar Morin, Manuel Castells and Peter Sloterdjik, which had a famous program in Germany Rüdiger Safranski along with about culture, which lasted 10 years, and that is the end of Paul Ricoeur and Emmanuel Levinas in past century, not yet “passed”, but known by the questions and issues raised.
Although the best known of Sloterdjik is “Rules for the human park” by the controversy it caused, is his discussion of “spheres” and “contempt of the masses” point to the major contemporary issues.
Is that something new can still emerge? can always, I have not yet definitive opinion, but I quote a few that should be taken seriously.
I mention two Europeans: the weak-Algerian Jacques Ranciére (You can still talk about democracy?) And Piero Coda (Della Trinita), an American Martha Nussbaum (Political Emotions: Why Love Matters For Justice) and Boris Groys an American (On the New ) and could not fail to miss an oriental, of course must have other, the japanese-american Francis Fukuyama (The end of History and the last Man).
Yes Fukuyama was criticized for its “end of history”, and this may provide little attention to what could be translated as “end of historical materialism” and his book “Political Order and Political Decay” (2014), which should be read by many of the world’s political and states that have a hole (gap) history in politics, especially in the western.
Caught  Ranciére and Piero Coda basic ideas to think, the first states that no one has more intelligence than anyone else and the second gives huge clues to a multicultural and multi-religious relationship to the world of today, with a history of life and not to think.
Gives food for thought and good thinking, humanity needs answers, what are the issues?


The spirit of Christmas resists

23 Dec

NatalDespite the transformation of Jesus’ birth in a party of consumption, a true brotherhood replaced by other groups and closed circles, and even transformation into pure and simple politics, the Christmas spirit endures, there are a lot of people with gestures and actions that resemble love to all, especially those who spend several difficulties, including financial.
Pope Francis referred to the center of the Catholic Church at the Vatican, to have fifteen diseases, highlight the “overwork”; the “mental and spiritual hardening” which “prevents weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice”; “excessive planning” and “poor collaboration of the disease,” but no longer want to religious and Vatican officials a Merry Christmas.
There are several actions that include visiting patients, the actions to collect food and gifts for various entities, remember nursing homes and drug recovery NGOs mobilize generous people who kept alive the true spirit of Christmas.
Yes this may not be the date that was born a different child, but it is important to remember that something extraordinary happened and that even in times of darkness cultural, economic and even religious there is still a light that persists and insists on shining on human hearts .


Three technology developments in Brazil in 2014

22 Dec

In Brazil in 2014, there were record of interactions, reaching the mark of 674.4 million interactionsBrasil between July 6 and October 25, with photos, videos, memes, posts shaking elections on social networks.

Total interactions represented almost three times recorded in the elections in India (227 million interactions), but the population there is six times greater than that of Brazil.

Another great event in Brazil was the Civil Marco, which can be summarized in two main points: freedom of speech, saying that the internet should help the Brazilian to manifest at will, under the terms of the Constitution and the second is the neutrality network, where internet providers are prohibited from selling packages by type of use.

From the point of view of responsibility for the contents, the Civil Marco says the company that provides the connection is never liable. However, if it receives a summons to remove a material and you do not, you may be guilty.

In May, Brazil received one of the largest streaming music service, the Spotify, which claims to have “more than 30 million songs” in their catalog arrived in the free version (with ads) and charges only US $ 14.90, and has launched actions and promotions for new subscribers.


Brazil in the rapprochement US and Cuba

19 Dec

The Brazilian government, through the Foreign Ministry, praised Obama’sPortoMariel position and Castro rapprochement, after 53 years of cold war, in a statement released on Thursday (18/12).

The note also praised the efforts of His Holiness the Pope Francisco, “the important contribution that provided the diplomatic efforts”, and said that diplomats discreetly contacted the Brazil on the agreement, keeping the country informed of negotiations.

The blogger Yoani Sánchez, had a tumultuous visit to Brazil, said his Twitter, Yoani, that “an era ends” and he hopes “this new beginning has civil society as protagonist.”

For Brazil is a political victory, as always defended the end of the embargo, but the result of the economic views is still uncertain, the analysts  differ on how effective results to the communist island (which can only be enacted by the US Congress) could benefit the Brazilian government, which is guarantor of the largest private investment ever made in that country, the port of Mariel (photo).

The trade between Brazil and Cuba grew almost seven-fold, from $ 92 million in 2003 to $ 625 million in 2013. Brazil is the third largest trading partner of Cuba, after China and Venezuela.


Brazilian independent theater at risk

18 Dec

DespejoHipHóperaThe most popular form of cultural expression, older remains the theater, and the independent theater plays a key role in this, emerges from the national and São Paulo culture more freely and democratically.
Due to real estate speculation, happened yesterday in São Paulo Cultural Center the first protest that shows the fragile situation of the independent São Paulo theater groups, who may lose their spaces or being moved to less visible places.
The fact happened last November with the Testimonials Bartholomew Center, which is a mixture of epic theater and hip-hop, with 15 years on the road and even with the rent on time, the group had to give the space a shed in Pompeii (west side of São Paulo), see photo above the dump.
A manifesto entitled Manifesto “In Defense of Cultural Territories Threatened” or public recognition that the 22 theater groups are the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the City of São Paulo, a document excerpt says “Can not that the right to private goods market a few is more important than the cultural heritage of many. “
Social networks helped Brincante group to remain in place, Vila Madalena (West Zone) with #ficabrincante campaign, by court decision the institute will remain there in 2015.


Android running on PCs

17 Dec

AOC-EVOIt seems a growing trend, in january, Acer announced their laptop with Android and in August AOC, but many others have running Android and is easy to install on a desktop computer, see the instructions in Tecnoblog.

One reason is the competition with the Windows system that users remain faithful to install newer versions, the flagship of running Acer Android is the TA272 HUL with 27-inch screen and resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which ensures very interesting results for gaming and movie playback, however he has only 16GB of memory and it is not simple to make expansions, and the international price is around US $ 1,000.
The AOC launched the EVO line, the EVO A2072PWH that has a 16.5 inch display and the EVO A2272WHTN which has 21.5-inch touch display with resolution 1920 to 1080 inches, the prices are respectively around R $ 900 (about U$ 350) and R $ 1,200 real (about U$ 430).
The AOC has products that please the Brazilian pocket as the Breeze 8 tablet with an IPS screen of eight inches and HD resolution of 1024×768 pixels, dual-core processor ARM Cortex-A9 1.6GHz, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage (expandable up to 32GB by micro SD card, is priced in national stores of R $ 449.

Because to this integration with Android the companies is calling its line of all-in-one.


The first microcomputers

16 Dec

tk90x_01In the first Apple and PC, the British had home computers, Sinclair, imitated brand in Brazil by microcomputers TK, since the TK2000 was practically an Apple, this happened because they had market restrictions, then were made similar domestic.
The guy who made these machines was Clive Sinclair, and there the original ZX computers were created by him, but that could not be sold on the domestic market, here was TK.
In the 80 Sir “Clive” title received the British court in 1983, was a great success with personal computers ZX80 and ZX81 the, national similar, TK82 and TK85 were, but only with the ZX Spectrum of Microdigital Electronics of Brazil, replica TK90X is that enjoyed success in the Brazilian market.
In the 1980s, ‘Sir’ Clive, as it is known since she received the title of Knight of the British Court, in 1983, had already made successful personal computers as the ZX80 and ZX81 and the were more popular than Apple, the price and simplicity.
The original models of Spectrum had a RAM memory 16 or 48 kilobytes and took five minutes to load programs from a cassette
You can find these and other stories in the Museum of Computing and Information Technology, Brazil.