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Now the independent film

04 Dec

The Gotham Awards is given to independentBirdMan producers.

Birdman was made by mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu and won best film, and Michael Keaton in acting categories, so it pays to keep an eye on this film.

The film tells the drama of an actor who is famous for portraying superheroes and struggle to mount a Broadway play, but in the days before the opening night he starts a fight against itself to recover your family, your career and himself.

The public award went to Boyhood from childhood to youth, Richard Linklater, the New York critics are calling “film of the year.

The film was made for 12 years and the actor Ellar Coltrane (who won best actor), started the film to 6 years old recordings and only finished at 8 years of age, and during a decade Coltrane and the rest of the cast is gathered in periods of three to four days a year for filming.
The team met annually to discuss the story and script changes and therefore a collective and dynamic proposal, which is in itself a new paradigm.