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Pope says “Internet is the gift of God”

11 Feb

Papa Francisco

The Pope says “The internet is a gift from God”


Pope Francis has given signs of openness and update. On the day of the journalist (23/​​01/2014), he said that the “internet is a gift from God”, although some Christian conservatives remain in a negative criticism of the internet.


As tradition of the Catholic church, the day of St. Francis of Sales, patron of the journalists, with the title:  “Communication as a service for a real culture of meeting/reunion”, the pope made ​​his first speech about social communication, on the date of the saint which is the patron of the journalists, with the title: “Communication as a service for a real culture of meeting/reunion”.


In the speech, he speaks of the social networks in a clear tone of trust and support, without forgetting the dangers that all media offer, he stated that “the Internet can provide more ways for reunion and solidarity among all, which is a good thing, a gift from God”.
Using a language inspired in the bible, he says we should “take to the wounded man”, by digital means, “oil and wine” and “May our communication be a scented oil for pain and a good wine for joy,” said Pope Francis.


Showing a clear conscience, without the fundamentalist nonsense about the internet, he recalled that “the exclusion, disorientation, fitness, disease, ignorance of the other” can also exist on the Internet.


Pope Francis is followed by more than ten million internet users in Twitter.