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New technology allows HD 24 Ter

05 Dec

Current technology allows hard drives of up to 3 Terabytes (3000 Gigabytes), but the technology developedTera10 by the Japanese Hitachi now promises an HD 24 Terabytes.


The development made together with NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), the technology has developed a breakthrough in miniaturization and organization more productively magnetic grains that make up the HD disks, reaching a size of 10 nanometers (1 billionth of centimeter).


Thereby increasing the density of an HD 8, which now rotates around 500 Gbits per square inch, thus reaching near Gbit 4000, which is a significant increase for a single disk.


Western Digital has launched the new 10TB hard drive in September, the same Helioseal using technology that debuted with the first 6TB WD hard drive in November 2013

Seagate announced a HD 8TB in July.