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Travel by Web Worlds

15 Dec

PonteElizabethThe Site Webcams Skyline has online cameras in Spain, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, USA, Dubai, Switzerland, Hungary and the Philippines, highlight the Dubai cameras where you see the beautiful bay where the Marina, in Brussels (Belgium) the Market Square, in Madrid Puerta del Sol, where you see a beautiful Christmas tree, almost all Web Cam has sound.

In Italy, highlight the camera where you see the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, in Greece there is a camera in panoramic views of Larissa, turistic city.
EarthCam is an American site with many Web Cams: in New York and many American cities, in Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris and other European cities such as Budapest, Hungary, where you see a view of the Elizabeth Bridge over the Danube.
Offers interactive tools as new with maps and photos from different locations.

WorldCam is a European site, with interactivity by categories (museums, Christmas, etc.) and also with cameras worldwide, perhaps the most extensive, with cameras even at the poles, as the Scott Base New Zealand (polo Antarctic) or in Barrow in Alaska (Arctic pole).

Explore further the sites and WebCamEnDirect and good trip.


Advent and hopes

12 Dec

TerraPatriaIt is time for advent, a Latin word that comes from Adventum term, meaning both coming as the arrival, so may mean foundation or creating something, such as the advent of the internet.
We hope-earth country, a term defined by Edgar Morin which means we should see the planet as a country in which we all co-inhabit, and we can think of our common problems: poverty, hunger, ecology and peace.
Advent means think of a future for education and health, first on the planet, then in our country, where little value the professionals in this area, also in the thousands of people who are deprived of these services.
It is also the advent of a boy God, to those who believe, and we can unite these two advents, which actually should never be separated, for this boy has brought to the planet should not be anything but justice and peace.
We believe and have hope for a future of greater justice and peace in all the earth homeland.


Event discusses technology in education

11 Dec

AppEnsinoThe event held in Sao Paulo, sponsored by Santillana Foundation and UNESCO (a UN branch to culture and education), which discussed the direct correlation between the use of technology and better learning, but there was no consensus.
The final document stated that “The successful use of technology will always accompanied by reforms in other aspects – such as curriculum (school), assessment and professional development of teachers”, ie there will be only good use with good reforms.
Experts also said that internet, tablets, computers, applications and other platforms are used both to broaden students’ imaginations as assisting the teacher’s work, always having clear objectives, the result may have a positive impact not in the notes, because this can mean only a certain learning, but mainly to develop new skills and engagement of students.
In light of the debate BBC Brazil raised ten trends related to the use of technology in education, of which I highlight five essential: 1) Add value to the teacher’s work rather than replace it, 2) improve processes without changing them radically 3) the technology can be used to help to help teachers and students to work more abstract content, 4) the teacher becomes not only transmitter of knowledge, but rather a mediator – guiding students with instructions, feedback, context, examples and questions key, and, 5) is in science teaching, or spot is where most successful experiences forward with technology.
Brazil currently has platforms such as Padlet in which teachers and students collaborate in teaching.

The key is to plan and know that technology is an auxiliary, is not the essential teaching.


Networking of things: 5G

10 Dec

internetOfThingsSo far the connections were being upgraded to improve the performance of telephone between people, but the IoT (Internet of Things) is coming up with 5G connections and this can cause an even greater transformation.
We point in our blog (see smart cities or smart cities) that a greater connection between people and things could facilitate the daily lives of people, but now the idea is to connect us to our everyday objects.
This scenario will be fully ready in no more than six years, and now scientists, governments and communications companies make plans for the use of 5G communication from 2020.
Most experts believe that this will multiply by 10 the connections between people and objects, says Sara Mazur to BBC News: “Before there was talk that by 2020 there would be 50 billion devices connected to the internet, it is now believed that this figure is cautious,” it is research director at Ericsson, one of the communications companies that are developing the 5G.
In 2013 Samsung announced Samsung announced in 2013 that was experiencing the 5G connection to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), and this means downloading a movie in HD in just one second with this connection, the future has arrived.


The interface that changed the lives of Hawking

09 Dec

The physicist Stephen Hawking, developer of the Big Bang theory, is quadriplegic and collaborated with Intel founderhawking Gordon Moore to develop a more efficient technology to control the computer interface for people without the tactile control and now the interface code will be made available in January 2015.
The environment is called Context Aware Assistive Toolkit (ACAT) which has three basic components: a cheek movement of the input sensor to the item selection screen, an interface that chooses the letters to make words and software for interaction communication with the Web browser that anticipates what Hawking want to type when choosing letters.

The engineer Intel Lama Nachman Intel explains that Hawking wanted something “to the look and feel interface options made, but something more effective and fast to operate.”
In Tech Republic magazine article, Hawking says the software, which will now be open source, has changed their lives and allowed to continue his work in the development of physics.

Hawking said to the magazine that “as technology has more specialized it opens up possibilities that I could not even predict. The technology being developed to support people with disabilities is leading the way to break the communication barriers that once stood in the way, “he said.

“This new system is a lifestyle change for me and I hope it will serve me well for the next 20 years.”, And we hope that with open source there are more developers supporting persons with disabilities.


Shoes in 3D custom

08 Dec

Sapatos The shoes usually tighten over the side, heel or finger because people have different feet and ways not always fit the foot of the people, the company True Gault has the solution, scans the feet and makes shoes from the 3D model .


For now the service is available only to women, the 3D model customizes the shoe of how the customer prefers, choosing the color, shape, fabric and accessories dozen, and the company would reach the options the 2000 models.

After scanning your feet will mold to Spain where the shoes are made, the whole process takes six to eight weeks, and the price is not cheap, U $ 360 (about 900 brazilian reals), and from there is sent to the client’s home, then it worldwide.


The fashion of customization can change gradually manufacturing in many companies, there are now also manufactures clothing.


Holograms tactile

06 Dec

The invention comes from the University of Bristol, HolotactilEngland, where through micro-speakers can touch and feel the images projected in 3D, as news in Daily Mail.

The technique is being called tactile holograms, and the effect is produced by the strong changes in the molecules that make up the air using small speakers that produce ultrasound, the virtual objects created by holograms, sensations in the hands in three dimensions.

The next necessary step now is that the technology integrates conventional holograms production technologies, giving the impression that he can play the virtual object, for example, transmitted video calls from a person, it would be possible to greet her.

The great application thought initially is in medicine, where holographic images of tumors could be played by doctors, helping the most accurate understanding of the size of the affected area, assisting the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


New technology allows HD 24 Ter

05 Dec

Current technology allows hard drives of up to 3 Terabytes (3000 Gigabytes), but the technology developedTera10 by the Japanese Hitachi now promises an HD 24 Terabytes.


The development made together with NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), the technology has developed a breakthrough in miniaturization and organization more productively magnetic grains that make up the HD disks, reaching a size of 10 nanometers (1 billionth of centimeter).


Thereby increasing the density of an HD 8, which now rotates around 500 Gbits per square inch, thus reaching near Gbit 4000, which is a significant increase for a single disk.


Western Digital has launched the new 10TB hard drive in September, the same Helioseal using technology that debuted with the first 6TB WD hard drive in November 2013

Seagate announced a HD 8TB in July.


Now the independent film

04 Dec

The Gotham Awards is given to independentBirdMan producers.

Birdman was made by mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu and won best film, and Michael Keaton in acting categories, so it pays to keep an eye on this film.

The film tells the drama of an actor who is famous for portraying superheroes and struggle to mount a Broadway play, but in the days before the opening night he starts a fight against itself to recover your family, your career and himself.

The public award went to Boyhood from childhood to youth, Richard Linklater, the New York critics are calling “film of the year.

The film was made for 12 years and the actor Ellar Coltrane (who won best actor), started the film to 6 years old recordings and only finished at 8 years of age, and during a decade Coltrane and the rest of the cast is gathered in periods of three to four days a year for filming.
The team met annually to discuss the story and script changes and therefore a collective and dynamic proposal, which is in itself a new paradigm.


Computational Linguistics

03 Dec

In evolutionary line of intelligent agents, which promises to be the next big wave of the Web, is the risingLinguaNatural computational linguistics (CL), who explains that new field is this is the Professor Shalom Lappin, Computational linguistics professor at King College London.

According to a report in The Guardian, the teacher says it is possible to write software models that automatically analyze certain aspects of a language and thus create and develop models to work with natural languages.
In the aspect of engineering, CL focuses on natural language processing, in order to develop systems that facilitate human-computer interaction, and to automate a number of tasks linguistic practices, such as machine translation, text summarization, speech recognition and generation texts, extraction and retrieval of information and sentiment analysis contained in a text.

By examining the scientific aspect of the CL, the researchers seek to model natural languages as formal combinatorial systems in an effort to identify the procedures by which humans can learn and to represent these systems.

The King’s College of London held the Natural Language Festival to celebrate the diversity of languages, where the development made, were presented by Professor  Lappin.