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Holograms tactile

06 Dec

The invention comes from the University of Bristol, HolotactilEngland, where through micro-speakers can touch and feel the images projected in 3D, as news in Daily Mail.

The technique is being called tactile holograms, and the effect is produced by the strong changes in the molecules that make up the air using small speakers that produce ultrasound, the virtual objects created by holograms, sensations in the hands in three dimensions.

The next necessary step now is that the technology integrates conventional holograms production technologies, giving the impression that he can play the virtual object, for example, transmitted video calls from a person, it would be possible to greet her.

The great application thought initially is in medicine, where holographic images of tumors could be played by doctors, helping the most accurate understanding of the size of the affected area, assisting the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.