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Snowden make virtual appear in USA

17 Mar

edwardMonday begins the American marketplace SXSW and Edward Snowden will make a virtual conversation via Hangout and can converse with audience members .

Anticipating his speech he said he had no regrets and everything he did was to protect the majority of ordinary citizens who have had their privacy ” violated on a massive scale.”

As a solution to the privacy issue , he said the programming community must develop new mechanisms to ensure data security and encryption for privacy .

The SXSW takes place in Austin (USA), and the connection will be made in Russia , due to ban him enter the United States for their complaints , but where is located and continue in secret transmission is protected for seven proxies (connections with servers) to mislead any search for your location .

The event received is called “A conversation with Edward Snowden” and he said he did reaffirm that  an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution.”