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Graph of Knowledge

05 Feb

A store  type of information dubbed the “Knowledge Graph” now adds useful context and detail to theGraph Knowledge list of links that Google uses.

Searching for certain people, places, or things produces a box of facts together with the regular results, the Knowledge Graph is already starting to appear in a few other Google products, and can be used to add intelligence to all of the company’s software.

Knowledge Graph is a symbolic structure of ideas and common sense that analyzes the relationships among entities, such as food, sports, or famous people.


A Google’s Web search is a step from understanding the context of documents, for example, knowing that a document about famous tennis players is also about tennis and sports, states the report in the MIT site.

 The news is in an interview format, with the John Giannandrea, Google’s vice president of engineering, which explained that Google’s Knowledge Graph is one of the company’s efforts to teach the computers to understand better the meaning of the data.