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Shoes in 3D custom

08 Dec

Sapatos The shoes usually tighten over the side, heel or finger because people have different feet and ways not always fit the foot of the people, the company True Gault has the solution, scans the feet and makes shoes from the 3D model .


For now the service is available only to women, the 3D model customizes the shoe of how the customer prefers, choosing the color, shape, fabric and accessories dozen, and the company would reach the options the 2000 models.

After scanning your feet will mold to Spain where the shoes are made, the whole process takes six to eight weeks, and the price is not cheap, U $ 360 (about 900 brazilian reals), and from there is sent to the client’s home, then it worldwide.


The fashion of customization can change gradually manufacturing in many companies, there are now also manufactures clothing.