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Google faces problems in Europe

28 Nov

Google$The European Parliament voted in favor to question Google, as a solution to end the complaints about the company favors in their search services, although it cannot on trade relations sent a clear message to commercial bodies.

The final decision will be in the hands of free trade commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who has worked in 2010 on anti-competitive case of Google’s rivals in 2010.

On the other hand, the US political and commercial organizations have expressed their dismay at the vote, saying the search giant acts legally.

According to the BBC data,, Google has around 90% of the share market, to research data in Europe, and rival asked to investigate four areas::

  • The manner in which Google displays its own vertical search services compared with other, competing products,
  • How Google copies content from other websites – such as restaurant reviews – to include within its own services,
  • The exclusivity Google has to sell advertising around the search terms people use, and,
  • Restrictions on advertisers from moving their online ad campaigns to rival search engines.

Restrictions on advertisers to move their online advertising campaigns to compete with search engines.
In the previous case, Joaquin Almunia (see our post) rejected the concessions made by Google, and suggested that the fine can be $ 5 billion.


Research develops new Turing test

27 Nov

TuringTestAlan Turing a pioneer of Computing, which developed a theoretical model called after Turing machine, completed after mathematician Alonzo Church in 1938, which gave rise to all computing algorithms, the basic principle stated:
“The algorithm consists of a finite set of simple and precise instructions that are described by a finite number of symbols.”
About this idea was proposed a test, called the Turing Test, that if something was proposed to a person and a machine and we could not decide which was the response of a machine, would have been an “intelligence” machine.
Now a professor at Georgia Tech, Mark Riedi claimed to have developed an algorithm that describe it as a more accurate way to evaluate the potential of a smart machine than the famous Turing test, as the news in Georgia Tech site.


The new Riedi test, called Artificial Intelligence Creativity Test and the Lovelace 2.0 are based on Lovelace test, created in 2001, testing the production of a work of art or other creative enough human labor.
Ried believes that the original test was very subjective and created specific parameters for your test to be followed by a human reviewer. This allows the evaluator to assess the creative work of a machine without making subjective judgments of value.
Riedi will be presenting its new test with the Beyond the Turing Test, in Workshop of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) in January 2015, in Austin, Texas.


Internet access should be a human right

26 Nov

It is indicating a survey done in Canada and in 24 countries, with 23,376 respondents who indicated that access theInternetWorld internet is key to economic future, important for the freedom of political expression, for it should be a human right.

The survey was conducted by Ipsos Institute for GCIG (Global Commission on Internet Governance), and presented at the beginning of a two-day meeting in Ottawa on governance on the Internet.
The World Commission on Internet Governance, the main host of the Ottawa conference, revealed that the world is on a path of struggle for power and many groups and governments have an interest in maintaining influence on all aspects of internet.

But the study of this committee argues that most people do not want any nation or organization in control of the world wide web and therefore a matter of planetary citizenship, and the problem is who should regulate access and use the internet.

The idea is that a group formed by a combination of specialists, engineers and non-governmental groups, is chosen by 57% of those who would be entrusted with this task, but 50% thought that the United Nations could carry out this work and there are still 36% that argue that the United States should take the lead in this area.

The survey was conducted from October 7 to November 12 in the countries: South Africa, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, South Korea, Egypt, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Kenya, UK, Switzerland, Tunisia and Turkey.

The CGIg which is chaired by diplomat and former politician Carl Bildt Swiss, shall submit its final report for future governance of the Internet in 2016.


(Português) Levinas e Morin: infinito

25 Nov

Sorry, this entry is only available in Brazilian Portuguese.


2nd FlinkSampa in Memorial of Latin America

24 Nov

Opening coral University Zumbi dos Palmares, the presence of pro-rector of the university, Francisca RodriguesFLINKSAMPA and the curator of the Literary Festival Uelinton Farias, occurred this weekend the 2nd Flink Sampa, according to the curator, with the mission to strengthen the black culture in the literary sense.
Uelinton Farias is a journalist and works in the biography of Carolina Maria de Jesus.

The festival this year honored especially Carolina Maria de Jesus, black and poor, which had its recognition of the general public through the publication of his book: “Storage room: diary of a slum” in 1960, which bothered because the called of “dirty beggar”, and replied that although walked dirty, it was not a beggar, “beggars ask for money: I ask books”.

The party was attended by the children and grandchildren of Carolina Maria de Jesus and also attended by the Rector of the University Zumbi dos Palmares, José Vicente who attended a debate table “Big Star Daughter” with Vera Eunice a daughter of Maria Carolina Jesus

Check out details of the Second Party Flink Sampa in FlinkSampa site.



Amnesty creates program anti-spying

21 Nov

Amnesty International said on Thursday (20/11) a program that helps fight the interest oSpyCamf governments and corporations to spy on citizens without court order to have this, the program was created by the German researcher Claudio Guarnieri.

Detekt is the first tool for the general public to detect the invasion of computers from leading spy programs used by governments, the program is done in free software and aimed primarily at journalists and activists who wish to defend the freedom and privacy on the Internet.

Many governments have used these techniques, programs were found on computers in Bahrain, Syria, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Germany, Tibet, North Korea and many other nations, says the BBC Online.

“These tools of espionage are commercialized in its ability to bypass the anti-virus pattern,” said Tanya O’Carroll, a consultant on human rights Amnesty International technology.

The first version was Detekt escriao for Windows computers, because people in most cases are monitored in the use of this software, said Ms. O’Carroll.

The announcement was made by Mark Marczynski, Amnesty International, which said that modern techniques include the activation distance of cameras and microphones to record computer activities and conversations of people.


Image editor in intuitive way

20 Nov

There are many editors complex and expensive image, there are some very simple as Paint, but AlternatePiclacks some essential features, the editor Alternate Pic View is an image editor suitable uses robust images, or to create gifs or simply want to make a editing images in a simple and intuitive way.


It has an intuitive interface and unpolluted, the user will find the tools you need more easily, convert and extract images files very convincingly, make adjustments in photos lighter way, is not a heavy program.


The main menu has a few tools and the most needed, for example, the user selects the font and size, type something and then stamp the text where you want, no need to be doing recalls and copies.


Is a practical tool to capture what is the CAPTURE, where the user is capturing screens (one course at a time) within the program itself without the PrtSc, saving images in jpg and bmp.


EFFECT tab in settings functions contrasts and shades of red, green and blue primary colors are available, have filters grayscale and negative, and it can invert, resize and mirror images in the same location with ease.


There are many other filters and effects, it is worth testing


Neutralidade nos EUA

19 Nov

Enquanto no Brasil já temos uma lei que garante a neutralidade naNeutralidadeEUA rede (o Marco Civil), nos EUA o debate ainda esquenta, e os internautas pressionam o congresso americano para que não faça o que está sendo chamado de “segmentação da rede”, velocidades diferentes conforme os conteúdos e planos das operadoras.


Desde que o presidente da FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Tom Wheller, revelou em abril que comissão que regula as comunicações nos EUA, estariam mudando as regras que regulam como os provedores de internet administram o tráfego de dados, os internautas começaram a protestar, este mês chegou a 3 milhões de e-mails recebidos na FCC.

O presidente americano Barak Obama defende a neutralidade da rede, em documento deixou claro que “não podemos permitir que os provedores de internet restringissem o melhor acesso ou escolham vencedores e perdedores no mercado online de serviços e ideias”.

As 36 principais empresas de internet que incluem a Google, Netflix e Amazon, defendem a neutralidade, mas os provedores e as operadoras pressionam no sentido contrário.

Os e-mails e comentários foram de consumidores, advogados, companhias e congressistas sobre as regras propostas para a chamada neutralidade de rede, na medida em que se aproxima o prazo final para análise do tema e o debate no congresso americano esquenta.

Embora não exista prazo formal, e a FCC já tenha realizado uma série de workshops sobre aspectos tecnológicos, legais e econômicos das novas regras, a pressão aumenta e é pouco provável que a matéria seja aprovada ainda em novembro.


New Nokia tablet mimics iPad

19 Nov

NokiaN1If you will buy a tablet may compensate wait a bit and not adhere to the consumerism of Christmas, a new tablet Nokia N1 is being launched in the first half of the year itself but using the Android operating system interface and very cheap.
Still no word on the launch in Brazil or the US, but it is known that cost around $ 250 (has something around 750 brazilian reais), will be distributed by Foxconn, measures 7.9 inches and weighs 318 grams.
Much like how the iPad Mini, all aluminum equipment may bring news from € 5.7 million the Finnish Nokia has done with the Microsoft agreement, getting your business network and service equipment, with this brand expected to start to recover part of the lost market and re-strengthen.
The new Nokia N1 has 2 GB of RAM, internal storage of 32 GNB, camera 8 MPixel to adjust focus (back), 5 MP front camera and uses battery of 5300 mAh.

Worth the wait, chances are this tablet register on the cost-benefit ratio.


Technology in Umbrella Revolution

17 Nov

RevGuardaChuvaChina new live moments of protests calling for democratization, the app called FireChat allows the exchange of messages between the protesters could reach the number of 10 000 simultaneous conversations, as affirmed by The Verge.
The incorporation of modern technologies in protests is not new, but the diffusion of Firechat being important to keep people who are within a range of up to 70 meters, and this ensures the mobilization and became popular among festival goers contact.
Recently saxophonist Kenny G inconvenience caused to the Chinese government to appear between the manifestations of Hong Kong, also recorded the fact in his twitter, which made the island’s government warn the Chinese Foreign Ministry to get out of foreign affairs of the country.


The ties between China and Hong Kong are ambiguous, since it was given some freedom to Hong Kong, often described as one country and two systems in practice the island is important for relations with the capitalist world, but keep some traces of Chinese regime.