Arquivo para February 13th, 2014

Among dreams, imagination and technology

13 Feb


Everything we want to dream, imagine and travel, even if at the cheap cost of the Web, seems to find skeptics, critics and fundamentalists warning us of the dangers.

But thankfully the planet continues to have utopian, dreamers and poets. I came across, these days, with one of these, simply a wonderful and unusual book of an Angolan writer, white and who as travelled a lot: José Eduardo Agualusa, I started flipping through the book and already ordered it online, but anxious and excited I asked a friend to get it in a library, for me.

It seems incredible, but like if it would be a divine light, I opened just in one page about his anthology “Catalogue of lights” that explained “Why is it so important to see stars”, I like to know about the stars, quantum physics and look to the sky, at night, from my house which is located on a dark street.

And Agualusa continues:  “Having stopped to confront, every night, with the unlimited, the infinite, the awesome immensity of the universe – the men lost their humbleness, and with the humbleness they lost their reason, the madness of the world is, in her opinion, directly linked to the rural depopulation and the vertiginous multiplication of the big cities”.

Thanks! Dreamer, utopian and realistic José Eduardo Agualusa, dreamers give me courage, life and hope, excuse me the non- utopian, they are too bitter, the reality is hard enough.