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Here comes a movie about Disney

12 Feb

Already with the controversial view, the movie Saving Mr. Banks (in Portuguese, Walt in the backstage of Mary Poppins), which has as actor Tom Hanks in the skin of Walt Disney will soon start showing on the screens of Brazil’s movie theaters.

The first controversy is due to a grandniece of Walt Disney , Abigail Disney , who said he did not regret saving the critical Meryl Streep against his uncle, about the movie Mary Poppins , which he decided to call it ” racist” and ” misogynist ” during an award ceremony in New York on your facebook , that the character portrayed by Tom Hanks , is quite different from the creator of Disney , and tried to “make him a saint”, he wrote .

The story of the movie Mary Poppins , which was released by Walt Disney Studios in 1964 and has had starring Julie Andrews , is now told by a script that shows how the rights of the works were acquired by Disney .

The movie Saving Mr. Banks has the plot, as a cartoonist who spent 14 years trying to convince the Australian author Pamela Lyndon Travers ( Emma Thompson ) to sell the rights to the work of Mary Poppins to turn them in feature film.

In the movie , Disney has just knowing the background history of the writer and the relationship with his father , Mr. Banks , a serious and cold banker who sees his family being caught up in the joy of the magical nanny .