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Big Bang, evolution and Christianity

30 Oct

CriaçãoBigBangPope ends with a pointless debate, but on secular conflict about scientific theories and religious issues, showing that these thoughts are reconcilable, although it is necessary to maintain the distinction between mysteries and scientific paradigms.
It was during a speech this Monday (27/10) spoke explicitly of the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang as real phenomena and criticized the interpretation of Genesis, the book of the Bible, believing that God “has acted as a wizard with a wand magic capable of creating all things, “but added the creation of the world” is not the work of chaos, but derives from a supreme principle which creates out of love, “and concluded that the Big Bang” does not contradict the creative intervention, but requires “that is, there was an intention in the creation of the universe.
The Pope added that “the evolution of nature is not incompatible with the notion of creation, since it requires the creation of beings that evolve,” and of course we will continue to evolve.
The Big Bang is the explosion which occurred about 13.8 billion years ago which led to the expansion and creation of the entire universe, while the theory of evolution is due to Charles Darwin (1809-1882) which states that there was an evolution of living beings and they are not immutable.