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Protests growing in Ukraine

21 Feb


The protests in Ukraine began in November after the president gave in to the pressure from Russia and gave up on a commercial trade treaty with the European Union, even if the majority of the population was in favor of the European Union.

The protests are growing, and the government tightened using lethal weapons in many manifestations, there is already a law voted in Congress forbidding the use of these weapons, but it depends on the sanction of the government which will not do it, unless under international pressure.

Yesterday there was a violent repression and the numbers of deaths vary according to the source, from 25 to 100 people dead, the Ukrainian protester Zhukovskaya Olesya, 21 year old, announced in a popular social network in Ukraine and in Twitter the phrase:  “I’m dying,” after being shot in the neck by government security forces.

A video called “I am an Ukrainian” widespread on YouTube became viral on social networks, explaining the struggle of Ukrainians against the tyranny in their country and that they may have the internet and telephone blocked.

But the massacre in the public square, yesterday in Kiev, Ukraine, gained worldwide publicity, the European Union has begun to manifest itself by imposing sanctions to the country.